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Vitamin E for Scars – Cream, Capsule, Lotion, for Acne Scars

Whether to use vitamin E for scars or not is usually a controversial topic with some experts arguing that it doesn’t help reduce scarring and others arguing in favor of vitamin E. This article will give you a comprehensive overview of the relation between vitamin e and highlight some of the popular creams, capsules and lotions out there.

Vitamin E Cream for Scars

The antioxidant properties of vitamin E has won it the hearts of many skin care experts and laid its path into a hundreds if not thousands of skin care products ranging from creams to lotions and ointments.

The relation between vitamin E and scarring is however subject to controversy. Asked if any vitamin E cream for scars really helps as is often claimed, “Phillip Artemi, MD, a dermatologist based in Sydney argues that it doesn’t saying, “People put a vitamin E cream on, notice the improvement, and quite incorrectly, think ‘oh it is this stuff I’m putting on’ but it is not.”

He further argues that it is just that scars have a natural process through which they improve gradually over a period of 12 months.

According to Artemi, while vitamin E influences the formation and arrangement of collagen fibers when present in the body, topical application doesn’t automatically improve the formation and arrangement of collagen as wounds heal and scars form.

As a matter of fact, numerous scientific studies have shown this idea to be false. Notable among these is one study conducted by the University of Miami whereby the effectiveness of vitamin E in improving scarring was tested on 15 patients who had undergone skin cancer removal surgery.

The study found that vitamin E doesn’t help in improvement of scarring and may in fact worsen the appearance of scars. Vitamin E either had effect on the appearance of scars, or actually worsened them for ninety percent of the participants.

Thirty three percent of the participants also developed allergic reaction (contact dermatitis) after applying vitamin E. this point to the fact that vitamin E impairs wound healing and worsen scar formation rather than improve them.

Some proponents vitamin E and critics of the study claim that too little vitamin E was used, but as Dr. Artemi says, dermatologists consider it a proven scientific fact that vitamin E is not helpful to scarring.

Vitamin E Cream Scar

Existing scientific studies to date seems to discourage the use of vitamin E on wounds, but should you decide to give any vitamin E cream for scars a shot, you should consider dabbing a small amount on the inside of the forearm first to see how it reacts with your skin.

You may want to pick a vitamin E cream for scars from the following list:

  • Dr Organic Vitamin E Cream – a natural product as the manufacturer claims
  • La Bella Vitamin E Cream with Aloe Vera
  • Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisture Cream Jasmine & Vitamin E
  • Nature’s Bounty Vitamin E-Cream
  • Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Skin
  • JASON Age Renewal Vitamin E

Vitamin E Acne Scars treatment

There is the school of thought that applying vitamin E to acne scars regularly can help improve their appearance as time goes by, but critics of this idea such as Dr. Phillip, Artemi argue that the gradual improvement that is typically observed is just part of the natural healing process which would still have happened without the vitamin E acne scars treatment.

You may want to choose a vitamin E acne scars treatment product from among the following if you want to give the vitamin E remedy a try:

  • La Bella Vitamin E Cream with Aloe Vera
  • Palmer’s scar Serum
  • Sundown Naturals Pure vitamin E oil
  • JASON Age Renewal Vitamin E
  • Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Skin

Vitamin E Capsules for Scars

Proponents of vitamin E capsules for scars treatment suggest popping them open and pouring their content directly on the site of scarring.

I spent some time reading through user feedbacks and reviews in online forums and discussion boards, particularly acne.org and came across several positive comments with regards to the use of vitamin E capsules for scars reduction, but this was as well matched with negative sentiments.

The effectiveness of this approach to management of scars has also not yet been backed up by scientific studies but if you want to give it a shot, you can always order vitamin E capsules online. .

Vitamin E Lotion for Scars

There are many lotions on the market today that claim to incorporate the “scar healing” power of vitamin E. You can order one online if you want to give them a trial. I took some time to research online looking for a vitamin E lotion for scars and here are some the products I came across:

  • Organic Vitamin E Scar & Stretch Mark Serum
  • Palmer’s Scar Serum
  • Derma e Vitamin E Intensive Therapy Body Lotion

Vitamin E for Scars on Face – a word of caution

Proponents of the vitamin E treatment of facial scars option suggest it for treatment of acne and burn scars. Whether you choose to go for topical vitamin E products or to break vitamin E capsules on the face, you should discontinue using the remedy if your skin gets irritated.

Vitamin E Ointment for Scars

The other day, one of our readers sent us an email after reading another article on scar creams saying, “Please recommend a vitamin E ointment for scars that works.”

If after reading the first part of this article you feel that you want to try a vitamin E-based ointment for treatment of scars, then you may want to choose from among Dr Organic, La Bella, Alba Botanica, Nature’s Bounty, Fruit of the Earth, and JASON Age Renewal.

Vitamin E Tablets for Scars

There are many online stores that stock vitamin E tablets. Remember however that price is just one of the factors. You will at the very least want to go for reputable websites such as drugstores.com and Walgreens.com to ensure that you get genuine products.

The efficacy of vitamin E for scars treatment is without doubt a controversial topic. It is up to you to decide which side you want to go.

And don’t forget that there are as well a myriad of other treatment options that you can resort to ranging from laser treatment, silicone gel sheets and silicone based creams (e.g. Kelo-cote), and dermabrasion, to skin peeling, surgical scar revision (e.g. punch excision), steroid injection, filler injection, subcision, medical microneedling, and radiotherapy.

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