Scar Camouflage, Makeup for Scars, Retinal Scarring, Scar Tissue in Uterus Causes, Symptoms, Removal
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Scar Camouflage, Makeup for Scars, Retinal Scarring, Scar Tissue in Uterus Causes, Symptoms, Removal

Camouflage makeup is one of the many solutions available on the market for reducing the appearance of scars especially on the face. If you fancy the idea of using makeup to get your smooth, healthy-looking skin back, albeit temporarily, read on to learn more. We have also included a thorough rundown of uterus and retinal scarring.

Scar Camouflage – How to Camouflage Scars

If the scarring on your face that seem to be getting all the attention have dealt a dent on your self-esteem and would relish to learn how to camouflage scars, then you will delight to know that you can do exactly that with camouflage makeup products.

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Camouflage makeup is available in most drugstores and some water-proof varieties will last as long as 3 days. The choice of color is however critical for effective hiding of scars. Skilled pharmacists will help you strike the right color.

According to Andria Cambio, MD, a Florida dermatologist, makeup products with a green undertone generally work great for patients with red or pink scars, while those with a yellow undertone are the best better suited for patients with brown scars. If the scar is however is lighter than your normal skin color, you would be better placed working with a camouflage makeup product that matches the color of your normal skin.

It however deserves a mention at this point that there is no single camouflage makeup product that will erase your scar completely. These products are also typically only effective for concealing small scars.

If you have a case of larger scars at hand, then your safer bet would be other treatment options such as laser, dermabrasion, skin needling, surgical revision e.g. punch excision, scar creams, steroid injection, radiotherapy, dermal filler injection, and silicone gel sheets to name but a few.

Retinal Scarring – Retina Scar

Retinal scarring is one issue that some people have to contend with. When it occurs, it usually leads to reduced vision.

Causes of Retinal Scar Tissue

Eye surgery e.g. cataract surgery is one of the common causes of retinal scarring. Bacterial infection is another common cause. In most cases, the scar tissue (and blood) in the eye mixes with the vitreous gel which is naturally clear. This prevents the light from reaching the retina of the eye as effectively as it should lead and consequently reduces the vision.

Retinal Scar Tissue Removal

Eye surgery is the most commonly used retinal scar tissue removal option. The main goal of surgical intervention is to remove the scar tissue from the retina. The vitreous humor of the eye may have to be removed in a procedure referred to as vitrectomy in order to allow the surgeon better and clearer access to the back of the eye during the surgery.

Laser is nowadays also used for treatment of retinal scar tissue in some advanced clinics and hospitals clinics nowadays.

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Scar Tissue in Uterus

Although not commonly a cause of concern, a scar tissue in uterus can become painful and even lead to painful bowel movement.

What Causes Scar Tissue in Uterus

C-section is the most common cause of scar tissue in uterus. This is a surgical operation used to deliver a baby when normal birth would put the baby or the mother at risk. It involves making abdominal and uterine incisions which then inevitable leads to formation of scars on the abdomen and uterine wall.

The scar tissue in the uterine wall cannot be seen and is either horizontal or vertical depending on the type of incision used. Although the horizontal incision is typically used, the doctor may decide to use vertical incision in cases of emergency where there is not enough time to use the horizontal incision which, despite being more aesthetically appealing and easy to hide under the bikini line, is more intricate.

The scarring in the uterine wall can affect how the placenta attaches itself during subsequent pregnancies and can increase the chances of requiring a c-section again, more so if the vertical incision is used. This is one of the risks that would-be mothers need to consider when weighing their options for elective c-section delivery.

Scar Tissue in Uterus Symptoms

C-section will leave visible scars on the outside surface of the skin. The most obvious symptoms of such scars are redness, bruising and lumpiness in the first few days but the scar tissue will progressively turn paler, flatter and softer.

As for the internal scar tissue left behind in the uterine walls, there are no obvious symptoms and most people will not even know that they are there unless they become painful. Pain in the uterus is typically a sign of formation of adhesion. Adhesions are bands of scar tissue that have attached themselves to  other internal organs (such as the pelvic or the bladder) often resulting in the pinching of nerves as they form which is what then triggers the pain.

It deserves a mention however that not all internal scar tissue results in adhesions and not all adhesions are problematic.

Why the Scar Tissue on Uterus?

The scar tissue on the uterus following a c-section delivery is not a bad thing per se. it is important to facilitate the healing of the incision wound. Any scar is the result of buildup of collagen in a site of wound which helps to strengthen it as it heals.

Removing Scar Tissue from Uterus

If a scar tissue has suddenly become painful as to interfere with your daily activities such as going to the bathroom, then you might be left to wonder what options are best for removing scar tissue from the uterus.

Well, your best bet would be physiotherapy. The goal is usually to break up the problematic scar tissue. Talk to your GP about it; he might be able to recommend to you a good board certified physiotherapist.

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