Sensitive Skin Meaning, Characteristics, Care and Makeup Tips
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Sensitive Skin Meaning, Characteristics, Care and Makeup Tips

What is sensitive skin? How do you know, identify or test for skin sensitivity? What are the best sensitive skin care tips and makeup? Get answers to all this, including sensitive skin characteristics, skin care products, causes, and Sensitive Skin Cleansing such asWhat Causes of Sensitive Skins - Allergic reactions, etc. that might make their skins blotchy and/or develop rashes.

  • Hormonal fluctuations especially during pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause
  • Skin care products such as excessive use of anti-aging products, some harsh skin care products such as moisturizerscleansersTesting for Sensitive Skin - Patch Test You will also feel itchy or develop rashes immediately after shaving.
  • Some skins as already seen are too sensitive that they even react to fragrances. Therefore, if this happens that you feel your skin irritated, you might be having a sensitive skin.

These are some of the ways to identify skins that are sensitive other than the medical test or patch test. It is important you be certain you have a skin type that is sensitive before you choose a good regimen to care for it.

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How to Care for Sensitive Skin

We are going to mention the general things because we have covered specific ways to care for sensitive skin individually. See each of these articles for more details:

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