Best Lotion for Dry Skin – for Face, Body, Hands, Legs, Dry Itchy Skin
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Best Lotion for Dry Skin – for Face, Body, Hands, Legs, Dry Itchy Skin

If you have got a dry, itchy skin and are wondering what to do to treat the condition, then using a lotion might help. But with so many options out there on the market, which are some of the best lotions for dry skin? Read this comprehensive guide to find out.

Best Face Lotion for Dry Skin

What causes dry skin? Your face can get dry due to moisture loss following exposure to harsh environmental conditions e.g. low temperatures and humidity. Resolving this problem requires you to moisturize the face. The ultimate goal of moisturizing should be to restore face moisture and protecting the skin against further moisture loss.

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The best lotion for dry skin on face is perhaps Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Skin Protectant.  While using it can be a bit messy due to its container packaging, the product has great rating from users.  You may also consider Aveeno Active Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion.

Best Lotion for Dry Itchy Skin

There is nothing as irritating as a dry skin, more so if it occasionally gets itchy. This not only makes you feel terrible, but can be embarrassing when you have to keep scratching your skin in the midst of that important meeting or date.

You can get a dry itchy skin at any time or season of the year but this tends to be more common in the months of winter and summer. This is because of harsh weather conditions deplete the moisture present on the skin.

The furnaces and other heating elements that are also typically used during winter also rob the skin of its precious moisture leading to dry and sometimes, itchy skin.

If I had to choose three keywords for treating and preventing dry, itch skin, then topping my list would be moisturizing, moisturizing and moisturizing. The idea here is not only to add moisture to your skin but also to retain it in there. Lotions are a fantastic choice for dry itchy skin. They help to restore the moisture thus keeping the skin supple, soft and healthy. The lotion you use should however not get rid of dryness and itchiness on one hand while exposing you to other health risks on the other hand.

The best lotion for dry itchy skin should therefore be one that:

  1. Moisturizes your skin
  2. Retains moisture in the skin
  3. Free of harmful or controversial substances such as parabens and phthalates

Popular Dry Itchy Skin Lotion Products

Here are some products you may want to use if you have a dry itchy skin:

Aveeno Skin Relief 24hr Moisturizing Lotion

Perhaps the best lotion for dry, itchy skin is Aveeno Skin Relief 24hr Moisturizing lotion which is dermatologist-recommended. Usually absorbing very fast, the Aveeno Skin Relief 24hr moisturizing lotion contains ACTIVE NATURALS® Triple Oat Complex which is clinically proven to soothe very dry and itchy skin, leaving it supple, soft and healthier looking. It is also gentle making it ideal for use even on sensitive skin. Above all, it is fragrance-free and steroid free.

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Avon MOISTURE THERAPY Oatmeal Body Lotion

Avon Moisture Therapy also works well for dry, itchy skin. It is also gentle enough for use on sensitive skin.

Best Body Lotion for Dry Skin

If your skin feels taut and tight, then this might be an indicator of dry skin. You can make do with one of the many moisturizing solutions available today. Body lotions make for one great choice. Lotions are mainly water based, thus you don’t have to worry about that greasy feeling on your skin.

The best body lotion for dry skin, should do the work (moisturizing your skin and retaining the moisture in your skin) while at the same time being gentle to your skin. In other words, it should not lead to irritation or expose you to health hazards such as parabens.

It is a great idea to check that the lotion you choose for your skin is hypoallergenic. This guarantees you that the lotion is unlikely to trigger allergic reactions on your skin which typically lead to itching and discomfort.

Body Lotions for Dry Skin- Some Popular Products

Below are some best lotions for dry skin on legs, hands, body and face:

  1. Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Skin Protectant
  2. CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion
  3. AmLactin 12% Moisturizing Body Lotion
  4. Hempz Herbal Moisturizer
  5. Aveeno Active Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion
  6. Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

What after the Dry Skin Lotion?

So you have acquired one of the best lotions for dry skin, what other practices should you adopt to complement the moisturizing action of your lotion? Mitigating any factors that deprive the skin of its valuable moisture should be an overarching goal. The following 5 tips will show you how:

  1. Take shorter time in the shower – 10 to 15 minutes is enough
  2. Moisturize After Showers
  3. Use a Humidifier
  4. Use mild cleansers
  5. Drink plenty of water every day

Best Baby Lotion for Dry Skin

A baby’s skin is sensitive and can easily be irritated and should thus not be subjected to harsh products. As such, the moisturizing lotion you use on your baby should be mild and gentle and should not have any harmful substances.

Below are some good choices for baby lotion:

Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion

The general consensus among skin care experts is the use of any fragrance-free and irritant-free lotion for babies. But Earth Mama gets wide accolade among most of the experts who applaud it for its absorbed, non-greasy formula. It is parabens-free and is not perfumed; instead it has a natural has scent of vanilla and citrus. The Environment Working Group as well Okays the Earth Mama Angel for its lack of environmentally harmful products. While it is not ideal for especially sensitive skin, it is among the best baby lotion for regular skin types.

Others you may want to look at are:

  1. Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion
  2. CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion

Best Moisturizing Lotion for Dry Skin on Legs

Dry skin on the legs may be an indication of dermatological condition known as xerosis which is commonly referred to as “Winter itch” due to its association with winter months when humidity is typically low.  It can happen to anyone irrespective of his/her age and is characterized by a rough flaky skin.

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One of the best moisturizing lotions for dry skin on legs is Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Skin Protectant which not only heals dry skin on the legs but also get rids of any patches.

Best Lotion for Extremely Dry Skin

While regular lotions work great for dry and itchy skin, you may want to consider using products with a thicker formula and extra ingredients if you have a very dry skin. These typically have thicker formulas and other ingredients such as lanolin, shea butter and petrolatum which seal in the moisture in your skin while at the same time providing a barrier against further loss of moisture. They are especially great for people with dry cracked skin or struggling with dry flaky skin and for treatment of eczema.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Skin Protect is one of the best lotions for extremely dry skin. It contains petrolatum (for protection of the skin), in addition to glycerine and panthenol (moisturizing ingredients).

You may also want to try:

  •  CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion: it is not especially thick but has a strong hydration effect

Best Hand Lotion for Dry Skin

Hands can also get and feel dry when exposed to harsh environmental conditions or due to ailments such as eczema. Perhaps the best hand lotion for dry skin is Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy Skin Protectant. It not only works great for very dry skin but also for patches on the elbows, knees and feet.

Best Lotion for Men with Dry Skin

While men tend to focus more on the face, keeping the body is moisturized and in great condition is something you should consider too. A body lotion will help you maintain good moisture levels making your skin supple, soft and healthy.

Menscience Advanced Body lotion is perhaps the best lotion for men with dry skin.

Other men body lotions you may want to look at are: aMENity The Balm; and Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion.

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