Beyonce Skin Bleaching – Did Beyonce Bleach Her Skin, Her Before and After Photos, Her Cream
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Beyonce Skin Bleaching – Did Beyonce Bleach Her Skin, Her Before and After Photos, Her Cream

Beyonce has been on the limelight for quite a while dating back when she was part of the Destiny’s Child group. A renowned singer and actress, she has won many accolades. This though has not come without controversy. Did Beyonce bleach her skin and does she still do it? What are the impacts of Beyonce skin bleaching and does Beyonce bleached skin make a difference?

Did Beyonce Bleach Her Skin or Does Beyonce Bleach Her Skin

In the past few years, a lot of attention has been given to Beyonce’s light skin tone. This has left a trail of questions such as did Beyonce bleach her skin? Since she seems to be getting lighter with time, the question most are asking at the moment is does Beyonce bleach her skin?

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Beyonce’s skin bleaching allegations date back a few years ago. In the year 2008, Beyonce was featured in an L’Oreal Paris ad for their Feria hair color. Then, the company was accused of having electronically manipulated the photos for Beyonce to look lighter. When the cosmetic company vehemently denied the accusations, there were rumors which were never confirmed or denied claiming she was lightening her skin.

Ever since these accusations surfaced, they have failed to die out and it is alleged that she does bleach her skin. After that, photos of her showing pale skin got into circulation in the year 2011. Later on in January 2012, her recording company released a picture for her album 4 promotional tour. This served to fuel the bleaching debate further. The move was criticized by a number of media outlets and they claimed she was unrecognizable.

While her cross over beauty may work for her in building her ambiguity in identity and helping show the versatility of herself as a brand, there still is criticism on this. Critics argue that by bleaching her skin, Rihanna is being a bad example. This is because it is perceived that people who look up on her may be influenced into thinking that lighter is better and more attractive. As a result, colored women may feel aesthetically insecure. This could lead to consumption of dangerous skin bleaching products.

While all these allegations have been leveled against her, there is no solid proof that she has bleached her skin. Her light skin may as well be as a result of a number of things. Studio lighting, camera flash bulbs, makeup and electronic manipulation through photoshop could also give these results. Whichever is the case, there is no telling if Beyonce did bleach her skin.

Beyonce Skin Bleaching – Beyonce Bleached Skin

When a superstar is involved in a skin bleaching controversy, it becomes the center of attraction. Critics will tend to bash them while society will judge them harshly for what they feel is a lack of pride in their identity. Such has been the situation since the alleged Beyonce skin bleaching.

To digress from the normal criticism, there is a positive angle from which to look at skin bleaching. When skin bleaching products are used for cosmetic treatments, they help to improve how the user’s skin looks as well as fight the signs of previous skin conditions.

With correct use, skin lightening products help to bring out the best out of a person. With time, the skin gets sun damaged, hormones wreck havoc on breakouts and pregnancy brings about melasma. These and other forms of skin discoloration can be eliminated using bleaching products. They will help to unveil a smooth and clear skin which is every woman’s dream.

This leaves the user feeling great about themselves. They can therefore be used to boost esteem. In such cases, these people are not using them to change their identity but to improve their looks by having a blemish free complexion. This is what Beyonce bleached skin has helped her achieve.

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When not overdone, their use will help reveal a person whose look is improved. However, when the process reveals a new person totally unrecognizable from their old self, you know it has been overdone and this should not be the case.

For those aiming to emulate Beyonce skin bleaching, moderation is the key. One should also be keen on the products they use to ensure that they are up to the required standards. This means they should not contain harmful ingredients such as mercury and other banned elements. Products should be properly formulated to yield the best results.

Where one decides to go for professional treatment which is most probably how Beyonce bleached skin came about, always look for one with a good reputation. This will ensure the procedure is safe. This though will be pricey but is safe and effective enough.

Beyonce Skin Bleaching Before and After

Right from when she was young, Beyonce has been light skinned. This has helped to build curiosity as to whether she is black or white. Google statistics indicate that her racial identity is searched quite a number of times everyday all over the world.

Even as part of Destiny’s child, she remained black but with a light skin tone. However, in the recent times, her skin has gotten paler with time.  This could be attributed to skin bleaching. Looking at her before and after photos will reveal a tremendous change in skin tone. She keeps getting paler over the years.

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Beyonce Skin Bleaching Cream

While there are many creams online claiming to be what Beyonce used to lighten her skin, these claims are not validated. This is backed up by the fact that she has never confirmed bleaching her skin nor endorsed any skin bleaching cream. This is a case of marketers using her name to drive up sales. As such, it is important to check out any product and purchase it based on information gathered as opposed to having it because it claims to be Beyonce skin bleaching cream.

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