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Skin Peeling on Fingers – Why, Between Fingers, on Kids, How to Stop Finger Skin Peeling

Why is the skin on my fingers peeling? Why is the skin peeling off my fingers? What causes the skin on my fingers to peel? The skin on my hands and fingers is peeling, what can I do about it? These are some of the questions you will see being asked online in skin care and health forums. If you can relate to any one of them, then you have a chance to discover what causes the skin on the fingers to peel off. We will also highlight several tips that can help you combat the skin peeling.

Why Is the Skin on My Fingers Peeling – What Causes Skin On Fingers To Peel?

Skin Peeling on Fingers

If you read around online, you will see questions such as “why is the skin on my fingers peeling?” and “what causes skin on fingers to peel” being asked in numerous forums.

Well, the skin on your fingers can basically peel off for two reasons, namely, disease and infections, and injury to the skin (including burns and sunburns).

For example, the skin on your fingers can peel after using a harsh washing soap that dries your skin and makes the skin cell to shrivel up and peel off.  We will look at some more potential causes of skin peeling on fingers in the next section.

Peeling Skin on Fingers – Skin Peeling off Fingers

The problem of peeling skin on the fingers is experienced by many people around the world at some point in their lives. The skin on the fingers and around the fingertips is sensitive and if proper care of it is not taken or it gets exposed to harsh conditions, then it can start to peel off. That is often embarrassing and can impact on your self esteem. There are several factors that can cause the problem of peeling skin on fingers. Here are some of them:

Sunburn – most experts will agree that sunburn it the leading cause of skin peeling in the general context, including peeling skin on fingers. This is tribute to the damaging effects of UV rays on the skin. Although the face tends to be the most commonly affected by sunburn, it can as well occur on any part of the body including the fingers where peeling would then result as the skin tries to heal itself naturally.

Dry skin – the skin around the fingers can get dry and eventually start peeling off. This can happen due to exposure to harsh environmental conditions.

Skin Peeling on Fingers

Strong winds can cause dryness of the skin but the low humidity associated with the cold winter weather is a very likely culprit for peeling skin on fingers. The use of heating furnaces and such elements in the winter months can make the condition worse off by stealing away the moisture present in your home.

Use of harsh soaps can also cause the skin around your fingers to dry and start peeling off. Frequent washing of the hands, more so using hot water (warm water is recommended) can also cause dry skin, eventually leading to peeling of the skin around the fingers (or anywhere else for that matter).

Skin conditions – peeling skin on your fingers can also be the result of any of the following skin conditions: eczema, psoriasis, Kawasaki disease, diabetes, staph infection, toxic shock syndrome, scarlet fever, Steven-Johnson syndrome and ringworm to name abut a few.

Other possible causes of peeling skin on fingers are:

  • Allergies
  • Side-effect to certain medications
  • Deficiency of vitamin B3 and niacin; excessive intake of vitamin A can as well cause skin peeling
  • Excessive perspiration e.g. in patients of hyperhidrosis

Skin Peeling Between Fingers

Skin Peeling Between Fingers

If the skin between your fingers is peeling, then you may be having a case of athlete foot at hands. Using an anti-fungal cream and keeping the area between your fingers clean and dry can help. Applying some powder between the fingers is as well beneficial.

It can also be the result of using harsh soaps or allergy to certain foods, ingredients in some cosmetics or to some fabrics. Allergy-induced peeling of the skin between the fingers is often accompanied by itching. Eliminating the allergen from your living environment and cleaning routine can help.

Exposure to harsh weather and environmental conditions can also cause skin peeling between your fingers. This can happen if you live in a cold, dry climate or have spent so long in the sun. Maintaining a proper skin hydration regime can help to stop peeling skin from fingers.

Skin Peeling on Fingers on Kids

Kids get peeling skin for largely the same reasons as adults but since kids are more likely to be out in the sun playing, they are more likely to get sun burn. Moisturizing your kid’s skin with a good moisturizing lotion, cream (or baby lotion) should be your first step failure to which you should consider seeking the advice of your pediatrician.

Skin Peeling on Top Of Fingers and Dry Skin on Fingers Peeling

The top of your fingers (the fingertips) can also start peeling if exposed to unfavorable conditions e.g. harsh soaps, cold weather, excessive sunlight, etc or due to allergies to certain foods and garments. Some medications can also cause skin peeling on top of your fingers and so can skin ailments such as scarlet fever.

Skin Peeling on Fingers Vitamin Deficiency

Skin peeling is often attributed to vitamin deficiency. This is especially true for severe deficiency of vitamin B3 and niacin which often leads to drying of the skin and ultimately peeling. This can affect the fingers of any other part of the skin.

Deficiency of vitamin B7 can also lead to psoriasis or eczema, two conditions that re commonly associated with skin peeling (in fingers or anywhere else on the skin). Excessive uptake of vitamin A can as well lead to skin peeling.

How to Stop Peeling Skin on Fingers

There are various options that you may want to adopt to stop peeling skin on fingers including

  • Adopt a proper moisturizing routine with a good lotion or cream e.g. Cetaphil
  • Avoid using harsh soaps and cleansers
  • Adopt proper nutrition
  • Use one or more home remedies for peeling skin to restore skin moisture e.g. applying some aloe Vera on the peeling areas of the fingers

Skin Peeling on Hands and Fingers

The hands and fingers are in constant contact with environmental and climatic conditions and if proper care is not taken, they can suffer the brunt of harsh weather. If the skin around your hands and fingers, then your first suspect should be the soap you are using.

Try changing to a more mild soap and using warm water (as opposed to hot water) for washing your hands can help. Applying a god skin moisturizer and wearing gloves during winter or when in windy conditions can as well help to stop skin peeling on your hands and fingers.

Poor nutrition (lack of vitamin B), skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and allergies can also cause the skin on your hands and fingers to peel off.

You should however be concerned if the peeling skin is accompanied by bleeding.

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