Peeling Skin on Hands – Why Are my Hands Peeling, Dry, Fingers, Palm, Treatment of Peeling Hands
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Peeling Skin on Hands – Why Are my Hands Peeling, Dry, Fingers, Palm, Treatment of Peeling Hands

Why are my hands peeling? What could be the cause of peeling skin on hands? Find out why dry peeling hands and fingers may happen to you. If you have peeling skin on the palm of your hands, you may have to treat at home or see a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Peeling Skin on Palms

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The hands are a special pair of gift from God because they help you clean, cook, and work in professions such as hairdressing, healthcare, metalwork and mechanical work. However, these same activities could turn your smooth and supple pair of hands into rough dry hands especially when they start peeling. Peeling skin on hands is common for people in these professions I have mentioned, but they are not limited to them only. Anybody can have dry peeling hands regardless of his or her profession.

Children get peeling skin on hands and so do adults. When you experience peeling hands and fingers, you should not panic. First, you should ask yourself why are my hands peeling. Then proceed to analyze your daily activities and the products your hands are exposed to day in day out. For more on why peeling skin on palms of hands occurs, read the whole article.

Why Are My Hands Peeling – Why Is the Skin on My Hands Peeling

There are many reasons as to why the skin on hands peels. Therefore, if you are wondering why is the skin on my hands peeling? It could be simple an allergic reaction to a harsh soap, washing detergent, a solvent or even a bleach. Furthermore, even an allergy from some of the products you apply on face and the entire body could also be possible.

After all, your hands do all the touching and application and in the process could react to some of the fragrances, dyes and chemicals in some of the products that you use on different body parts such as your hair, or treating acne. Most products that remove acne contain retinols and so do those that bleach freckles on skin. If you have encountered these, they could be the reason why your hands are peeling.

If none of the above is likely, you will still be asking why are my hands peeling, the reason could be the weather. Both summer and winter are characterized by dry air. If you are used to being in the house or surroundings with dry air, without any moisture, this could show on the palms of your hands and feet as well. You will not only suffer from peeling hands and fingers, but also peeling feet.

Peeling Skin on Hands

Why is the skin on my hands peeling? If you never moisturize your hands as often as possible, the skin on your hands will start peeling off. It is important to use a hand cream each time you wash or sanitize your hands. Furthermore, it should not be just any hand cream, but one that contains a high percentage of urea and also has natural ingredients. Look for such hand creams if you have dry hands in general. Apply the cream at least 6 times in a day to keep your hands protected for 12 hours. At night, you should also moisturize and sleep in cotton made gloves to lock in moisture in your palms and fingers.

Another reason why your hands could be peeling is if you do a lot of work when your hands are wearing gloves for long hours. The sweat accumulates in the gloves and even infections may thrive in the gloves if you do not wash them regularly and dry them effectively. Such infections include bacterial and fungal.

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Why are my hands peeling? While the major causes could be what you are not doing right, there could be a health condition waiting to be discovered by a certified dermatologist or even your physician. Peeling skin on hands could be a sign of:

  • Severe Eczema of dyshidrotic type
  • Psoriasis
  • Hand dermatitis
  • Staph infections
  • Toxic shock syndrome
  • Kawasaki disease especially in children

Peeling Skin on Palms of Hands Danger Signs

If you or your child is having palms of hands that are peeling, it is not chronic if you are not itching or swelling. Similarly, if you have no blisters that are painful, it could be just dryness related peeling skin on palms of hands. However, should you itch, swell and have red rashes, you should see a dermatologist or doctor as soon as possible.

Similarly, if the peeling skin on palms of hands is accompanied by weight loss especially in children, you should be concerned. If the weight loss is unintentional, there could be more to the peeling of skin on the hands and only a doctor can know the underlying cause.

Other danger signs that could accompany peeling skin on hands include:

  • High temperatures
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Muscle aches and pain
  • A swollen tongue
  • Lymph nodes that are swollen
  • Diarrhea

Any child or adult experiencing these signs together with peeling skin on hands should report to a physician’s office as soon as possible.

Dry Peeling Skin on Hands – Dry Peeling Hands -How to Stop the Peeling

Dry Peeling Skin on Hand

Dry peeling hands are just an indication that the palms of your hands need more moisture. Therefore, you can stop the peeling by making use of moisturizing lotions and creams. If they are because of a fungal or bacterial infection, you may require an ointment of that is antibacterial or antifungal to stop the peeling.

Lotions are non-greasy if you have to use your hands to cook, handle a baby or perform tasks in the office such as typing. However, you have to keep reapplying every now and then to ensure that your palms and fingers are covered with moisturizer throughout the day.

During the night, creams should be excellent because of their heavy grease. Furthermore, you can sleep in cotton gloves to make the creams more effective. Lotions and creams should stop dry peeling skin on hands after a week or so. Nevertheless, in order to achieve this, you have to ensure that you choose products with some of these ingredients:

  • Lactic acid
  • Salicylic acid
  • Coal tar
  • Hydrocortisone
  • Anthralin
  • Silicone
  • Urea
  • Vitamin D

You can also stop the peeling by making use of mild cleansers or soapless ones, such as purell or using soaps containing glycerin, which is one of the most of effective humectants.

Peeling Skin on Hands and Fingers Fungal Infection

When you have peeling feet and toes, it is a clear indication of athlete’s foot. Treating this fungal infection on feet requires the use of your hands to apply the ointment or wash your feet. These infections can transfer to the palm of your hands and fingers. As a result, you get peeling skin on hands and fingers.

The best thing would be to avoid peeling back the loose skin, as this would cause even another infection. Furthermore, you could damage a skin tissue. Similarly, you could make the infection worse. Instead of peeling back the skin, make use of surgical scissors to cut off the skin.

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Furthermore, soaking your hands in warm water with vinegar for five minutes and applying an antifungal ointment would clear the peeling skin on hands and fingers within a short time. If this does not stop the peeling in a month’s time, head to the dermatologists and get treatment.

Peeling Hands Treatment Common Treatments for Severe Peeling Hands

If you have peeling hands that will not go away even after trying several creams, changing your cleansers and avoiding harsh detergents, solvents, bleaches, dyes, chemicals and fragrances, you may want to seek peeling hands treatment from a certified dermatologist. The treatment entails:

  • Photo chemotherapy, where ultraviolet light is used in radiation
  • Immunosuppressive medications maybe prescribed

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