Celebrity Skin Bleaching – Lil Kim, Rihanna Skin Bleaching & Skin Bleaching in Jamaica
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Celebrity Skin Bleaching – Lil Kim, Rihanna Skin Bleaching & Skin Bleaching in Jamaica

One would assume that with all they have achieved, they are comfortable in their own skin. However, once in a while gossip emerges of celebrity skin bleaching. Sammy Sossa, Beyonce, Lil Kim and Rihanna skin bleaching are some of them. Jamaica skin bleaching is also deeply rooted.

Celebrity Skin Bleaching

Most celebrities seem to have perfect skin whenever they appear in both print and broadcast media. While this may at times be attributed to rigorous make up, studio lightings, airbrushing and photo shop edits, celebrity skin bleaching cannot be ruled out.

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When it comes to celebrity skin bleaching, theirs is a different story from that of people from humble backgrounds. This is because they have all the money they need to change what they don’t like using professional means. The fact that they can afford to keeps the fad going on as more continue to hop in the bandwagon. Though it is always visible that their skins seem to glow with age, most celebrities do not admit to bleaching their skin.

While this is a personal choice, the move could as well be motivated by the fact that business endorsements tend to favor light-skinned celebrities. While some may see whitening as being out of order, there are those who will see it as being all-good.

While some people may feel that this is not a good example for young people with black skin, the blame on how people view their identity cannot be put squarely on them. Young people especially girls have to be taught to be comfortable in their skin. They do not have to feel the pressure and need to lighten up their skin. Some of those suspected to have had celebrity skin bleaching include the following.

  • Sammy Sosa
  • Latoya Jackson
  • Rihanna
  • Vybzz kartel
  • Lil kim
  • Beyonce
  • Tamar Braxton
  • Keri Hilson
  • Rebecca Ferguson

Rihanna Skin Bleaching

Over time, the world has been introduced to a lighter looking Rihanna every now and then. The difference in her skin complexion was mainly brought in the lime light when she appeared in the 2011 UK Vogue issue. The magazine was said to have given her a complexion that was considered lighter than her natural one. While this was attributed to lighting and photo editing, there is no doubt that Rihanna appears lighter than she was in her earlier days.

Her paler skin has with time attracted attention and drawn criticism from across her fans and analysts. Her before and after photos show a dramatic change in complexion and she now looks Caucasian. This though has not affected her fame in any way. It has been argued that Rihanna skin bleaching was to make her even more acceptable in the music industry.

The reasons for people bleaching their skin are varied just as the means to achieve this are. The world may argue that celebrities such as Rihanna do no good to young people of color who look up to them. However, the blame cannot be put squarely on them. Matters of colorism are rooted in the society.

Skin Bleaching in Jamaica

In Jamaica, skin bleaching is a complex practice. The practice is driven by the notion that the lighter you are, the higher your social standing is. This is drawn from early times in the history of this Caribbean country. Those that worked in the farms got scotched and had dark skin while the others remained indoors and maintained a light skin.

Other than that, according to Petra Alaine, skin bleaching in Jamaica is of great relevance because “the majority of the population is of African descent, yet there is an elevation of Eurocentric values and a denigration of Afrocentric values in many facets of life, specifically in the promotion of light skin as an indicator of beauty and social status”.[SOURCE:Jamaica-gleaner.com]

The practice is common among the poor as it is among the rich. The only difference is that the later will mostly have it done by a professional which is too expensive and the poor cannot afford. They therefore resort to over the counter products. These are normally not controlled and could contain harmful ingredients.

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The problem of uncontrolled skin bleaching in Jamaica is so much that the health sector has been running campaigns to try and put a stop to it. There also is a lot of literature in the public domain outlining the dangers of the same. Campaigns such as “don’t kill the skin” have however not managed to fade the craze. There have also been shows focusing on bleaching skin such as “All Angles” which are meant to educate the masses.

The trend continues to draw public debate with Jamaican celebrities giving their views. Dancehall reggae artists have been known to be divided on the issue. While some celebrate it, there are those who condemn it. One great proponent for the practice has been Vybz Kartel. He not only bleached his skin but went ahead to launch a line of skin bleaching products. He also praises his lightened up skin in one of his songs.

While some of the bleach users may see it plainly, the practice raises issues concerning identity. There is a widely known color prejudice in the society which has to be put to an end if skin bleaching is to be halted. The wide spread bleaching skin in Jamaica is because many young people want acceptance, class mobility, to look attractive as well as have the opportunity to build a career. They see brighter skin as the ticket for this despite the risks that come along with it.

Lil Kim Skin Bleaching

Lil Kim is yet another celebrity who has had her skin bleached. The rapper is among celebrities that have taken the whole new looking skin too far. She has been known to transform her skin with time with some of her fans feeling it is too much now.  For her, there s no telling what she might be up to next as her looks are ever changing.

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