What Causes Skin Tags – On Neck, Eyelids, Neck, Face, What Causes Skin Tags to Grow
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What Causes Skin Tags – On Neck, Eyelids, Neck, Face, What Causes Skin Tags to Grow

What causes a skin tag? Discover what causes skin tags on neck, face and eyelids. Why does a skin tag grow on skin and what are the conditions for skin tags growth on the face, eyelids and the neck? Read about it in this write up.

What Causes Skin Tags

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A flawless skin is almost unachievable when there are so many problems associated with the skin. The largest organ in the body has all sorts of things appearing on it. If you are among the lucky people, you will have dimples on cheeks, which the society has publicized to be attractive. However, if you are unlucky, you will suffer from acne that will leave you with unbearable scars. Skin tags are the other eyesores because they just show how abnormal your skin is.

Skin tags are not harmful and most people who find them unattractive probably do so due to their irregular nature. The hanging skin, which flaps at any movement, can also be large.  Therefore becoming the center of attraction when found on face. For people who have skin tags, they cannot help, but wonder what causes them. If you do not know what a skin tag looks like, have a look at these skin tags pictures and see whether you have any extension on skin that appears like them. What causes skin tags on neck, eyelids and on face? Read on to find out.

What Causes Skin Tags / What Are Skin Tags Caused from – Factors of Formation

Every human being wants to live a life that is free from diseases. The skin has its share of problems with cancer a reason anything that appears on it including freckles has to go through copious analysis. Skin tags are a concern for adults whether they appear on their skin or on their children’s skin.

What are skin tags caused from? Before you can understand what causes skin tags, you will need to know what exactly skin tags are. Skin tags are simply skin cells that cluster together. A skin tag has blood vessels, nerve and fat cells, fibers, ducts and collagen and an outer layer of skin. It is another functioning skin altogether hanging from the normal skin.

It hangs on a stalk also known as peduncle. However, this does not mean that flat skin tags do not exist. Flat kinds appear slightly bumpy on the skin surface and may not wiggle about when you move or touch them.

The causes of skin tags are not known specifically. However, most studies indicate that there are factors that lead to the formation of skin tags. Without an exact cause of skin tags, we can only speak generally of the factors that lead to their appearance on skin.

What causes a skin tag is dependent on so many factors. However, they occur in 46% of people in the United States according to the National Institutes of Health. Furthermore, about 60% of adults have them appearing on face, eyelids, neck. They also appear on the buttocks, scrotum, anus, labia, penis, under the armpits and breasts. If you do not have any yet, you will as soon as you hit the age of 70 years.

Skin tags are not an adult phenomenon only as they also occur on children. However, skin tags on children disappear before they turn 10 years of age. What causes skin tags in both children and adults?

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The cause of skin tags in both adults and children are slightly different. I will give you these differences in the causes.

  • In both adults and children the cause of skin tags is obesity
  • In children, skin tags form during development in the uterus, where the skin tag fails to make a complete organ on skin. In adults, they appear as they age.
  • Children inherit skin tags from their parents. Adults on the other hand, acquire them from the use of steroids and being overweight. Insulin rejection in adults is also, what causes a skin tag. Another cause of skin tags in adults is hormonal changes especially in pregnant women.
  • In both children and adults, the causes of skin tags are linked with a molluscum contagiosum virus. However, the MCV type 1 is responsible for skin tags on children while the type 2 causes adults to have skin tags.

What causes skin tags is a matter of weight, genetics, hormonal alterations, diabetics, and the molluscum contagiosum virus of type 1 and 2.

What Causes Skin Tags on Neck a Case of Folds and Friction

The neck is one of the areas where skin tags occur. This is because the neck especially in obese people has several folds. This makes it possible for skin to rub against skin. The result of that are skin tags in great numbers.

What Causes Skin Tags on Neck

Additionally, what causes skin tags on neck is friction from wearing jewelry and tight fitting clothes at the collar that would aggravate the skin there. If you love necklaces, you will have to deal with a skin tag or two.

The neck has folds in obese people, however friction makes the skin tags appear from all the pressure applied there by heavy necklaces. You will notice the skin tags getting larger or painful from all the pulling by the necklaces. If they start to bleed, you may have to see a dermatologist for removal to avoid getting them infected.

What Causes Skin Tags on Eyelids-Butting Eyelids

What Causes Skin Tags on Eyelids

Have you ever noticed that you butt your eyelids after every few seconds? Do you know by doing that that the lower eyelid touches the upper one? Well, this friction from the upper and the lower skin is what causes skin tags on eyelids. You cannot avoid butting your eyelids therefore the skin tags on there will be inevitable.

What Causes Skin Tags On Face-Can I get Skin Tags from Sunburn?

The face is not all about the eyelids having skin tags as we have some people with them on most parts of the face especially on the cheeks and under the eyes. What causes skin tags on face? As we age, wrinkles appear on skin as collagen levels diminish. As a result, collagen is likely to be concentrated in some areas than others. Furthermore, we do get wrinkles from long exposure to sunlight. Can I get skin tags from sunburn? It is probable if the sunburn is behind the folds on face.

What Causes Skin Tags To Grow Bottom Line

The cause of skin tags is a whole line of factors. However, what causes skin tags to grow is genetics, obesity, hormonal changes, diabetes and the molluscum contagiosum virus. Those caused by the MCV do fall off on their own while the rest have to be removed surgically by dermatologists or at home.

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