What Causes Skin Tags – On Neck, Eyelids, Neck, Face, What Causes Skin Tags to Grow
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What Causes Skin Tags – On Neck, Eyelids, Neck, Face, What Causes Skin Tags to Grow

How are skin tags formed in children? What types of skin tags are there and are they dangerous? For more on skin tags on children, skin tag types and skin tags images, and whether skin tags are dangerous and how they are formed, read the whole article.

Skin Tags Formation

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The skin is a delicate organ often plagued with various problems. When you stay under the sun for long hours, if you have freckling genes you will automatically get freckles on face, shoulders and even arms. As if this is not enough, wrinkles will start appearing as a sign of old age. Furthermore, when you have a bacterial infection such as acne if you pick at the pimples you will be left with acne scars. In case you forget to wash your face twice daily when you have acne prone skin, clogged pores will be the order of the day. Unclogging pores would take a meticulous skin care regimen, which is only comfortable for those who are flawless skin conscious.

Afflictions on skin do not end there as you age you also get red freckles and skin tags. Unlike freckles, which can turn cancerous depending on where they occur, skin tags are benign skin protrusions. What causes skin tags are factors believed to encourage their formation. The exact cause is however, not known. How are skin tags formed and are they dangerous, are there skin tags in children and what do skin tag images depict? For the answers to these questions, read on.

How Are Skin Tags Formed- Skin Tags Formation

Skin tags formation is purely dependent on the body part. They tend to appear where there are folds or creases. In folds or creases, the skin is usually prone to causing friction against itself. As a result, the skin tags appear. The same thing may happen when an area on skin is rubbed with a lot of pressure.

Skin Tags

How are skin tags formed. They are formed from skin rubbing against skin, or from clothing or other elements rubbing on skin. Skin tags are bonds of blood vessels and collagen. Therefore, it has cells, which are alive. However, during removal, the blood vessels are usually cut off and the skin tag falls off because of not having blood supply.

Are Skin Tags Dangerous – Are Skin Tags Bad

Most people who discover that they have skin tags often grapple with the question whether skin tags are dangerous. Are skin tags bad? Skin tags are benign meaning they are nothing to make you worry. However, most people want them removed as a purely cosmetic measure. They find them unsightly and they want flawless skin as always. Skin tags have a way of interfering with the way a normal flawless skin looks therefore, for such people they are bad.

When it comes to skin tags posing danger, are skin tags dangerous? Rarely is s a skin tag dangerous, unless it has grown to a larger size of more than 5cms. Even so, the size does not guarantee that the skin tag is dangerous. If you have an over size skin tag, with an abnormal color, not dark brown or the color of skin you should have it checked by a dermatologist. A red or yellowish color on the skin tag could be an indication of an infection.

Skin Tags on Groin

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However, only the dermatologist can rule this out by biopsying the skin tag. Consequently, if you are uneasy about your large skin tag, talk to your dermatologist for reassurance. Normally, skin tags are harmless and only in extreme rare cases can they be dangerous or cancerous.

Types of Skin Tags –Different Skin Tags

The major difference in the types of skin tags is the number in which they appear. You may find a single skin tag or multiple skin tags under the arm, on the back, on the groin are or on the eyelids. Another major difference in types is the nature of in, which the skin tags are formed.

Some skin tags have stalks also known as peduncle. A skin tag with a peduncle wiggles about on movement or touching.

Skin tags without peduncles on the other hand, are flat. A lump of skin of same color or darker shade appears on the skin and cannot wiggle.

Other skin tags could be small and are often confused with freckles while others are large and unsightly.

Small Skin Tags -Tiny Skin Tags

Small Skin Tags

The smaller the skin tag the less likely it will be bothersome. However, a large skin tag will always get in the way. Small skin tags may even fall out without you noticing it. These can also occur in clusters thereby making them unsightly.

Tiny skin tags clustered together are sometimes referred to as cauliflower skin tags. They can also be confused with warts, which are not skin tags themselves. If you have small pieces of flesh bumping on your skin looking like cauliflower, if you are not sure whether they are warts or skin tags, have them checked and treat them appropriately.

Skin Tags on Children-What Causes Skin Tags on Children

Age is one of the major factors that contribute to the appearance of skin tags on body. Adults who are aged 60 years and above are more likely to have the skin tags in on their face, under their armpits and on the back and on the groin area. However, children too can have skin tags.

What causes skin tags on children in some cases is the same as in adults. For example, overweight children or obese kids have skin tags.  This is because of the many folds and creases in their bodies.

On the other hand, children inherit skin tags from their parents. These children will have skin tags at birth, which may fall off on their own or be removed by their parents.  The active nature of children in some cases may make the skin tags bleed profusely from scratching. Hence, removal is the best option.

Skin tags may also develop on babies in the uterus during development. This happens when skin fails to make a complete body part, for example the ear, and instead forms a skin tag near a whole ear. Such a baby will be born with a skin tag.

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Skin tags on children also occur due to the molluscum contagiosum virus. This virus is of four types, MCV1-4. However, the MCV1 is responsible for children’s skin tags, while the MCV2 causes skin tags in adults. Skin tags caused by the MCV1 in children are also known as water warts and are whitish yellow in color.

Furthermore, they appear like a pearl. This virus is acquired from birth or from public swimming pools and sharing baths and towels. Skin tags of molluscum contagiousum nature are contagious and normally disappear after six months on their own.

Skin Tag Images Differentiating a Skin Tag from a Mole and Wart

Skin Tag Images Differentiating a Skin Tag from a Mole and Wart

It is important to be able to differentiate between a skin tag and a mole. A wart and a skin tag. Each of these is very different. From the skin tag images or pictures of skin tags it is possible to see that skin tags are specific in where they occur. Under the armpit, around groin area, on the buttocks, places where the skin would rub against skin and has folds.

On the other hand, moles and warts appear anywhere on skin. Moles and warts are not specific on where they occur. From skin tag images, you should be able to tell if they are appearing on the groin, under the armpit, on the neck, under the breasts and on the back on women where the skin would be irritated by bra straps.

In men, you can tell from skin tag images that they have skin tags on their face, not only on the eyelids, but also on the beard area. Furthermore, these seem to be hanging on a stalk of skin. Although, some skin tags do not have the stalk, you cannot fail to identify them from the images because of their irregular shapes. Moles are symmetrical and usually darker than skin tags, while warts take the shape of cauliflower.

Skin Tags from Shaving Why they Occur

Ever wondered why you get skin tags after shaving whether under your armpits, bikini area or on the cheeks?  This is because you are irritating the skin by applying pressure to it. Consequently, within no time, you direct some blood vessels and collagen to bond in specific spots where they would form skin tags from shaving.

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