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Brest Reduction Scars – Scarless Breast Reduction, Pictures, Treatment, Before and After, Revision, Male

Most women find large breasts physically and psychologically distressing. Some resort to breast reduction surgery to alter the size and shape of their breasts. On the downside however, this procedure usually results in the formation of scars. This article will explain to you what causes such scars and what can be done about them.

Breast Reduction Scars – Breast Reduction Scarring

Breast Reduction Scars

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Also referred to as reduction mammoplasty, breast reduction surgery involves the removal of some breast tissue and skin in order to reshape them and reduce their size. It can as well be used to make the area of dark skin that surrounds the nipple – the areola – smaller.

The surgeon starts by making one or more incisions in the breast from which s/he remove some breast tissues and skin before stitching the skin back neatly. The surgeon may also have to remove and reposition the nipple and areola. The stitches are often removed in 1-2 weeks.

As with most surgical procedures, it is expected that you will have some visible red and swollen scars following a breast reduction surgery. After all scars are the body’s natural “glue” as Dr. Barry H. Dolich, a Bronx Plastic Surgeon describes them. They strengthen the wounded area and facilitate a natural healing process.

The extent of breast reduction scarring however varies from one patient to the other based on factors such as genetic predisposition to scarring, the type of procedure used, and the patient’s observation of the post surgery guidelines.

The anchor breast reduction technique that is most commonly used, for example, leaves the patient with three scars, one around the nipple (areola), the second one extending from the nipple to the breast fold, and the third one extending from the breast bone to the armpit.

The risk of breast reduction scarring is usually highest in people who smoke.

On the upside however, breast reduction scars are almost always located in areas of the body that can be covered using a swim wear or bra. In addition, such scars also fade away over time even though they typically don’t disappear completely. Even then some scars may remain noticeable in some patients long after the surgery.

Breast Reduction Scars Pictures- Breast Reduction Scars Photos

Now that we have discussed what causes breast reduction scars and have a mental image of what they look like, don’t you think that having some breast reduction pictures would complete the whole picture? Well, that is my two cents and if you agree with me, then you will delight in watching these breast reduction scars photos.

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Image 5 and 6

What Breast Reduction Scar Tissue Is Made Of

All scar tissues are the result of increased build up of collagen as the body attempts to heal itself. Collagen is the same kind of protein found in all tissues but the collagen found in scars has a linear structure as opposed to the basket-weave-like structure that is notable for normal tissues and skin cells.

Male Breast Reduction Scars

Also referred to as Gynecomastia, male breast enlargement can lead to significant embarrassment for men suffering from it. Imagine not being able to remove your shirt at the pool or at the gym?  The causative factors range from obesity and steroid abuse to alcohol and marijuana abuse, thyroid disease, renal failure, and side effect to certain medications.

This condition is often reversed surgically whereby the enlarged breast tissues are removed. Unfortunately, it typically leads to scarring the extent of which depends on the technique used. Some techniques target the underlying gland and leave very minimal scarring, but others require the removal of the extra skin which leaves a bigger visible scar.

Scarless Breast Reduction – Breast Reduction without Scars or Breast Reduction No Scars

A talk about scarless breast reduction is bound to attract special interest given the fact that formation of scars is one of the main risks associated with the procedure.

As part of this research, we took some time trying to unearth any option that exists in as far as scarless breast reduction is concerned and  liposuction was one option that we found to closely match the needs of those looking to get breast reduction without scars.

Liposuction breast reduction involves using a thin cannula to suck out fat. This eliminates the need to make large incisions that are usually responsible for visible scarring but on the downside, it is only suitable for patients who are not concerned about sagging breasts and only want a reduction in size and weight of their breasts.

Another option that we came across is the Ultimate Breast Reduction ™ developed by Dr. Gary Horndeski, a Texas based plastic surgeon that do away with the vertical scar that characterize most traditional breast reduction surgery techniques e.g. the anchor technique. The procedure hides the scars in the nipple areola and beneath the breast fold.

Breast Reduction Scar Treatment

Most scars fade away on their own after some time but if a breast reduction scar still bothers you a year or two down the line, you may wonder what breast reduction scar treatment options are available. Well, here are various options that you may want to consider:

  • Silicone gel sheeting: This typically involves sticking adhesive sheets containing silicone gel on the site of the scar to make it flatter and smoother. As Dr Bowe, a New York based dermatologist says, the pressure exerted by the sheet is thought to have positive effect on the scarring process.
  • Steroid injection: your surgeon or dermatologist can also give you shots of steroid injections to improve the scars.
  • Radiotherapy: Superficial radiation treatment of the scars also helps to reduce their appearance.
  • Scar revision surgery: surgery is often used to treat scars that don’t respond well to other treatments. Some scars might warrant surgical intervention right away depending on the surgeon’s observations.
  • Massage: Massaging the scar in circular motion also helps to drain it of its fluids and improve its appearance. You should however only massage a scar after the wound left by the incision has completely healed.

You will also want to use a good supportive bra after undergoing the breast reduction surgery to prevent excessive tension on the breasts which usually increase the chances of developing scars. It is also important to have patience as scars take between 6 and 12 months to mature. In fact some surgeons will not perform a breast scar revision surgery until after 1 year.

Lastly, avoid overexposure to direct sunlight as this has been shown to have negative effect on the scar.

Breast Reduction Scars before and after Pictures – How They Can Help You

With numerous options to choose from, you may be left wondering if breast reduction scars treatment options really work. One classic way to do that is to look at some “before and after” pictures.  Most surgeons will provide you with such pictures. If you like what you see, you might be looking at a great surgeon but if something about the surgeon doesn’t feel right, it probably is. It is better safe than sorry.

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Breast Reduction Scar Revision

If a breast reduction surgery has resulted in unpleasant looking, prominent scars that are very prominent, you can turn to surgical scar revision. A great option is to visit a plastic surgeon in your state or country and discuss the various options available. This will depend on the extent of scarring as well as your body’s natural response to injury.

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