Beyonce Skin Lightening Controversy, Before and After, Rihanna Skin Lightening, Creams for African Americans
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Beyonce Skin Lightening Controversy, Before and After, Rihanna Skin Lightening, Creams for African Americans

How she looks right now is much different from what she was when she started off her music career with the group Destiny Child. When did this happen and how do people take Beyonce skin lightening? What about Lil Kim and Rihanna skin lightening?

Beyonce Skin Lightening

Beyonce Knowles featured in a 2008 ad for L’Oreal’s Feria hair color range. The magazine advertisement drew a lot of criticism as they were alleged to have deliberately lightened her skin in the photograph. The company however vehemently denied the charges. It was then that rumors started spreading that Beyonce was lightening her skin.

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Beyonce skin lightening seems to date years back. It is claimed that during her time as part of Destiny’s Child her father persuaded her to lighten her skin so that she could stand out as the lightest one in the band. While most of these claims have been vehemently refuted, it is evident that the current Beyonce does not look the same as she did years ago. Her skin keeps looking smoother and lighter, the opposite of what should happen as a person gets older.

There was more controversy in the year 2012 when her recording company released a promotional image for her album 4. The photo features her as a light skinned blonde and she is unrecognizable from images taken of her earlier. There was great outcry in the media.

In early 2013, more photos of an even lighter Beyonce were released. They were meant for promotion of her world tour. These depicted her as a white woman as opposed to her bronze natural look. Her prosthetic blonde hair adds to the look to make her completely unrecognizable. She also featured in a Pepsi ad with her skin lightened.

Whether she should have or should not have lightened her skin is beyond anyone’s control. The choice is personal. Beyonce’s racial ambiguity as a result of her lightened skin only allows her to cross over to an audience that is wider. It leaves her audience unsure whether she is black or white.

While most may claim that she is being a bad example to young girls all around the world, no one can hold her accountable for the same. On the other hand, she serves to drive the market for skin lightening creams. The industry may like her for this. Beyonce skin lightening seems to follow a pattern that thrusts her more towards stardom. While many may wonder why a woman who is high up in her career would want her skin lightened, the whole issue serves to show what is wrong with the society.

In this time and age, a successful woman still struggles with issues brought about by colorism. There is a feeling that one requires lighter skin to project to whichever heights they want. There still is stigma associated with color complexion. As a result, there is a shared feeling that one has to be exceptionally beautiful if they are dark colored and want to make it in life. While this is a problem, it should not be happening. Especially not in a country where the first lady is African-American and who is on the darker spectrum of the skin tone.

Despite all these accusations, there is no proof yet that Beyonce has been lightening her skin. The results of her pale skin could be as a result of studio lighting or photo manipulation through photoshop. Whichever is the case, there is a general feeling that she should promote her dark self as opposed to the lightened version of her.

While these are recent happenings, the use of whitening products dates back in the late 19th century. The African American had no black models then who would motivate them. The issue is thus more deep rooted and complex than the society would admit. It is the high time people stopped being judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. This is the only way to assure people with darker skin that they are secure as they are.

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Beyonce Skin Lightening Controversy

Over time, Beyonce has had her share of controversies based on her skin lightening. The controversy on Beyonce skin lightening started in the year 2008 when she featured in an ad for L’Oreal. It is then that accusations of her having bleached her skin started. This drew a lot of media backlash as well as discussions on identity.

In the year 2012, there were more controversial photos on her website. The images showed her in lighter complexions than she previously had. According to some analysts, Beyonce’s skin lightening though controversial is seen as a means of exploring the fluidity of her identity. This she accompanies with a change in clothing and makeup to reveal a totally different look from what people are used to seeing.

Beyonce Skin Lightening Before and After

With Beyonce, her changing looks try to defy genetics. Her skin keeps getting brighter and lighter which is far from norm. Her changing looks are clear right from when she was part of Destiny’s Child. This can be best expressed with her before and after lightening images.

Rihanna Skin lightening

Rihanna before skin lightening was dark colored but her skin tone was on the lighter spectrum. This when combined with her attractive dressing always attracts a lot of attention. However, in the past years since the year 2012, she attracts attention one more reason; her lighter skin.

The lightening up is normally seen as a betrayal of one’s origin. Most of her fans are not pleased by this move and see such celebrities as not being great role models for colored young people who look up to them for inspiration.

Lil Kim Skin Lightening

As one of the celebrities familiar with the knife, Lil Kim has seen her skin transform over the years. She underwent treatment to get a skin tone transformation. While some see this as too much, there are others who see it as just alright. Her latest transformation is a personal preference and there is no telling if she will get more shades lighter with time. Just like with Beyonce skin lightening, there is no telling what to expect.

Skin Lightening Cream for African American

There are many creams appropriate for African Americans skin lightening. These work in different ways. There are some that slough away the skin’s top layer. This gets rid of dead skin cells through exfoliation. As a result, a new and fresher skin is revealed.

Most creams take time to work. The ingredients will determine whether one should or should not use them. Those made from botanical extracts are great and most suitable for use by people with sensitive skin.

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