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Skin Lightening – Before and After, Forums, Permanent, For Black Skin, People, Creams & Tips

Find out the things you need to know about skin lightening. This includes how to achieve permanent skin lightening, what to expect i.e. before and after and what you can gain from a forum on this area.

What Is Skin Lightening

Skin lightening is the process of undergoing cosmetic treatment using lightening products and procedures in order to reduce melanin in the skin and thus get rid of acne scars, age spots or any other form of skin discoloration. The result is normally a skin that is whiter and brighter.

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Permanent Skin Lightening

For you to undergo complete transformation through permanent skin lightening , one needs to undertake treatment that will see the peeling of the outer layer. This will expose the inner skin layer which is lighter. The method also has to have the ability to stop melanin production for the effect to be permanent.

Chemical peels: these are quite effective in making the skin lighter permanently. They burn the skin’s top most layers. This is normally the skin layer with the highest pigmentation. When removed, a fresher and lighter skin is revealed.

During the process, an acidic substance is applied on the skin. This is then left on for about five minutes within which the person under treatment may feel some stinging sensation. After this duration, the acid is neutralized. This may leave the skin swollen or looking red for a few days after treatment. More than one peel done within regular intervals may be necessary. As one recovers, it is important to wear sunscreen as the skin becomes very sensitive.

Microdermabrasion: This alternative may be suitable for people with sensitive skin. The method uses mechanical means to sand off the top most skin layer. This exfoliation process polishes the skin by getting rid of the darker skin layers to leave a fresher skin behind.

During the process, the medical professional conducting the treatment uses a rotating diamond tip to remove dead skin cells. These are then sucked up into a vacuum. A single treatment session takes around fifteen minutes. One may be required to take up to 12 sessions for desired results to be achieved. Some of the side effects that may be experienced after treatment include dryness and redness. These though are normally mild and the results long lasting.

Laser treatments: Advancement in laser technology has made it possible to lighten skin through beams of light. The method is non-invasive and involves the targeting of melanin with light. The light then gets absorbed and is converted into heat energy. This causes one of two things to happen.

The melanin may get broken down into microscopic particles and is eliminated from the body through its natural excretory systems. The high light intensity could also cause melanin to initially darken more and form a thick crust layer. After this, the layer will flake away with three days to two weeks depending on the area and depth of treatment. Once treatment is over, the patient has to follow instructions given by the doctor for maintenance.

Skin Lightening Before And After

Skin lightening before and after effects are best documented through photographs. Taking photos within various stages of the lightening process help to show the gradual progress that one is making in attaining the desired skin tone. They are also important in determining how many shades lighter one gets to.

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Apart from the documentation bit, there are other important aspects of lightening skin before and after. To begin with, when undergoing treatment one should arrange beforehand for recovery time. This may require one to stay off work as healing takes place. Once the treatment has been done, patients should follow after treatment care instructions. Follow the recommendation of the doctor. One thing to be aggressive about is to wear sunscreen to protect the skin as it becomes too sensitive.

Skin Lightening Forum

One of the greatest sources of information on changing your skin is information found in any online skin lightening forum. These forums consist of both professionals and people seeking treatment. Since these are open to the community members, one gets to look at information provided from all angles. Where someone suggests a product, other members will give an opinion on whether they think it could work, their experience with it, risks involved as well as the side effects if any.

While there is a wealth of information on the skin whitening forums, it is important to seek clarification where in doubt. This is more so because most of these channels are unregulated and the information provided may not be certain. This though should not stop you from interacting with people in forums as you are likely to get views on products from a totally different angle.

Skin Lightening For Black Skin, Dark Skin or Skin Lightening For Black People

Skin lightening for black skin is no different from that done on other people. The same methods and products could be used. However, it may take more sessions or a longer duration of time for black people to show results. When skin finally yields, people with a dark skin may only experience a lightening while Caucasians may have their skin whitening.

Skin Lightening Cream without Hydroquinone

When one decides to pick creams as their mode of lightening her or his skin, it is best to settle for a skin lightening cream without hydroquinone. This is because the substance has been banned for use in a number of countries as a result of associated health risks. While those without it may take some time to yield results, they remain safe.

Skin Lightening Tips

Lightening of skin does not occur overnight. As such, this is a process that one ought to weigh its pros and cons and decide if they really want it. For the best results, be consistent in treatment for the method you choose. This will ensure results are seen. It is also important to undergo through maintenance treatments for the lightening to remain. When this is not done, melanin production may resume and cause one’s skin tone to darken.

Asian Skin Lightening

Lightening of skin in Asia is quite common. There also are many treatment products available. This could be attributed to the fact that their cultural beliefs dictate that white is beautiful. This drives many people mostly women into skin whitening products and procedures.

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