Removing Skin Tags Yourself – Procedure, Cutting off, Freezing off, Painless Skin Tag Removal
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Removing Skin Tags Yourself – Procedure, Cutting off, Freezing off, Painless Skin Tag Removal

How can I remove skin tags myself? Discover methods of removing skin tags yourself with various procedures.  Cutting off skin tags and freezing skin tags to remove them for good. Painless ways on how to remove skin tags yourself are explained in this article.

Skin Tag Freezing

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Skin tags and more skin problems is the order of your life when you hit middle age. Going to the doctors each time for these skin problems costs money and time that could have been spent in the expansion of your business or improvement of your house. Therefore, you chose to seek home remedies to remove skin tags. However, because of the location of your skin tags you can only settle for natural skin tags removal methods.  These will work without damaging the surrounding skin.

Although, these skin tags removal methods allow you to remove skin tags yourself at home, they are limited in the fact that you can only use what you already have at home. In this article, I will give you more ways on removing skin tags yourself. How to remove skin tags yourself with various DIY procedures such as cutting off and freezing skin tags among others.

Removing Skin Tags Yourself – How to Remove Skin Tags Yourself with OTC Creams

The thought of removing skin tags yourself is scary, but when you think of the dermatologists charges in his or her office, it is better to brave up and just do it. Furthermore, you do not have to cut it off for you to remove the skin tag effectively. There are various ways to go about it.

How to remove skin tags yourself involves the use of not just home remedies but also OTC skin tag removal medicines. However, in order to be safe you have to select those with natural ingredients. Furthermore, they must be easy to use.

Do not purchase an OTC product that you cannot use easily because it does not have clear instructions. You also have to follow the instructions to the letter. If the cream indicates that you use it twice do not use more times in a day, it could leave your skin vulnerable for more problems.

A good OTC cream for skin tag removal must also not have side effects. It would be sad to use a product that brightens the surrounding skin while leaving the area that had a skin tag darker. Ensure you read various reviews online before purchasing an ideal skin tag removal just to know what to expect with a particular product.

There are also commercials that promise that wart removers will work on skin tags even though such creams are specifically meant for warts. Do not try them either as you could end up damaging your skin. Wart removing creams contain harsh acids that can be too strong on your skin. Using them to burn your skin tags could leave you with terrible scars.

Removing skin tags yourself with OTC creams should also not be supervised by a doctor. If you buy a product that your doctor has to supervise how you use it, then it cannot be a way on how to remove skin tags yourself. It is a medical way of removing skin tags.

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Skin Tag Removal Procedure – DIY Home Remedies of Oils

Removing skin tags yourself cannot be possible without DIY home remedies. Home remedies are not all natural as some skin tag removal procedures are not so natural. However, people who had skin tags before can swear by various procedures, which I will discuss here.

100% Tea Tree Oil

Most people will agree that tea tree oil has an offensive smell. However, it is used for acne prone skin and other skin problems, which it fights well because of its antifungal and antibacterial properties. When used on a skin tag removal procedure it works equally well. The trick is to pour the oil on some cotton ball about 7-8 drops. Place the cotton ball on the skin tag while ensuring to cover it from the base to the tip. Use a duct tape or plaster to hold the cotton wool in place overnight or for some time.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is the other DIY home remedy for skin tag removal procedure. You have to mix it with baking soda so that it can work effectively in paste form. Apply the paste containing castor oil on the skin tag and leave it there for 30 minutes or as long as you can manage to have it on your skin especially during the night. Wash off with warm water.

Other oils that can do a great job in skin tag removal procedure are essential oils such as:

  • Frankincense oil

Carrier oils, which could also aid in the skin tag removal procedure include:

  • Coconut oil
  • Jojoba oil

Cutting off Skin Tags Safely

Cutting Skin Tags off

If you have a high threshold of pain, you can attempt cutting off skin tags yourself. However, you must be prepared to bleed, scar your skin or even cause discoloration. Do not attempt this removal method if you are not sure you have a skin tag. Find out what skin tags are and if your growth looks like that description go ahead and prepare to cut it off. If not, see a dermatologist instead to cut it off.

Cutting off skin tags safely yourself requires that you wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap. Furthermore, you must sanitize your scalpel, pair of scissors or nail clippers. Whatever tool you are using to cut off the skin tags should be free from germs.

Clean also the skin tags and the surrounding skin with a mild antibacterial soap before snipping the tip of the skin tags. You should be prepared to bleed heavily. Therefore, have some peroxide readily available. When you apply peroxide with pressure on the cut, you will bleed less and you are likely not to get an infection on the wound.

If you cannot stand pain, you can always numb the area with ice cubes before removing the skin tags yourself by cutting off. You may also want to take some ibuprofen for the pain.

The other way of cutting off skin tags safely is to tie them with dental floss. The unwaxed kind works best without sliding. This method offers minimal pain as opposed to cutting with nail clippers or scissors. You have to tie the floss around the skin tags tightly and snip the ends of the floss and leave it there and the tag will fall off on itself after lacking blood supply.

Freezing Skin Tags – Freeze off Skin Tags

Although, method of removing skin tags works best in a dermatologist’s office, you can also attempt it yourself at home. You however, have to buy commercial liquid nitrogen and use it according to the directions provided in the freezing kit.

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Using freezing kits yourself has disadvantages in that you can damage your skin if you are not paying attention to the application process. You have to target the skin tags you wish to freeze and not the surrounding skin as it can damage it greatly.

Furthermore, you may need more than one applications depending on the size of your skin tags. Consequently, you may have to buy more kits for the complete freeze off skin stags.

On the other hand, you do not have to deal with the scary bleeding since the skin is not cut or broken in any way. Similarly, you will not have to worry about getting an infection. This freezing skin tags method is quite effective. However, you have to be meticulous in its use to avoid damaging healthy skin tissues.

Painless Skin Tag Removal -Numbing Skin Tags

If you feel like cutting off is the best method of removing skin tags yourself, then you have to be prepared for the pain. Painless skin tag removal is possible if you numb the skin tags with the following products:

  • Clove oil
  • Teething gel
  • Voltarol
  • Lidocaine

Alternatively, use an OTC skin tag removal, which will be painless. One such product is:

  • Dermatend

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