Best Neck Firming Creams, Causes of Neck Sagging, Neck Firms Creams that Work
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Best Neck Firming Creams, Causes of Neck Sagging, Neck Firms Creams that Work

So you are tired of seeing that sagging neck skin every time you look at yourself in the mirror? Well, read on to learn what causes it and discover some of the best neck firming creams that you can use to revive your neck skin and make it trim and taut as you have always wished.

Causes of Sagging Neck Skin

Loose Neck Causes

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Aging ranks top among the causes of sagging neck skin. As humans age, the body loses collagen and elastin both of which are important for maintaining the skin’s elasticity and firmness. It is thus not surprising that a significant number of skin care products feature collagen as an ingredient or induce its natural production in the body.

Lower levels of hyaluronic acid (an important compound for keeping the skin cells together) due to the natural aging process can also make the skin on the neck to sag.

As a person ages, the muscles also tends to elongate and lose their natural tone, thus becoming less effective in keeping the skin taut. Gravity also has a role to play in sagging of the neck skin and pronouncing the effects of aging.

Other factors that often make the neck skin sag are exposure to sun, smoking, and weight loss.  While being overweight is often attributed to having a double chin, losing weight can on the other hand make the neck skin appear lose and saggy, more so if an older person sheds significant pounds.

Poor diet, especially one lacking in proteins and vitamin c can also cause the problem and so can inflammation of the neck skin.

Best Neck Firming Cream

Take a look around and you will get spoiled for choices with neck firming creams. One is then left to wonder what the best neck firming cream really is.

Clarins Extra Firming Neck Anti-Wrinkle Rejuvenating Cream is easily the best neck firming cream out there judging from its customers’ satisfaction and feedback. This seems like one of those products you will hardly miss in neck firming cream reviews.

The Clarins’ Extra-Firming Complex Features organic extracts of Lemon Thyme and Green banana, Clarins Extra Firming Neck Anti-Wrinkle Rejuvenating Cream is formulated to slow sagging of the neck skin by making it firmer, supple, and smooth.

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Clarins Extra Firming Neck Anti-Wrinkle Rejuvenating Cream also comes with sunflower Auxins that further make the wrinkles firmer and less pronounced. Green Seaweed extracts are also included to boost the rate of synthesis of Hyaluronic acid which plays an important role in ensuring a health, supple skin.

The highlight of them all is perhaps the Marshmallow Powder which comes with wrinkle line-filling micropearls which are designed to optically hide the fine lines on your neck.  This makes the neck skin appear smoother.

The manufacturer recommends massaging the Cream gently to a cleaned skin twice every day (in the morning and in the evening) starting from the chin all the way down to the décolleté.  Exfoliating the skin at least two times a week is also suggested to stimulate growth of new cells.

Reventin Neck Firming Cream is yet another heavy weight when it comes to neck firming creams. With lots of rave reviews and great ratings from its users as at the time of this research, this product features a patented formulation that the manufacturer refers to as “Essenskin”.

The Essenskin is formulated to increase the rate of production of collagen in the skin the result of which is tightening and re-contouring of the neck skin, thus making the skin firmer, more elastic and smoother. Reventin’s Essenskin also provides the neck skin with essential micronutrients that are important for optimum skin health and beauty.

With ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter and peppermint oil, Reventin Neck Firming Cream doubles up as a skin moisturizer.

The product is suitable for any skin type, and – according to the manufacturer – results are typically seen in 3 weeks. Isn’t it amazing to get rid of those pesky fine lines and wrinkles from your neck area and get a smoother, younger-looking skin in such a short time?

Here are some Reventin Neck Firming Cream facts that you may find interesting:

  • A study by the manufacturer of the cream found Essenskin (the hidden weapon of Reventin) was found to increase dermal density by 65%. This was attributed to enhanced protein production. Protein is an essential building material for the epidermis – if I can say that
  • The same study found that the Essenskin decreased sagging of the skin by a whooping 67%. This was attributed to enhanced synthesis of collagen in the skin.

Here are some more firming neck creams that you may want to look at while exploring your options:

Reventin Neck Firming Cream

  • Vernal Anti-aging Moisturizer with Matrixyl
  • L’Oreal RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Face & Neck Contour Cream
  • Olay Total Effects Night Firming Treatment
  • Revision Nectifirm
  • La Prairie Anti Aging Neck Cream
  • Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Naturally Luminous Extra Firming Neck Cream
  • StriVectin-TL Tightening and Sculpting Face & Neck Cream
  • Avon Solutions Dramatic Firming Cream
  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Firming Cream

Neck Firming Creams That Work

Ask me about an effective neck firming cream and I will be struggling not to mention Clarins Extra Firming Neck Anti-Wrinkle Rejuvenating Cream and Reventin Neck Firming Cream based on the reviews I cam across when researching for this article.

It however deserves a mention that not all products will deliver marvelous results for everyone.

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If these two don’t seem to live to their promises, you should consider trying one of the creams listed in the above section. Neck firming products had to have reviews of at least 3.5 by at least 5 customers for them to make it to that list; so all the listed products would make for a safe bet.

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