Skin Tags on Eyelids – How to Get Rid, Removal, Causes & Home Remedies for Skin Tags on Eyelids
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Skin Tags on Eyelids – How to Get Rid, Removal, Causes & Home Remedies for Skin Tags on Eyelids

How can I get rid of skin tags on eyelid? This article will give the causes of skin tags on eyelid, how to get rid of eyelid skin tags with home remedies and other removal treatments for skin tags on eyelid.

Skin Tags on Eyelids

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As you grow older, your skin will definitely show. The years you spent under the sun getting that bronze tan will eventually pay off with different types of freckles. If you had acne in puberty, the scars will be more obvious as your skin loses elasticity. Then the showstopper for all your skin problems will be skin tags as you hit middle age. Although skin tags are benign, they can give you quite a scare when they appear in large numbers and sizes. Furthermore, they turn up unexpectedly and in the most embarrassing parts of the body such as your groin and anus.

What causes skin tags baffles many because studies cannot pin point one specific thing. The causes of skin tags are just theories. Regardless of these theories, nobody thinks that skin tags on buttocks and the groin are attractive as it is with butt dimples. When it comes to the face, skin tags are not only a turn off, but can also interfere with sight when found on eyelids. This leaves you searching for skin tags removal home remedies and treatments. Below you will learn how to get rid of skin tags on eyelids safely.

Skin Tags on Eyelids Causes- What Causes Skin Tags on Eyelids

The eyelids like the buttocks function in pairs. In order to protect your eyeballs from harm, your eye blinks with the help of the eyelids. As a result, the contact of the upper and lower eyelid is believed to cause the friction that leads to the development of skin tags.

Furthermore, near the eyelids, when the skin is not given good care with mild products for many years it can get wrinkly. Wrinkles around the eyes cause collagen to bond in specific areas forming skin tags on eyelids. You could also get skin tags on the eyelids if you are:

  • Diabetic
  • Use steroids illegally
  • Are pregnant
  • Are obese
  • Have come into contact with Human papilloma virus (HPV) or Molluscum contagiosum virus (MCV)

 How To Get Rid of Skin Tags on Eyelids – How to Remove Skin Tags from Eyelids

How to remove skin tags from eyelids would require lots of courage to try some of the home remedies used. If you are courageous enough, you can try some of the methods at your own risk because if you get some of the solutions inside the eyes, you could mean more problems for your eyesight.

However, if the skin tags keep affecting your vision, the wise thing to do would be to book an appointment with an ophthalmologist. An ophthalmologist is a specialist of eyes, and is therefore, better placed to know, which removal methods would work on how to get rid of skin tags on eyelids.

On the other hand, if a dermatologist is within reach, you can consult with about the ideal skin tags on eyelids treatment. The eye is a sensitive part of the body and once you lose it, you cannot replace it. Therefore, before choosing to use any of the named treatments below, be sure that you will not get some of it inside the eyes. If you are not sure, let a professional do it for you an ophthalmologist in this case.

New Skin Liquid Bandage

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Skin Tags on Eyelids Treatment

These are some of the common over the counter treatments for skin tags on eyelids. If you have skin tags on eyes in a position where application of treatment will not interfere with inside the eye, you can apply some of these skin tags on eyelids treatment:

  • Tag Away
  • New Skin Liquid Bandage
  • H-Skin Tag
  • Skin Hale
  • Compound W Gel

Skin Tag Eyelid Removal – Removing Skin Tags from Eyelids

If you decide to use the above treatments instead of going to the doctor’s office, make sure that you use a band-aid on the skin tag so that the treatment cannot get inside your eyes. Some of the chemicals used in skin tag eyelid removal may be poisonous for your eyes and can make you lose your sight. Therefore, removing skin tags from eyelids should be done with a lot of caution.

Skin Tag on Eyelid Removal at Home Dangers

Skin Tags on Eyelids Removal

Some people will give you the advice of snipping off the skin tag on eyelid with a tweezers or eyelids. While it works in the removal of skin tags, it can be dangerous when done on the eyelids. For starters, you may injure your eye and cause scarring on your eyelid. It would be difficult to fix an injury in your eyeball.

You may also infect your eye, if you do not sanitize your tools properly. The eyes react when all manner of dirt gets into them. Snipping the skin tag on eyelid removal at home would leave you with a pink eye from the bacteria collected from your dirty tools.

The skin tag on eyelid could be malignant and therefore removing at home would make it come back or spread to other parts of the body. Be safe and see an ophthalmologist to remove it for you after determining whether it just benign or malignant.

 Home Remedies for Skin Tags on Eyelids Removal

To avoid all the bleeding and infecting your eye with bugs, it is better to remove the skin tags on eyelids with dental floss litigation. Most doctors do recommend this as effective method of all home remedies for skin tags on eyelids removal. Dental floss is hygienic, strong and removes skin tags on eyelids with no bleeding.

You just need to loop the floss around the skin tags and tie tightly twice or thrice. Cut of the loose ends of the floss as close as possible to the skin tag to avoid getting the floss into your eyes. This will cut off the blood supply to the skin tags on eyelids and they will fall off within four days.

Alternatively apply these home remedies for skin tags on eyelids removal:

  • Pineapple juice
  • Lemon (it can sting when it gets in the eye)
  • Use a banana peel, put a band aid to hold it on the skin tags on eyelids
  • A paste of castor oil mixed baking powder. Leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing off.
  • Detoxify your body with fenugreek seeds water. Soak the seeds overnight in water and drink that water in the morning.

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