Skin Tags during Pregnancy – While Pregnant, Causes, Removal, Neck and Skin Tags After Pregnancy
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Skin Tags during Pregnancy – While Pregnant, Causes, Removal, Neck and Skin Tags After Pregnancy

What causes skin tags during pregnancy? Discover the connection between skin tags and pregnancy and the causes of skin tags during pregnancy. Did you get skin tags on neck while pregnant? Learn the removal on neck and skin tags after pregnancy.

Skin Tags and Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is wonderful because you get to carry a life inside you. It gets even better when the baby starts to give you little kicks because you get to know that all is well with your baby, and if it is a little boy growing inside there, all those around you can see the kicks from your clothes. I know this because I experienced it with my active son who is 7 years now. On the downside, the changes during pregnancy can be overwhelming. You gain weight, have a thousand and one cravings and then skin problems emerge.

One special skin problem is skin tags during pregnancy where you experience growths on your skin. Although, these appear much later in pregnancy, in the second half, they can catch you off guard. This is because they will occur in your groin area, on the labia, under your armpits, on the areola, under and between breasts, neck, eyelids, and face in general. In fact, they can occur just anywhere. Skin tags during pregnancy are common and quite harmless. Learn what causes you to have skin tags while pregnant and how to remove them effectively.

The Link Between Skin Tags and Pregnancy

The journey of your skin while pregnant begins immediately after you conceive. It all starts with a glow, at least mine did because all your arteries are working overdrive to transport blood to all the organs, your skin included. Then your hormones hit the ceiling as well. Consequently, you not only experience an emotional rollercoaster, but a host of skin problems such as acne flare-ups, melasma also known as dark freckles and skin tags.

Skin tags during pregnancy occur due to energetic growth of the exterior layer of skin. While pregnant, you gain weight and therefore your body has extra folds and creases. Skin tags thrive in skin folds where skin rubs against skin. Furthermore, you experience excessive friction when wearing clothes because of the weight you carry when pregnant. The friction, folds and extra weight is enough reason for skin tags when you are pregnant.

Skin tags and pregnancy are normal and should not cause alarm. In fact, you should ignore them until your baby is delivered in your hands. After pregnancy, then you can ask your doctor to remove them. Otherwise, while pregnant, do not attempt to remove them unless they are causing you irritation and discomfort. Even then, you should not attempt to do it yourself, ask you doctor to do it for you.

If you cannot afford to pay the doctor to remove them, ask him or her for advice on the best home remedies for skin tags.Skin tags during pregnancy should not be removed with plant or herbal based products such as bloodroot paste, which is very poisonous and skin tag removers made of chemicals. Skin tags and pregnancy is a delicate matter and therefore should be treated with caution and only by the professional doctors.

What Causes Skin Tags during Pregnancy – Developing Skin Tags during Pregnancy

Developing skin tags during pregnancy is normal because of the hormonal eruptions. The baby weight also gained in the second half of pregnancy contributes to the formation of skin tags while pregnant. There is also excessive rubbing on skin when dressing as a pregnant woman because you find yourself too heavy and bulky.

In order to avoid the friction caused by clothing, it is important to wear loose fitting tops and dresses. The underwear should also not be snuggly to avoid causing friction in your intimate area. What causes skin tags during pregnancy is mainly weight gain, friction and hormonal changes. You can monitor your weight gain by eating healthy foods and doing some walking exercises. Skin tags during pregnancy can be avoided if you do not gain more than 10kgs. It would be difficult to lose a weight gain of more than 10kgs hence the skin tags after pregnancy would still be present.

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Skin Tags during Pregnancy on Neck Home Removal

Skin Tag Removal during Pregnancy

In most cases, skin tags during pregnancy fall off after you give birth. However, some skin tags may remain hanging on your skin and would require removal. If you have skin tags during pregnancy on neck that are a nuisance, you can get rid of them at home or have your doctor do it for you.

Skin tags with stalks are easy to remove yourself with dental floss or any other sterilized thread. You need to just tie the floss or thread tightly around the skin tags and make a tight knot so that you cut the blood supply to the skin tabs. Within a day or two, they will start to change to a darker color and fall off on their own on the fourth or fifth day.

Ensure that you tie the thread as close as possible to the base so that you it falls off all of it. If you tie not too close to the base the skin tag on neck could end up growing back.

Skin Tag Removal during Pregnancy – Removing Skin Tags during Pregnancy Don’ts

Removing skin tags during pregnancy seems like a good thing to do especially if the growths on skin make you feel less attractive. Well, it is not okay to remove them without asking your doctor first. If you must remove an annoying skin tag, go to your doctor’s office to do it for you in safe and hygienic conditions.  Furthermore, skin tag removal during pregnancy should follow these rules of DON’TS:

  • Don’t use skin tag removal creams bought over the counter they contain harsh chemicals that are not safe to use on skin tags during pregnancy.
  • Don’t attempt to use herbal products either as a safe alternative as some could be very poisonous. Bloodroot paste may is a herbal product but not safe while pregnant
  • Don’t use the wart removers on skin tags during pregnancy even those too contain harsh acids
  • Don’t use a home remedy for skin tags without consulting your doctor first

Skin Tags after Pregnancy Removal

Most skin tags will fall off after you deliver. However, there may be still some stubborn ones, which will not want to leave your skin.  Skin tags after pregnancy removal is safe in a doctor’s office or at home with the supervision of the doctor. You will be breastfeeding and some skin tag removal products are not the best while you are breastfeeding. Therefore, talk to your doctor and see the best removal option or wait until you stop breastfeeding to use over the counter skin tag removal creams.

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