Best Skin Bleaching Cream – Top Brands for Black Skin, Vantex, Othine, Piona & Bleaching Cream for Face
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Best Skin Bleaching Cream – Top Brands for Black Skin, Vantex, Othine, Piona & Bleaching Cream for Face

Whether you are looking for an over the counter or prescription strength product, it is necessary to go for the best skin bleaching cream. Find out the the best bleaching cream for black skin and explore others such as Black and White Bleaching Cream, Vantex, Othine and Piona creams.

Best Skin Bleaching Cream and Top Skin Bleaching Creams

Is there a way through which one can tell which the best skin bleaching cream is? To settle for the best, one ought to consider a number of things before making a purchase. These include:

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Cost: The cost of the product must be within the user’s capability. One should be in a position to afford the full dosage for the recommended amount of time and be in a position to afford maintenance treatments afterwards.

Effectiveness: People have different skin tones and varying skin blemishes they want to get rid of. Look for a product that works on what you have to avoid frustration.

Ingredients: These are what will determine the safety and effectiveness of the product. The best creams only contain approved ingredients. Keep off those that have mercury and those containing excessive hydroquinone.

Some of the top rated bleaching creams include:

  • Illuminatural 6i
  • Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector
  • Meladerm Skin lightener
  • Revitol Skin Brightener
  • Estorica Fad Cream

Best Bleaching Cream for Black Skin- Best Skin Bleaching Cream for African Americans – For Black Skin, Dark Skin

Black skin by virtue of having too much melanin is the hardest to bleach. It takes a longer duration of time and thus more products to yield desired results. The best bleaching cream for dark and black skin including black Americans puts these into consideration when putting down the formulation. As such, choosing the best bleaching cream for black skin could go a long way in making things easier. Some of the great products include:

  • Dermology Skin Brightener
  • Crystal Clear skin Brightening Complex
  • GLUTA-C Skin Lightening Cream
  • Palmers Fade Cream

Best Bleaching Cream for Face

Unlike other body parts, it is hard to hide facial skin blemishes. Makeup may not conceal the blemishes well enough and it may also be tedious to always don makeup. Some people may also not have the artistic skills to use it effectively. To save you from facial blemishes, you could make use of the best bleaching cream that works for the face. This will yield results that last for a while. Such a cream may be Illuminatural 6i or meladerm.

Vantex Skin Bleaching Cream

This cream contains two percent hydroquinone as one of the active ingredients. It helps to brighten the skin by fading away various forms of skin discoloration and is recommended for all skin types. Vantex skin bleaching cream is available online but shipping to some countries such as Canada is restricted.

From online reviews, there aren’t many complaints concerning its effectiveness. The cream will help you get rid of freckles, acne scars, sun spots and dark blemishes. It not only is effective in promoting skin tone clarity but also does it fast.

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Othine Skin Bleach

Othine skin bleach fades away areas of the skin that have discoloration as a result of different blemishes. These include dark spots, freckles, liver spots and the like. It contains three percent hydroquinone skin lightener content. This plus other inactive ingredients help to make the product effective.

Before using the product, it is important to test a small skin patch to see if you may be sensitive to its ingredients. If after 24 hours there is no negative reaction, one can go ahead and use it as directed. It is meant for application in a thin layer. This should be done twice in a day. With time, the desired results will be achieved. Due to the drying effect of hydroquinone and accompanying skin sensitivity, remember to protect the skin under treatment

Piona Bleaching Cream

Piona Bleaching Cream is among the strong creams that lighten the skin fast. It will even out the skin tone as well as get rid of skin spots. Due to its short time span in lightening skin, it is best used on the spots alone.

This product yields the best results when used together with other bleaching products. Using some from the same line such as Piona skin bleaching soap would help better the results. For people with dark skin, this product will work but it will also take more time for results to be seen.

The fact that this cream is very strong and works fast enough comes with some cons. Where one is overzealous with the treatment, the skin may lighten to more shades than one desires. It may also not be suitable for people with sensitive skin and thins the skin a great deal leaving it prone to sun damage. One must ensure they make proper use of a high factor sunscreen protection.

Hydroquinone USP 4 Skin Bleaching Cream

Hydroquinone USP, 4% Bleaching Cream contains sunscreen and works by gradually bleaching hyper-pigmented skin. This it does by preventing oxidation of the tyronise enzyme which is meant to enhance production of melanin. It also suppresses the metabolic reactions that occur in melanocytes which are the skin cells responsible for melanin production.

To prevent it from interacting with other products, always apply it on thoroughly cleaned face. One should be sure to protect their skin from sun as skin becomes extremely sensitive when using it. People with prior allergic reactions or those with a history of skin sensitivity may want to stay away from the product.

Clinicians Complex 6 Skin Bleaching Cream

Clinicians Complex 6percent is a skin bleaching cream formulated with triple action ingredients. It contains two percent hydroquinone, two percent kojic acid and two percent bearberry. Hydroquinone bleaches the skin, kojic acid exfoliates to promote cell turnover while bearberry has whitening properties. These help to diminish skin discoloration as well as prevent future spots on the skin.

This cream also has anti-oxidizing ingredients which protect the skin from free radicals. Compared to other products, this has long lasting effects. One can keep the skin looking bright for longer without having to worry of new blemishes.

Glytone Clarifying Skin Bleaching

Glytone Clarifying Skin Bleaching cream is a prescription strength product which inhibits melanin production. This helps to clear freckles, sun damage, melasma and age spots. The cream is mousse-like in nature and easily gets absorbed by the skin.

The product contains hydroquinone and comes with sunscreen incorporated in its formulation. It also has the ability to prevent further spots from forming on your skin. This will leave behind a radiant complexion with an even tone.

What Is the Best Skin Bleaching Cream

There being so many products available, it is possible to wonder what is the best skin bleaching cream. This may vary from one person to another and is determined by characteristics of skin being treated. Generally, the best creams for people with sensitive skin are those made from natural ingredients. These tend to be subtle yet effective.

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For severe skin blemishes, one may want to try out prescription creams. These will be effective in evening out the skin tone with no negative effects as the dermatologist knows what is safe for you to use.

Black And White Bleaching Cream

Black and White range of skin care products have been around since the 1930s. Its black and White Bleaching Cream is a readily available product and can be accessed from many online stores as well. It comes in an average sized tube packaging that is meant to last around six weeks when applied twice daily as directed.

The product contains hydroquinone as the active ingredient. This safely bleaches skin and plays a major role in enhancing the elimination of dark spots, freckles and acne marks and scars. It is not oily and vanishes on the skin leaving it greaseless. Only small amounts need to be applied for it to work out.

For maximum effects, it is important to clean up the skin before applying the cream. After this, all that is required is for the user to dab a small amount on the area they want lightened.

For most users on Amazon, the product works on various skin blemishes. However, there are some who have issues with its scent, though subtle. Some users also found it too drying and had to reduce usage to only once in a day. Using it on areas that are not dark may cause skin to lighten in areas that ought to remain the same.

One such user going by the username P.L. Foor sums up the experience: “All in all, I do like this product, and I do recommend it. As for me, I will continue using it, although just for spot treatment instead of my whole face, and definitely not everyday. Maybe just a few times per month.” [SOURCE:]

To counter the drying effect, it is important to moisturize the skin as many times as possible. Also remember to wear sunscreen when venturing out. Results of using the product may vary from one person to another and depending on what skin blemishes are being bleached.

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