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Vitamin E Oil for Scars – For Acne Scars and Does Vitamin E Oil Help?

Can I use vitamin E oil for scars? If this question sounds familiar to you, then you have landed on the right page. We’ll not only give you a comprehensive rundown on the relation between vitamin E and scarring, but also list some of the oil products available today that claim to help heal or reduce scars.

Does Vitamin E Oil Help Scars – Vitamin E Oil Benefits for Scars

The question, “Does vitamin E oil help scars?” keeps arising in online forums and from our valued readers. This is driven by the great diversity of vitamin E based products online today that are touted to help heal or reduce scarring.

The claims about vitamin E oil benefits for scars are usually based on the fact that, when available in the body, vitamin E influences how collagen fibers are formed and arranged.

Some experts even suggest applying vitamin E on healing wounds to reduce scarring and ensure faster healing of the resulting scars.

Despite this claim, existing scientific evidence shows that vitamin E doesn’t benefit scars when applied topically. One notable study was undertaken by the University of Michigan whereby patients recovering from wounds sustained from skin cancer surgery were treated using vitamin E and the scars observed over time.

The study found that vitamin E has little effect or worsened the scars in 90 percent of the patients and to cause irritation (contact dermatitis) in 33 percent of the patients.

Larry Nichter, MD, a plastic surgeon based in Orange county, shares the same opinion saying that vitamin E based products have minimal benefits to the scarring process other than just keeping the scar moisturized. Instead, Dr. Larry Nichter recommends looking for silicone based products. Silicone creams (e.g. Kelo-cote) and silicone gel and sheets are an especially great choice.

Best Vitamin E Oil for Scars

If the hype about vitamin E treatment of scars has gotten the better part of you then you are perhaps wondering what the best vitamin E oil for scars are out there.

Well, we spent some time reading and manufacturers’ information in online shopping sites and one product that got our attention is JASON vitamin E oil, even though there was not substantial reviews to adequately back its efficacy. Other vitamin E oils that are touted to improve scars are Sundown and Pure & Basic Vitamin E oil.

Pure Vitamin E Oil for Scars

If you are looking for pure vitamin E oil for scars, then you might want to evaluate Sundown Vitamin E Oil or JASON Vitamin E oil. You can order one of these products in online shopping sites such as Amazon, Drugstore, or Walgreens.

For eBay, you should look at the ratings of the sellers to protect yourself from unscrupulous traders who are out there to fraud unsuspecting buyers of their hard earned dollars. It is also advisable to look for customer reviews to see the general perception of the product by other buyers. And if it doesn’t feel okay, it probably is not.

Vitamin E Oil for Acne Scars

A search for vitamin E oil for acne scars will bring to your attention a diverse range of products that claim to improve acne scars. This products are based on the argument that vitamin E, applied topically, help to improve the scarring process.

Asked if vitamin E works for scars, Phillip Artemi, MD, an Australian based dermatologist says that it is a proven scientific fact that vitamin E doesn’t at all help scars when applied topically.

Some patients apply vitamin E on the scar and notice a gradual improvement as time goes by, but Dr. Artemi says that the improvement is typically just the result of the natural healing process of scars.

A segment of proponents of vitamin E treatment of scars support their argument on the premise that very little amount of vitamin E was used during the University of Michigan study, but experts often counter the argument saying that using more vitamin E would probably have led to more irritation.

Rather than using vitamin E oil for acne scars treatment, it would be advisable to look for a product that includes silicone as one of the ingredient. There are numerous silicone based creams and gels such as Scarguard and Kelo-cote that you may want to consider. Raised scars can also benefit from silicone gel sheeting products such as Rejuveness and ScarAway.

Acne scars can also benefit from other treatments options such as subcision, surgical revision techniques such as punch excision, laser treatment and dermabrasion among others. Talk to your doctor about these options.

Vitamin E Oil for Scars on Legs

So you haven unsightly scar on your leg to remind you of that accidental fall and the resulting wound sustained during a school soccer game and are now wondering if applying vitamin E oil can help to reduce the scar and make it less noticeable?

Well, vitamin E is generally not advised for use on scars since it is not only ineffective but can lead to irritation if applied to healing scars. Your safer bet would be to use a silicone-based cream such as Scarguard or Kelo-cote.

Vitamin E Oil Scar Treatment – Important points to consider

Should you decide to use vitamin E oil to treat scars -although not advisable – here are some important tips that you will want to observe:

  • Apply the oil only after the scar has had enough time to heal. 4-6 weeks is generally advised.
  • Test the vitamin E oil on the inside of the hand or on a small portion of the skin first to see how it reacts with the skin.
  • Protect your scar from excessive exposure to sunlight as this often worsens scarring. A good way to do this is to cover the scar with clothing or apply a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or more

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