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Skin Whitening Tips, Before and After, Best, Permanent, Asian, Japanese & Korean Skin Whitening

This post seeks to demystify skin whitening. Find out what the best skin whitening is as well as effective, permanent, before and after photos, tips, Japanese and Korean whitening of skin.

What Is Skin Whitening

Asian, Japanese and Korean and Africans

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Whitening, skin bleaching and skin lightenin g all refer to the same thing, which is the use of chemical products to make the skin tone lighter than it already is or for the purpose of providing an even complexion. The chemicals lessen the concentration of melanin on the skin.

Best Skin Whitening – Effective Whitening of Skin

The beauty products market is flooded with skin lightening products. While some are up to the required standards, there are some that have had safety profiles that are questionable while others have been known to contain toxic substances. If done effectively, this process can help one to achieve a brighter and blemish free skin tone. This will leave one with a healthier looking skin. For this to happen, one ought to make use of the best skin whitening products . Some of the means to achieving the end results are as discussed below.


Skin whitening creams : There are varied over the counter creams for whitening skin available in the market. These work by reducing melanin in the skin. Some of the effective skin whitening ingredients to look out for include glycolic acid , ascorbic acid , kojic acid and arbutin . These are safe but should be used according to the manufacturer instructions.

Retinoids : These are only available on prescription. They are made from vitamin A which lightens the skin effectively through exfoliation. They also plump up and brighten the skin leaving it looking great. During initial use, they may cause the skin to dry and flake. These effects should subside as the product gets used to the skin.

Chemical peels : These are made using acidic substances which when applied on the skin cause the top layer to burn away. This reveals the underneath skin which is lighter. During the process, one may feel a burning or stinging sensation. More than one session may be necessary for the process to be effective.

Dermabrasion : This method may serve as an alternative to chemical peels which may not be appropriate for people with sensitive skin . The process works through the mechanical exfoliation of the skin to reveal better looking skin.

Permanent Skin Whitening

What you expect

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While there are many products for the purposes of skin lightening, most of these work for as long as one is still using them or for as long as one keeps going for maintenance treatments. When one stops usage, the skin retreats to its initial state. In some instances, hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation may result. Among some of the procedures that can help attain a lighter skin tone with long lasting effects include:

Ivory Whitening Pills

Laser treatment : This is also known as a laser peel. It is a procedure that can be conducted in the doctor’s outpatient office. Beams of light are directed to the skin upon which they get rid of dark skin layers to reveal the inner fairer skin . The recovery time for this is between one to three weeks. More than one session may be required for one to achieve the tone they desire.

Cryosurgery : This method makes use of liquid nitrogen to destroy skin cells and facilitate natural regeneration.

Dermabrasion : This is a medical procedure involving scraping off the skin’s top skin layer.  This reveals a clearer and fairer skin tone. The recovery time for this is over a week. The results though last long.

Skin Whitening Before And After

When one decides whiten his or her skin, before and after differences should be seen. Effective lightening of the skin should bear positive results. This should happen without risks of uneven skin tones. This makes it necessary for people to make use of quality products as well as go to professionals for the treatments.

Before and After Looks

Where this is not done, one may experience hypo-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation . It is also possible to ask the professional carrying out the procedure to show you some before and after images of previous successful treatments. You could also ask that they take your before and after pictures so you can compare results.

Asian Skin Whitening

Asian whitening of skin dates back in history. Traditionally, the feminine ideal for women was white skin. While this was an ideal during the early times, the concept has been maintained and most believe that white skin is more beautiful. The obsession with light skin is also an indication of economic status. People who worked in the fields had their skin burnt. As such, the skin tone is seen to reflect your social status. The higher it is, the lighter you ought to be.

Japanese whitening of skin

Asia’s skin lightening craze is so deeply embedded within the people that there are various myths and sayings concerning lighter skin colo r. This makes skin lightening a multi-million dollar industry. Women spend a lot of money to become fairer. There also are many specialists dealing with professional methods of skin lightening.

Japanese Skin Whitening

Since the 1990s, Japanese skin lightening has grown a lot. There has been an influx in whitening products with the marketing gurus even coining the term Bihaku for the sake of marketing whitening products. This translates to “beautifully white” and is used to grow the sale of products.

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Korean Skin Whitening

Red Ginsen Whitening Cream – Korean

Koreans are known for their milky white skin. This is mostly because they take good care of their skin. They spend quite some time and money investing in their looks. To achieve this kind of skin, one could make use of recommended skin lightening products. Other than that, it is important to take good care of skin every day.

Skin Whitening Tips and Warnings

When one decides to have whitening done on their skin, it is important to take some precautions so as to avoid permanent skin damage. Below are skin whitening tips and warnings that could help you take the necessary precautions.

  • Milk can be used as a natural skin lightener. Just apply this on the skin and leave it on for some time.
  • Pay attention to the contents of bleaching products. Some contain harmful chemicals.
  • During the lightening process, avoid vigorously washing the face. Get appropriate cleansing product s from the drugstore.
  • If left on for too long, whitening products can damage the skin. Be sure to follow the instructions.
  • Avoid products containing mercury and hydroquonine as these are harmful in the long run.

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