Dry Skin around Eyes – Causes, Treatment for Itchy, Flaky, Scaly Red Skin
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Dry Skin around Eyes – Causes, Treatment for Itchy, Flaky, Scaly Red Skin

Dry skin around the eyes can not only be uncomfortable but also itchy, red and flaky. Below, find out the causes of dryness, treatments of symptoms such as itchy, flaky and redness of the skin around the eyes.

What Causes Dryness around Eyes?

Dryness around eyes can be caused by numerous factors ranging from inadequate sleep patterns, stress, and allergic reactions, to improper nutrition and malnutrition, excessive bathing, illness, and over-use of cosmetics.

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Regardless of the cause, having dry skin around the eyes can have significant impact on your looks and impact on your self awareness and self-confidence. It can also lead to dull looking eyes or even cause dark circles below your eyes. Some people develop a red dry skin around the eyes which might have a burning sensation while others get an itchy skin.

Dry Flaky Skin around Eyes

Dry flaky skin around eyes can result from various factors which can be grouped under 3 different categories namely environmental, health and lifestyle. The dry flaky skin in the areas around the eyes often results in wrinkling of the face.

Some people develop dry flaky skin when exposed to cold weather especially during winter because of loss of skin moisture.

A change of lifestyle, coupled with some treatment options can however get you on the right track towards getting back that lost glow in your eyelids and its surrounding areas.

11 Tips for Healing a Dry Flaky Skin around Eyes

If you have developed dry skin under eyes, here are a few tips that you may want to consider:

  1. Quit smoking: This might not be the easiest option for most people, but quitting smoking can get you on the fast track to repairing that dry skin around your eyes. Smoking is one of the contributing factors for dry skin under the eyelids in some people.
  2. Ensure that your skin is properly moisturized by applying good skin moisturizers after each bath or face wash
  3. Consider using a humidifier to enhance the living conditions in your house.
  4. Wash your face with lukewarm water (not hot) and a mild soap. Unlike hot water, warm water doesn’t strip your skin of its moisture. You can use cool water if you like to rinse your face after washing with lukewarm water.
  5.  Drink adequate water a day to keep your body and skin well moisturized. The minimum target in a typical day should be 8-oz. glasses of water.
  6. Ensure proper nutrition:  consider including foods rich in vitamins and minerals in your diet. You will specifically want to include whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables.
  7. Apply Aloe Vera – olive oil mixture to the affected areas under the eyes. The two should be mixed in equal proportions, say half tsp each and stirred in a small bowl or cup before being applied gently with a finger every day before sleeping for between 1 and 2 weeks to achieve the desired results.
  8. Protect your skin with a hat and sunglasses when outdoors in direct sunlight. You should also consider using an eye cream containing a UVA/UVB sunscreen to protect your skin against harmful sunrays.
  9. Get enough sleep and try to maintain a regular sleeping pattern as much as possible.
  10. In addition to enhancing overall body’s health, regular exercises also helps to heal dry skin around your eyes.
  11. You should also stop using your regular cosmetics on the affected area for a few days while the dry skin heals. Eye creams with minerals, vitamins natural oils and antioxidants may still be used.

If you however find that all the above tips are not working, you should consider seeking the assistance of a professional beautician or a doctor.

Dry Red Skin around Eyes

Some people, especially the light-skinned ones, may occasionally get a red dry skin around the eyes.  Dehydration is one of the leading causes for this condition especially following the exposure of the skin to harsh weather conditions leading to huge loss of skin moisture. The presence of fewer sebaceous glands in the area under the eyes makes it prone to dehydration.

Dry red skin around eyes usually clears with adequate moisturizing but should it persist, you should consider seeking the advice of your doctor.

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Dry Itchy Skin around Eyes

While some people only experience some dryness in the area around the eyelids, others develop a dry itchy skin on the eyelids and adjacent areas. The itching is typically felt after the flaky eyelid skin start peeling off. The itchy skin may also experience some degree of discoloration and soreness especially if the affected person scratches the area to soothe the itchy feel.

Dry itchy skin around eyes could be caused allergic reactions triggered by allergens contained in certain foods, cleansers, cosmetics or make-up products (such as eye-liners and eye shadows), shampoos and hair dyes among others. There are also various medical conditions that could result in dry itchy skin around eyes including eczema, eyelid dermatitis, Eborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and Blepharitis.

Most of the methods of healing dry flaked skin discussed above will apply to healing dry itchy skin around eyes. For allergic reactions however you will want to identify the culprits (allergens) and stop the skin’s exposure to them.

In addition you should consider using gentle soaps that don’t strip the skin of its precious moisture and oils. Regular bar soaps fall short in that regard.

You should also choose your facial cleansers keenly to ensure that they have gentle ingredients for your skin and are able to maintain the right pH balance of your skin.

Dry Skin around Eyes Treatment

The skin under the eyes is naturally very sensitive and delicate unlike the skin found in the remaining parts of the body. Thus you cannot just apply any moisturizer on the eyelids as they could be potentially unsafe.

There are good creams and gels designed specifically to treat dry skin around eyes. Such creams and gels work by replenishing the eyelids with moisture. You can also apply a moisturizing substance such as Vaseline to soothe the itchy dry skin around your eyes.

Another treatment option is to wash the skin around the eyes with a baby shampoo before wiping the area gently with a towel. You can repeat this once daily until you get the desired results.

You should of course also get rid of any allergen that is causing the allergic reactions leading to the drying of the skin. And while the dry skin heals, it is advisable to stop usage of any make-up on the affected area.

Extremely Dry, Irritated, Cracked and Scaly Skin around Eyes

Dry skin around eyes is a condition that a considerable portion of the population will suffer from at one point of their life or the other. Depending on the degree of dryness, the eyelids could get cracked, reddened, irritated, and in some serious cases, it could appear scaly.

While prolonged exposure to the vagaries of weather especially cold and windy conditions can get your skin very dry, this can be reversed using appropriate moisturizers. Yes, that extremely dry skin could be rejuvenated to regain its beautiful glow with a change of lifestyle and appropriate treatment. However, the best option for dry skin around the eyes (as with any condition) is to prevent its occurrence in the first place.

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