Tongue Piercing Price, How Much Does It Cost? Web, Horizontal, Venom in Tulsa, Vegas, UK, San Diego
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Tongue Piercing Price, How Much Does It Cost? Web, Horizontal, Venom in Tulsa, Vegas, UK, San Diego

Factors such as location have significant influence of tongue piercing price. Today we explore how much it costs to get your tongue pierced in various countries including US, UK, and Canada, as well as randomly geographical regions and cities including as Tulsa, Las Vegas, and San Diego among others.

Tongue Piercing Price

How much does it cost to get your tongue pierced? Well, the price it takes to get this body mod art varies depending on factors such as geographical locations and level of competition among others. Tongue piercing price should however only be one of the determining factors.

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While it is prudent to compare prices while looking for a suitable tongue piercing studio to get the best value for your money, you should as well check that highest quality standards are adhered to.

You will in particular want to see that the piercing studio operates in a clean environment – a certificates from local health departments posted on wall is a good starting point. Ensure also that the studio autoclaves their piercing equipment. This involves the use of a steam device to sterilize the piercing equipment.

Where applicable, check that the studio is registered with relevant bodies. In the US, there is the Association of Professional Piercers; on registration as a member, a studio is issued with a membership certificate and most will hang them on the wall. Overall, you should feel comfortable working with the piercer you choose.

So, coming back to our area of focus, how much are tongue piercings? Tongue piercing price range from $30 to $90 as reported by the Cost Helper portal. Also while some piercers charge a flat cost for both the actual piercing and the jewelry, others charge the two separately.

For example, the Piercology piercing studio in Columbus, Ohio charges $30 for the piercing and a separate price for the barbell, starting at $26.

All in all, the total hardly falls out of the 30-90 price range. For those asking “what’s average price of tongue piercing?” $60 is a realistic figure.

How Much Does a Tongue Piercing Cost

To make our research into “how much does a tongue piercing cost?” more objective, we explored the web trying to compare piercing studios in different geographical regions.

We chose the following random cities and geographical regions for the purpose: Las Vegas (Nevada), Tulsa (Oklahoma), San Diego (California), and Ohio state in the United States; Canada; UK; and Australia.

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In the United States, the generally agreed price is between $30 and $90, but as it was apparent in our research, most $30 range studios do not include the jewelry as part of the quoted price. An exception of course applies for special discounts which are offered by various studios from time to time.

Piercology studio in Ohio was our first stop. They charge $56 as an inclusive price for the actual piercing ($30) and a standard barbell ($26). Although they provide sea salt (for aftercare during the healing stage) for free, you can choose to get Tech 2000 mouthwash from them for additional $5.

In Las Vegas our research brought us to various body art studios such as The Jungle Zone, skin Factory, and The Piercing Shop, all for which the cost still fell within the $30-90 price range.

The same was true in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and in California. For example, Just Another Hole in Tulsa, Oklahoma charges $40 for a piercing (including a standard jewelry), The Exotic Body studio in Sacramento, California charges $50 for the piercing (inclusive of the jewelry), and the Wylde Sydes Tattoo & Body Piercing tattoo and piercing parlor in San Diego, California charges $40.

 In the UK, it costs between £20 and £25 to get your tongue pierced and “fitted” with a standard stainless steel or plastic barbell but that can increase to £30 if you choose to use colored or gem barbells.

We also took the time to find out the typical cost it takes to get your tongue pierced in Australia for which we arrived at a price range of between $45 and $60.

Lastly, we took the time to delve into “how much does a tongue piercing cost in Canada?” and most piercees reported paying more towards the higher end of the $30-$90 range.

For example, one piercee reported paying $87 at Adrenaline Studios while another one reported paying $75 in another undisclosed piercing studio in Canada. The only exception is one piercee in Toronto, Canada who reported getting his tongue pierced at $45.

All these are typical costs, involving the use of standard stainless steel barbell. The price will of course vary, and may actually shoot through the roof, depending on the jewelry you choose. Some fancier, lower-end jewelry include colored barbells as well as those with gem or crystal jewels. These may increase the cost by $5 or more.

Keep in mind also that some studios may charge you more for the first bar change; it is required that you change to  a shorter barbell once the initial tongue piercing swelling has subsided to avoid tooth damage and other problems.

Tongue Web Piercing Price

Tongue web piercing price is generally higher than that of other typical piercings on the tongue. You can expect to pay anything between $5 and $10 more than the standard piercing on your tongue as the Cost Helper says.

This essentially bring the cost of getting a tongue web piercing to between $35 on the lowest end and $100 on the highest end. The figure may however change significantly with your choice of jewelry. For example, a barbell with crystal or gemstone endings would go for a higher price compared to a plastic-capped barbell.

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Horizontal Tongue Piercing Price

Also referred to as snake eyes piercing, horizontal piercing runs across – hence the name horizontal – the tip of the tongue.  In other words, the needle or cannula is stuck from right to left or vice versa.

As for the price, factors such as geographic locations, but you can expect to pay anything between $30 and $50 to get it done. That could rise to as much as $90 after the jewelry is factored in.

Venom Tongue Piercing Cost

The cost involved in getting a venom bites piercing which is basically speaking a pair of ordinary tongue piercings on either halves of the tongue (with each piercing placed at the center of each half) would vary depending on where you are.

It would also vary depending on the type of jewelry (e.g. you can choose to have a captive breeding ring instead of a normal barbell or choose between various colored, gem, or even crystal-jeweled “rings” so to speak.

The average cost for venom piercings will essentially vary but Piercing Models website puts the price range at $30-100 which is not so much divergent to our tongue piercing price range of $30 to $90.

Now that you have an idea how much it costs to get various types of tongue piercings, you are probably feeling ready to go for it. If you do, keep in mind that proper pierced tongue aftercare routine is the key to avoiding infection and other complications commonly associated with this body mod art.

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