What Are Skin Tags, Pictures, Skin Tags Scrotum, Groin & Buttocks Skin Tags
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What Are Skin Tags, Pictures, Skin Tags Scrotum, Groin & Buttocks Skin Tags

What causes skin tags? What is the meaning of a skin tag? For the causes of skin tags on different parts of skin, including skin tags on buttocks, groin and scrotum skin tags and their pictures, read the whole article.

Skin Tag on Face

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What skin imperfections do you have? I know I have scars from acne and a few moles that have hair growing out of them. I also have freckles on skin in spite of my color being black. Did you know that black people get freckles? Now you know and they do get skin tags too. These are harmless and you can get rid of freckles easily at home. However, I would like to shift your attention to the skin tags, which are a skin problem depending on how you see them or where they occur. Skin tags. These is skin hanging out from the rest of the skin.

For most people, skin tags can be an eyesore especially if they appear in the intimate parts of the body. They leave one self-conscious all the time. Therefore, any intimate moment cannot be enjoyed in peace.  Skin tags leave you feeling unattractive and sickly because you imagine they could be harboring a major disease. What causes skin tags on groin, buttocks and scrotum? Where else do skin tags occur and what is their meaning? Find out shortly.

What Are Skin Tags – What Is a Skin Tag? Meaning and Causes of Skin Tags

You may have one, several on your body, but you do not know what to call them, or they never bother you because they are painless. Skin tags as freckles are imperfections on skin. Some extra skin hangs or protrudes from the usual skin while maintaining the same skin color. However, in some cases, the skin tags maybe brownish or black depending on your color skin tone.

Skin Tag on Face – Around Eyes

What are skin tags or what is a skin tag?  The meaning of skin tags is that they are fleshy skin composed of core fibers, nerve cells, ducts, fat cells, collage and blood vessels. The outer covering, which keeps all these cells protected, is an epidermis.  Sometimes a skin tag can be hanging on a peduncle, meaning it has a fleshy stalk and other times it can simply be flat without the stalk.

A skin tag occurs where there are folds or creases on the skin. This is where the skin is likely to rub against skin and hence the tag forms. What are skin tags? They are fleshy skin appearing on eyelids, under the breasts and armpits, in the groin section, on the upper chest and on the neck. Apart from forming on skin with folds or creases, they can occur where there is usually too much friction on skin from clothing and jewelry. Shaving can also make you have skin tags because of rubbing on skin with a razor.

The other names for skin tags include:

Flat Skin Tags on Face

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  • Templeton skin tag
  • Soft fibroma
  • Cutaneous tag
  • Cutaneous papilloma
  • Fibroma pendulum
  • Fibroma molluscum
  • Fibroepithelia polyps
  • Acrochordons
  • Filifora
  • Papilloma colli

The next time you go to a doctor and he tells you that you have a cutaneous papilloma, do not panic, as this is just another name for a skin tag. What are skin tags? They are multiple protrusions from skin.

There are various causes of skin tags and some of us cannot avoid having them. The common causes include:

Facial Skin Tags

  • Age, as people age they get the skin tags especially from middle age
  • Obesity because it increases the chances of skin rubbing on skin
  • Insulin rejection especially in those who are diabetic
  • Use of steroids especially for those who use the illegally to build muscles
  • You could also have inherited them from your parents as some skin tags are genetic
  • The molluscum contagiosum virus (MCV1 in children and MCV2 in adults) could also cause them and is spread through contact.

Skin tags are harmless, non-cancerous, but you can always have yours checked by a dermatologists if you are unsure about it. A skin tag also gets irritated easily from the rubbing and touching of clothing and other skin parts. In extreme rare cases, skin tags causes could be:

  • Acromegaly
  • Birt-Hogg-Dube Syndrome
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome

Skin Tags on Groin- Shameful Skin Tags

The groin area is not free from skin tags as there are creases all over in both men and women. In men, skin tags may occur due to improper circumcision. The line where the cut is made is usually uneven in men who have skin tags on the head of the penis. Alternatively, a skin tag can be found on the penis shaft. This can make any man uncomfortable when giving a woman some TLC in bed. In fact, a tag on the penis shaft can become painful from thrusting. Forgive my language, by there should be no shame in it.

If you cannot live with your skin tags on groin, do not attempt to remove them at home. Talk to your dermatologist about it, without fear and you will surely get help. Trying to remove it at home can only lead to complications such as bleeding and infection, a specialist can remove it easily.

In women, skin tags occur on the bikini line and around the vagina. While those that occur in the vagina could be HPV related, only a doctor can prove that through a biopsy since they are just like any other skin tags in color and texture.

Skin Tags on Buttocks- Skin Tags on Butt Crack, Cheek Butt and Anus

The buttocks are too are not left out when it comes to skin tags.  They are common in people who are overweight because of the many creases they would have on their buttocks just below their back dimples. In that section, the skin is always rubbing against each other and furthermore the butt crack is always under pressure from sitting for long hours.

Having skin tags on buttocks especially around the anus most of the time are confused with piles or hemorrhoids. Skin tags on anus occur due to the wiping treatment given to that area after using the bathroom to relieve oneself. Soft tissue should be used or wet tissues to avoid making skin tags appear around the anus as it can be a huge cleanliness concern. Skin tags also occur on the butt crack and on the cheek butt. This is because the cheeks of the butt rub against each other.

Skin Tags on Scrotum -Skin Tags on Balls, Testicles

It is also possible to find skin tags on your balls or testicles. The skin tags there appear due to the nature of the scrotum, which is heavily creased. Furthermore, it keeps rubbing on the penis and thighs. Therefore, if you find you have skin tags on scrotum, do not be ashamed about them and you do not have to remove them, as they are harmless.

You can talk to a dermatologist if you want to get rid of them. However, most dermatologists will suggest you let them be since their removal can damage your future generations. If the skin tags there do not hurt or itch, let them remain there. You can also try applying apple cider vinegar each day. Soak a cotton ball in the vinegar and rub it on the skin tags there until they eventually fall off.

It is also important to have it biopsied to ensure it is not there due to a Human Papilloma Virus as it takes as HPV warts tend to look like skin tags. Once the test comes negative, you can leave them alone instead of risking with incisive removal methods of skin tag removal such as:

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  • Cryotherapy
  • Surgical litigation
  • Electrocautery
  • Excision

These methods of skin tags removal can only be safe on other parts of the body.

Skin Tags Pictures – Skin Tag Pictures or Pics of Skin Tags

If you have never set your eyes on a skin tag, I would like to give you a true picture of what it looks like from these skin tags pictures. Notice how the skin looks irregular and protruding from these pics of skin tags.

Groin Skin Tags Pictures

The following groin skin tags pictures depict both men and women

Groin Skin Tag


Facial Skin Tags Pictures

Facial skin tags pictures showing on the eyelids and under the eyes.

Skin Tags on Face

Large Skin Tags Pictures

Sometimes large skin tags pictures can be scary, but they are very harmless.

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Large Skin Tag

Flat Skin Tags Pictures

Tags come in all shapes and sizes including flat skin tags pictures below indicate just that.

Flat Skin Tags

Skin Tag on Buttocks Pictures

Here is a big skin tag on buttocks. The skin tag seems to be having some infection probably from all the wiping that goes on near the anus. This skin tag on buttocks pictures is real from people who are not ashamed to share this skin condition. The other skin tag is flat above the butt crack and some on the butt cheeks as well.

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