Best Skin Lightening Products – Lotions, Gels, Safe, Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion &Vaseline
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Best Skin Lightening Products – Lotions, Gels, Safe, Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion &Vaseline

To get great results in skin toning, it is necessary to make an investment in the best skin lightening products. These could be serums, gels or skin lightening lotion such as Elure advanced skin lightening lotion. Getting information on the same is a step towards the right direction.

Best Skin Lightening Products

Both online and walk in stores have many products for lightening the skin. Each of them is backed up with enticing marketing rhetoric most of which is convincing enough. These though should not be taken for what they are said to be. It is important to look out for reviews on the same to determine their functions, reliability and formulation. Also to be considered is a product’s cost, its availability and side effects. This will help settle for the best skin lightening solution.

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Some of the highly rated products available in the market include:

Lux Intensive: This skin lightener works without affecting the structure of the skin. It can lighten sun spots, age spots, dark spots and acne blemishes. It is meant to be used for 90 days for results to be seen.

Illuminatural 6i: This is a cream that has a strong formulation to get rid of uneven skin tone. It is suitable for all skin types and is among the most sought after creams.

Perfect Image 50 percent lactic acid peel:  With this chemical peel for use at home, the skin is lightened by getting rid of dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin. It also gets rid of any toxins that may be on the skin. The product is most suitable for oily and resistant skin. These skin types tolerate the peel and will get the most visible results.

Neutrogena Visibly Bright Daily Facial Cleanser: This product has a lightening effect on users. It however is slightly irritating and is not recommended for daily use or sensitive skin. With time the skin peels off and starts to feel tighter. Upon healing it will be lighter.

Obagi Nu-Derm  Clear: For a clearer, smoother and lighter skin, this is the product to use. It only requires few weeks of use to yield results.

Rephase D-White: Within 12 weeks of continuous use, this product will have yielded desired results. It makes the skin lighter and healthier.

Safe Skin Lightening Products

Before settling for any lightening products, it is important to consider safety standards. It is no good having a fairer skin that is bound to be infected by some other disease. Weighing the pros and cons of a product is essential.

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Among products to avoid are those containing mercury. This has been linked with cancer. Hydroquinone has also been banned in some states. It is however possible to have products with up to two percent of hydroquinone content. This amount is approved but anything beyond it is deemed dangerous.

Skin Lightening Serum

Lightening serums are great products for use in attaining desired skin tone. They have the ability to hydrate the skin, diminish symptoms of aging and brighten dark spots.  Due to their light weight, serums are easily absorbed in the body. They are also more concentrated than most products. This makes them effective

The market is full of skin lightening serums. To know which the best is, consider checking out what ingredients it contains. Where possible, go with those that have botanical extracts. Some of the serums available are SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist, Estée Lauder Cyber White HD Advanced Spot Correcting Essence and Pond’s Flawless White Ultra Luminous Serum.

Skin Lightening Gel

Lightening gels are another group of products that are effective in lightening of the skin. They do this by lightening dark spots and evening out the skin pigmentation. This has the end result of clearing out the skin, making it look even and revealing a healthier looking skin. There are various ingredients that could make up a gel for this purpose. Check these out to ensure that you get only products that contain safe products.

Skin Lightening Lotion – Skin Lightening Body Lotion

Although skin lightening creams are the most common, there also are some skin lightening lotions. These tend to be lighter when compared to creams which are normally thick. Their usage is however the same and they are meant for the same purpose. There are many brands available in the market. Sample some of these as discussed below.

Extreme Glow Strong Lightening Body Wash Aloe Vera Extract: Containing Shea butter and herbal extracts, this lotion is effective in treating hyper pigmentation skin problems. These include acne marks, pregnancy marks and sunspots. It works by getting rid of the top skin for a smooth and clear skin. Since it foams while being used, the skin cleansing occurs without blocking the pores. The result is a lighter and even toned skin.

Aveeno Skin lotion: This is a lightening lotion usable for the whole body. It delivers great results especially when used along with other products from the same line. The end result is normally a lighter skin within a few weeks of use.

Elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion

Elure is formulated for dark spots. It helps to treat them by destroying melanin on the skin. Its main ingredients are derived from mushrooms.  The enzymes in it break down the melanin. The use of the lotion is normally twice in a day all through.

The lotion has no fragrance and is translucent. The lotion works fast and with no irritation. Four weeks of consistent use are enough for favorable results to be seen. The product won the best of beauty awards in 2012 and 2013. [Source:]

Vaseline Skin Lightening Lotion or Vaseline Healthy White Skin Lightening Lotion

Vaseline skin lightening lotion is clinically proven to lighten the skin. Results should have started showing within two weeks of continuous use. It contains vitamin B3 which is necessary for naturally fair skin. It also has active whitening ingredients, sunscreen and yogurt serum to moisturize the skin. By the end of its use, one will notice a lighter and smoother skin.

Jergens Skin Lightening Lotion – This lotion is consistent and is neither too light nor too creamy. It is made up to lighten the skin using melawhite. It also contains UV filters to protect the skin and prevent it from being sun damaged.

Niuma Skin Lightening Lotion – This protects as well as gives lasting results. The skin lotion contains Vitamin E, Allantoin and sunscreen. These help to soften and smooth the skin, brighten complexion and clear spots.  It comes in a 500ml package.

Best Skin Lightening Lotion

The best skin lightening lotion is one that is effective. It should also be possible to purchase it without straining the pockets and does not contain any harmful ingredient. According to total, the best lotion is Obagi Nu-derm Clear.

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