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Baby Skin Peeling, Newborn Skin Peeling, Infant, Causes & Newborn Dry Skin Peeling

Why does newborn skin peel? Is it normal for a newborn baby skin to peel off? What causes skin peeling in newborn babies or newborn skin peeling? What home remedies can I use to stop skin peeling in an infant? Does any of the above questions sound familiar? Then read on to discover what causes baby skin peeling and some of the options you can choose from to get rid of it.  

Why Does Newborn Skin Peel – Is It Normal for a Newborn Baby Skin to Peel Off

Newborn Skin Peeling

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According to WebMD, peeling of the skin of a new born baby (newborn skin peeling) is a common occurrence that should not be a cause of concern unless it persists for more than a few weeks in which case you would need to talk to your pediatrician.

Newborn Skin Peeling – Newborn Peeling Skin – What Causes It?

A newborn’s skin is not only soft but also delicate which makes it very prone to irritation in the first few months. Proper care is thus essential to ensure optimum health for your newborn skin.

Peeling Baby Skin

Even then it is important to note that newborn skin peeling is perhaps nothing to worry about. When inside the womb, babies are normally covered by vernix, a white substance that constitutes of oil gland secretions and shed skin cells. Vernix has a waxy appearance and texture and helps to protect the skin of the baby for the entire time it is in the womb.

The vernix typically gets washed off after birth which then exposes the top layer of the baby’s skin to environmental conditions. This top layer normally dries up and often starts peeling off as points out.

Although often astonishing to new parents and may not be the most glamorous look that any mother would desire for her baby, newborn peeling skin is usually harmless to your loved one and is not a cause for concern. Once the peeling skin has been shed off, you will find that the underlying layer of skin is perfectly normal and bumping with health.

As WebMD says, dry peeling skin “…often happens when your baby is born a little too late”. The condition is expected to clear on its own, but you should talk to your pediatrician if it stays for a little too long.

You can reduce the chances of newborn skin peeling by using gentle baby products and washing your new born for 3 to 5 minutes only using warm water. After the bath apply a suitable baby lotion (e.g. Johnsons) on your baby’s skin.

Baby Skin Peeling – Newborn Baby Skin Peeling – What to Do

The following tips will help you prevent baby skin peeling and ensure a soft, moist and healthy looking skin for your little one:

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Invest in a humidifier: if your baby skin is peeling, then it could be that your living environment is low in humidity. This can steal the moisture from your baby’s skin. Running a humidifier can restore moisture to your baby’s skin.

Use gentle baby products: Using harsh soaps and skin care products on your baby’s skin can cause drying up and possibly peeling. You should thus use mild skin care products that are specifically made for babies. Remember to also wash your baby’s clothes and beddings with gentle detergents.

The WebMD website also points out that ideal baby skin care products should be free of fragrances, parabens, phthalates and dyes as these can all cause irritation. The WebMD also says that talcum powder and cornstarch are best not used on your infants as they can breathe their fine particles, leading to lung problems.

Give your baby a warm bath: hot water baths strips the baby’s skin of its natural oils and can make it dry or even peel off. Wash your baby for no more than 5 minutes and once through, pat your baby’s skin dry rather wiping it with a towel. Apply an appropriate baby lotion immediately.

Moisturizing: adopting a good moisturizing regime is also important to prevent (or treat) baby skin peeling. You will especially want to apply a baby lotion on your baby’s skin immediately after bath when the skin is still damp.

Protect your baby from sunlight: Exposure to harmful UV from the sun is a common cause of sunburn which can then cause baby skin peeling. Your best bet would be to use a baby sunscreen. Umbrellas and hats also helps to keep your baby protected from direct sunlight.

However, you should entirely protect your baby from direct sunlight for the first 6 months of life.

Newborn Dry Skin Peeling – When to See a Pediatrician

As we have already mentioned, newborn dry skin and peeling skin are usually not a cause for concern; it is the result of exposure of the newborn’s skin to the environment once the vernix has been washed off. If however the peeling skin seems to stay along for eternity then you should consider seeing a pediatrician for advice.

You should also seek the attention of a pediatrician if the newborn baby’s skin is not only dry and peeling but also has small dots that are red-purplish in color or has yellow fluid-filled pustules (bumps). This is also the case if it is accompanied by fever.

Body Skin Peeling

Infant Skin Peeling – How to stop it at home

Just the other day someone asked “how ca you stop infant skin peeling?”

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Well the skin of infants (babies aged below 1 year) often peel off due to a number of factors notable among them being skin dryness. For newborn babies, peeling skin is a common occurrence between the age of 1 week and 3 weeks.

This will go on its own but for infants aged above that, a few adjustments to your baby washing routine and living environment may be needed. Here are a few tips:

  • Use gentle soaps and laundry detergents, the ones specifically formulated for use in children
  • Run a humidifier to restore moisture in your house or baby’s room
  • Apply a baby’s moisturizing lotion or ointment on your baby’s skin
  • Use warm water to bathe your little infant
  • Protect your infant from sunlight

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