Bottom of Feet Peeling – Toes, in Children, Itching & Skin Peeling on Bottom of Feet
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Bottom of Feet Peeling – Toes, in Children, Itching & Skin Peeling on Bottom of Feet

Why does the bottom of feet and in between toes peel? The reason behind bottom of feet peeling and between toes is explained in this article. Additionally, the reason why bottom of feet peeling may also be evident in children. If you have itching and skin peeling on bottom of feet, learn why this happens.

Peeling Feet and Toes Treatments

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The skin is the largest organ in the body and is therefore plagued with hundreds of skin problems. If you are not complaining about large pores on face, it could be the adorable, depending on how you look at them, brown spots known as freckles on skin. This is just for the upper skin of the body. When you go downwards to the feet, the skin there has its share of problems.

If you are not dealing with cracked heels, then definitely there must be something else like bottom of feet peeling. The soles of your feet get painless blisters, which only turn out to be extra skin hanging loose. Sometimes they itch and other times they do not.  You get tempted to tear them away, but you are not sure if they will cause you any pain.

Therefore, you leave them there, but keep asking yourself why the bottom of your feet is peeling. There is an explanation. I will tell you why the bottom of your feet or your child’s feet could be peeling. You can also see it in between your toes. Why the bottom of feet keeps peeling is the essence of this article.

Why Are the Bottom of My Feet Peeling – What Causes Bottom of Feet to Peel

Many causes lead to bottom of feet peeling. Therefore, if you are asking yourself why are the bottom of my feet peeling, do not ask anymore as you will get your answer hopefully. This is because a general practitioner, a dermatologist, pediatrician or podiatrist is the only professional who can identify what causes bottom of feet to peel.
However, the common causes include:

  • Walking or standing for long hours
  • Wearing open back shoes for many days or very flat shoes
  • Walking barefoot in the house or on surfaces that are hard and wet
  • Fungal infections
  • Bacterial infections
  • Viral infections
  • Dry feet
  • Sunburn
  • Ichtyosis
  • Circulation problems
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Contact Dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Dyshdrosis

Skin Peeling on Bottom of Feet for All, Children and Adults

Bottom of Feet Peeling

Skin peeling on feet bottom manifests in all people young and old alike. Therefore, if you are a new mother, it is important to keep checking the skin changes on your bundle of joy’s feet. While the skin peeling could be nothing much to worry about, it could also inform your of an underlying condition that needs the specialists attention.

The same case in adults, you should check and report any irregularities on the texture of your feet bottom to the doctors immediately, especially if the peeling goes on for a long time and it is severe. Skin peeling on bottom of feet needs to be dealt with as soon as it appears to avoid bringing about major complications especially in people who are diabetic. In instances where the skin peeling is caused by fungus, if untreated it could cause ulcers on the feet that could be untreatable in the long term.

Bottom of Feet Peeling and Itching- Fungal Infection, Athlete’s Foot

One of the common causes of feet peeling is fungal infection in the name of athlete’s foot. This is a common infection because people walk barefoot all the time or wear shoes and socks made of synthetic materials. The sweating that occurs on feet if not washed properly, it may lead to athlete’s foot.

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Fungal infection causes the bottom of feet peeling and itching. Small blisters may occur due to the itch in between the toes or just peeling on the bottom of the feet and in the between the toes. This can is treatable at home with the various home remedies for peeling feet. However, if these do fail to diminish the peeling alternative treatment methods may be sought out.

Three types of athlete’s foot that may cause peeling and itching include:

  • Mocassin, which occurs on the soles and sides of the feet
  • Interdigital, which occurs between toes
  • Inflammatory type, which causes blisters

Peeling Feet and Toes Treatments

Apart from maintaining good hygiene for your feet by wearing shoes that are fitting and airing your feet now and then, wearing clean socks each day and changing them whenever you sweat excessively, you should also drink lots of water to hydrate your body and push out any toxins in your body. Drinking plenty of water can also reduce the likelihood of allergy reactions.

Since hydrating the body and eating well alone cannot get rid of peeling feet and toes, you may have to use baby powder or talcum powder to reduce the moisture in your feet. If your job requires wearing dress shoes all the time, ensure you have strewn powder in your in between your toes and in your shoes as well.

Furthermore, you may want to make use of the ultra violet lights that go into shoes to fight fungus. This can be availed to you if you talk with a podiatrist or dermatologist.

Due to sweating, you may also want to have your feet electrolyzed with electric currents to stop them from sweating. The feet have over 3000 sweating glands and this can get overactive especially in men who are ever in shoes and socks.

Other treatment options include:

  • The use of antifungal washes and creams
  • Oral antifungal such as fluconazole and itraconazole in severe cases of peeling feet and toes caused by athelete’s foot

Peeling Feet in Children- Why Peeling Feet Occurs in Children

As I mentioned earlier peeling feet occurs in men and women, young and old alike. In children the same causes of excessive sweating may cause the peeling feet in children especially if the they are overdressed or walk or hike for long hours since children are always up and about. If you try some of the home remedies of peeling feet and they fail to work, you should see a pediatrician for proper diagnosis of the problem especially if it is severe.

The health conditions that could cause peeling feet in children include:

  • Staph infection
  • Lichen Plunus
  • Pink disease
  • Kawasaki syndrome

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