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Natural & Laser Skin Tightening Costs, Does it Work, Exilis, Alma, Titan, at Home

Having a sagging skin characterized by fine lines and wrinkles is something that most people would wish to overturn. Laser skin tightening is one of the techniques used today to revive the skin for a firmer, smooth and younger look. This article will discuss more about this skin reaffirming option.  In addition of various types of laser tightening techniques, we’ll also highlight the cost and point out various natural tightening options.  

What Is Laser Skin Tightening

The term laser skin tightening refers to a skin treatment that uses laser light to revive sagging, loose skin and enhance its it tone and texture. The principle behind this wrinkle and fine lines treatment option is inducing of controlled wounds on the targeted area of the skin which then prompts the skin to heal itself through growth of new cells. It also stimulates the production of collagen in the skin.

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Does It Work

Does Laser Skin Tightening Work

The question that is probably preoccupying your mind right now is “Does laser skin tightening work?” Well, according to the WebMD website, this technique works and is indeed more precise than dermabrasion and chemical peels techniques if performed by an experienced practitioner.

It is however deserves a mention that patient selection is an important factor and that this treatment is only effective for mild to moderate correction and is not an alternative for surgery. In other words, laser skin tightening is not ideal for people with major laxity of the face or neck. It is also generally best suited for younger patients with minimal amount of sagging in the skin.

According to Michael Macri, MD, a medical practitioner at Liposuction and Laser Center in New Jersey, “Anyone who expects dramatic skin tightening [with laser treatment] is going to be disappointed.”

Exilis Skin Tightening

If you have spent some time reading around about getting rid of that saggy skin that shouts age, then you have likely come across the term Exilis. This refers to an FDA approved device that is majorly used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons as a non-invasive alternative for treatment of wrinkles and rhytids and contouring of the body.

Exilis Skin Tightening

The manufacturer of the device claims that the pair of heads attached to the machine melts fat deposits beneath the skin while concurrently tightening the skin using radiofrequency waves. The treatment also stimulates the production of collagen.

Exilis Skin tightening treatment involves some reportedly painless treatment session lasting 20 minutes.

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There are many clinics nowadays that offer Exilis Skin Tightening treatment. You can search for one in your country or state by searching on Google using the keyword “Exilis Skin Tightening [Your Country]. Another great resource is the Real Self Website which has a full fledged Exilis section that you can use to identify medical practitioners offering the services in your area.

Alma Laser Skin Tightening

Accent Laser, otherwise known as Alma or simply XL, is often used to reclaim firm skin and health, youthful appearance of an individual’s skin. Alma devices also use radiofrequency waves to reduce volume and thus reduce wrinkles and tighten a patient’s skin or face. Accent treatment typically involves 6 treatment sessions and the results usually last for between 12 and 18 months.

Titan Laser Skin Tightening

This is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment that relies on infra red light to reaffirm the skin and make it tighter, and more vibrant. It works by stimulating the production of collagen in beneath the upper layer of the skin. More and more clinics are offering this relatively newer technology and you can easily use Google (or any other search engine you like) to unearth such providers in your country or state.

At Home Laser Skin Tightening

The term “at home” seems to be spurring lots of interest nowadays, with devices designed to self-administer procedures that would otherwise have required paying a visit to a professional being created at each passing day.  Among the latest developments is skin tightening devices such as The NuSkin Galvanic Spa, The Home Use Bipolar RF Facial care System (otherwise known as RF MINI) and U-Style RF Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Lift Rejuvenation Machine Bipolar among others.

Laser Skin Tightening Cost

Laser skin tightening is increasingly being accepted as a way to reverse the loss of skin tone and firmness and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that typically occur as we age or due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight among other causes. It is thus not surprising to see lots of readers asking how much laser skin tightening cost.

The price for laser skin tightening varies from one practitioner to the other and often depends on the area of the skin being treated. It is important to remember that each patient will require varying number of treatment sessions in order to achieve the desired results.

For example, the cost for face treatment will vary from $400 to $800 per visit. The total cost for a patient can be calculated by multiplying these figures with the total number of sessions that that specific patient will require. It is for this reason a common practice for practitioners to give their patients a package price rather than per session cost.

We took some time to research typical costs for the various laser skin tightening techniques and found the average costs to be $1,825 for Alma, $1,450 for Exilis, and $1,525 for Titan laser treatment according to reports by users of the Real Self web portal.

Laser skin tightening cost should however not be the sole factor on which you place your decision on in as far as the choice of a practitioner is concerned. The WebMD website cites the experience of the surgeon as one of the important factors for the effectiveness of the laser treatment.

An excellent way to judge a surgeon’s prowess is to analyze the before and after pictures in their clinic or on their website.  If you are in doubt about a surgeon, the best course of action is to look for another one that you are comfortable working with.

Natural Skin Tightening

Natural Skin Tightening

This days it seems that people are more inclined towards more natural ways of doing things and it is on that note that the question “What are some of the natural skin tightening options available?” seems to arise every now and then in online communities.

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Muscle and skin firming exercises are one of the best natural skin tightening options that you may want to try. These exercises are usually aimed at reaffirming the muscles around the affected area and improve their ability to hold the skin in place.

The ideal exercises will vary depending on the area of the skin targeted. Some common areas that often struggle with loose skin are the face, neck, thighs, stomach and upper arms. For example, opening and closing your mouth in repeated motions as you stare up in the sky Is one of the best neck exercises for loose skin.

For the rest of the body, weight training is usually recommended. This helps to improve your muscle tone and firm up your skin. Exercises that strengthen your thigh, arms and the core are especially a great choice. Talk to your trainer about incorporating them into your workout routine.

Another natural skin tightening option is to apply a mineral or salt scrub before washing the salt off. A good practice is to scrub your skin a few minutes before taking the shower everyday.

Here are more natural skin tightening options and tips that you may want to try at home:

  • Apply some cucumber to your face
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Keep your skin hydrated by applying some almond oil, baby oil or castor oil a few minutes after shower. This helps to improve the elasticity of your skin. You may also want to ass a few drops of oil to your bathing water.
  • Apply a natural skin firming lotion or cream. Look for products with Aloe Vera which is a great ingredient for skin tightening. As a matter of fact, apply aloe Vera gel to your face is also a great way to tighten it.
  • Eat lots of raw foods, that is, fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight by applying a sunscreen when heading outside
  • Avoid harsh soaps and cleansers

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