Unusual piercing Jestrum: healing time, care, pain and other disadvantages, suitable jewelry
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Unusual piercing Jestrum: healing time, care, pain and other disadvantages, suitable jewelry

This type of piercing refers to the type of “Lip Medusa”, but is considered more complicated due to the fact that it passes the lip completely and has two ends. Unlike the usual “Medusa”. If you are interested in this piercing, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the nuances in this article:

Jestrum is also called the “vertical medusa”, often it is made on the upper lip. The standard decoration for this type is a curved bar with two ends. With this piercing you need to be very careful and take it very seriously, as it must be done strictly symmetrically to the face. Otherwise, there will be a clear visual curvature of the entire face. It is also possible damage to the gums and teeth, it is also worth considering. Therefore, it is important to understand that this is not just a caprice, but a serious decoration on the most important and prominent place of our body.

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How long does the piercing heal?

The standard wound healing time is 6-12 weeks. As usually happens with this kind of piercing, it heals faster from the outside than from the inside. Therefore, the outside of the piercing can look like it should, while the healing inside can last from 4 to 6 months. You can not remove the decoration of the first 12 months in the healing process. At first, the thin tissue of the skin can easily be damaged with a slight movement of the jewelry. And the rotation and twisting is generally fraught with the ingress of bacteria inside, as a result of the appearance of irritation and various infections. To make the healing process faster and more comfortable, you need to follow the rules of care and choose the right decoration.

Jestrum, as mentioned above, heals for a long time, so it is recommended to make a list of procedures to take care of it and to follow this list strongly in the normal mode of the day. Below is a list of procedures you need to take note of (especially if there is a serious swelling):

  – rub the lips with pieces of ice, apply frozen products or cold drinks;

  – the adoption of analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs in the early stages of the process;

  – chamomile tea;

   – for the first time it is better to do without kissing and oral sex;

  – use alcohol-containing substances or peroxide in the care of piercing is contraindicated;

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 – it is undesirable to swim in rivers or public pools;

 – in general, every time you take a shower or bath, gently wash the piercing with a mild anti-bacterial soap;

  – do not forget about vitamins (zinc, A, C, etc.)

  – make sure that the ends of the bar are not unscrewed. Since the loss does not always have spare parts, and this is fraught with the movement of the piercing or even extracting jewelry

How to clean the piercing (bar)?

  – prepare or buy a solution of sea salt (for home preparing you need a boiling water and a quarter of a spoonful of salt);

  – hands must be washed with soap and water;

  – soak the piercing in the solution for 5-10 minutes, then gently remove all crusts;

  – then rinse with clean water;

  – finish procedures with rinsing the mouth with antibacterial liquid and brushing your teeth (ideally, you should change the brush every day)

Is the pain strong?

It is worth considering that the pain in the healing process of this piercing can be severe. Of course, everything depends primarily on the physiology of a particular person and the right care. But this does not negate the fact that when a Jestrum is pierced, many nerves in the lower part of the face are affected, plus the needle goes in two places and the canal is relatively long. According to the pain scale, the Jestum is rated at 7 out of 10. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of pain and other problems, you should do it only with a professional.

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Side Effects to Know

Any invasion of the body is an invasion, albeit in the name of beauty. And it is not surprising that there are negative cases of piercing:

  – damage to the bridle of the gums

  – severe irritation

  – unbearable pain

  – swelling

 – scars

  – and the most dangerous – facial nerve paralysis

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If you do decide on the Jestrum, once again please take this piercing seriously and be sure to follow the rules of hygiene and care.


On the aesthetic side, of course, this is a very beautiful and unusual type of piercing. And the two ends of the bar allow you to turn on the fantasy and use different decorations on both ends. However, we advise you not to use too large jewelry such as rings, as they are not very convenient for Jestrum.

By the way, one more important detail: when piercing, first you will be given a long bar, to take into account future swelling, but when it subsides, it is important to change it to the bar of the desired size. Of course, this is important to do only with your master.

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