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Tattoo over Tattoo – Cover, Can You Tattoo over Scars, Keloid Scars, Scar Tissue, Pictures, Acne & Mastectomy

Can you place tattoos over scars? Does this question sound familiar to you? Then this article is for you. We’ll discuss the safety concerns relating to various forms of scars including keloid, tummy tuck, acne, and mastectomy scars. Included also are various pictures to inspire your imagination.

Can You Tattoo Over Scars – Tattooing Over Scars or Tattoos to Cover Scars

Most health-conscious individuals are concerned about the safety of tattooing over scars with some people arguing that placing tattoos over scars can worsen them or lead to serious skin conditions, including cancer.

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The general answer to the question, “can you tattoo over scars” is yes. As a matter of fact, tattooing over scars is a fantastic way to conceal the scar tissue and make it less noticeable. This is done by combining various artistic aspects such as color and layout to disguise the scar and draw the attention of the eyes away from the scar.

Tattoo designs with plenty of open spaces e.g. Celtic or Tribal tattoos are usually less successful in hiding scars. The Dragonfly Ink Studio suggests Organic origin designs as the most effective in covering of scars. Talk of flowers and butterflies.

The website further recommends going for images with depth and numerous colors as these work best at pre-occupying the attention of the eyes. Simple line drawings cannot still be ruled out completely. They can as well do the job with proper planning and artistic instincts.

You should however be realistic with your expectations. You should in particular remember that no tattoo will change the texture of your scar or remove it.

How the skin holds the skin will also vary from one individual to the other. Some lines may also not keep their intended shape very well. This makes putting of tattoos to cover scars trickier than those placed over normal skin and often necessitates a second tattooing session for optimum results.

A skilled artist will however be able to come up with or advice you on appropriate designs and layouts that factor this limitations in.

It is also likely that you will feel more pain than you would with normal skin tissue, more so if the scar tissue to be tattooed has had some nerve damage.

Is It Safe to Tattoo over Scars

Most dermatologist and surgeons regard tattooing over scars as generally safe. Proper hygiene measures are however critical in ensuring minimal chances of infection as the tattoo heals. This should however not be a concern if you work with professional tattoo artists. So, make your choice diligently and remember that price is just one of the factors.

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When Can You Tattoo over Scar Tissue – Tattoo over Scar Tissue

While there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a tattoo over scar tissue, you should wait until the scar tissue has fully healed before you go for it. Most scars mature in 12 to 18 months depending on the extent of the injury, how well the wound heals, and your own genetic predisposition to scarring.

To be on the safe side, it would be advisable to allow a time range of 18 months from the time of injury or surgery.

In the mean time, you may want to consider using silicone patches, scar creams and other treatment options to help improve the appearance of the scar, and who knows? The need to get a tattoo to cover the scar tissue may not be necessary by the time the 18 months period is over.

Tattoos over Scars Pictures

Pictures are our favorite way to communicate the proverbial thousand words that some wise man once talked about. We like to post photos whenever possible and there is no way we could end this guide without having several “tattoos over scars” pictures which are included here:

Tattoo 1, 2

Can You Tattoo Over Keloid Scars

The next question that might be lingering in your mind right now is probably, “can you tattoo over keloid scars?’. well, it is possible to get a tattoo to hide a keloid scars but it is so important that it requires another mention that getting the right tattoo artist is as important as making the decision to go for the tattoo in the first place.

You will want to work with a tattoo artist who is experienced with tattooing on scars. Look through the artist’s portfolio and “before and after” pictures at the very least before you make your decision.

Although rarely, keloid scars may get irritated after tattooing, but all caution is used in professional studios to minimize such instances and most people will have no adverse effects on their keloid scarring. And always remember, if it doesn’t feel right, you are probably right.

Tattoos over Tummy Tuck Scars Pictures

Tummy tuck surgery will not only leave you with a tighter, better looking tummy, but also a long, horizontal scar along the line of incision. Tattooing can however help to conceal such scars as these tattoos over tummy tuck scars pictures show:

Tummy 1, 2

Tattoos over Acne Scars

Getting tattoos over acne scars is as well an option for making them less visible. The only limitation may be acne scars that appear on the face. Although your opinion might vary, getting tattoos may not be your ideal approach when your face is the focal area of this problem.

If that is the case, then you may benefit from other treatment options such as laser resurfacing, punch excision, dermabrasion, scar creams, medical microneedling, and filler injection. Discuss with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon about the most appropriate approach for your specific acne scarring.

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Tattoos over Mastectomy Scars – Design Tips

Mastectomy scars are usually a painful reminder for patients who have had to go under the knife from breast cancer.

If you are intending to have some tattoos over mastectomy scars, then one design idea you may want to discuss with your tattoo is having symbols of strength – such as those with a military aspect – to signify your bravely borne battle with breast cancer.

Some people also choose to go for the ribbon sign to show support and raise cancer awareness and yet others go for motivational quotes. Some designs such as feathers also often work great for mastectomy scars. Remember however that what you like might not be ideal for your specific scar and you might have to adjust accordingly. Just listen to the tattoo artist.

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