Brest Lift Scars, Scarless Breast Lift, Breast Lift without Scar, 1 Year Later, Pictures
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Brest Lift Scars, Scarless Breast Lift, Breast Lift without Scar, 1 Year Later, Pictures

Breast lift procedures are a great way to enhance the shape of your breast but are typically associated with vertical scars, which vary depending on the surgical techniques used. If you are wary of scars but are longing to have your breast lifted, then this article is for you. We will give you a comprehensive rundown of all the options available.

Breast Lift Scars – Breast Uplift Scars

Unlike breast augmentation that aims at enhancing the size of your breasts, breast lift is normally intended to improve their shape. This surgical intervention targets at raising and reshaping of sagging breasts by removing excess skin and repositioning the tissues and nipples.

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A breast lift can also be done to reduce the size of the darker skin that surrounds the nipple, usually referred to as the areola.

The major downside to breast lift surgeries is that they usually lead to the formation of a vertical scar. Breast lift scars form as part of the natural healing process. Remember that the procedure involves making incisions on the breast and the body naturally responds to cuts and wounds by depositing collagen in the affected area which then results in scars.

The amount of skin that needs to be removed to strike the ideal ration of breast skin to breast volume, as well as its location influences the pattern of the breast lift scar left.

There are numerous breast lift techniques that are commonly used including the Anchor, the Crescent, the Benelli or Doughnut and the Lollipop. The suitability of these techniques varies from one patient to another.

According to Dr. William T. Stoeckel, a Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon, horizontal scars (e.g. those that characterize the Anchor technique) have a greater tendency to heal poorly than the vertical scars.

The vertical scar that most patients are concerned about – simply because they are not easily hidden unlike those made on the nipple areola or on the breast fold – is hardly an issue once it has had some time to heal and should therefore not be a cause for concern.

Surgeons however avoid making the vertical incision whenever possible instead using the Crescent or Doughnut (Benelli) breast lift technique that leave only a small scar around the nipple areola which is not very visible.

These are both suitable for breasts that don’t need so much skin tightening. But on the downside, it is not applicable to all cases and some patients might be better suited for other techniques that are associated with more visible scarring.

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Breast Lift Scars 1 Year Later

Incisions made during breast lift procedures heal unpredictably based on numerous factors such as the location of the incision, surgical technique used, genetics, and patients’ compliance with the surgeon’s post-surgery guidelines.

This means that the degree of scarring will vary from one patient to another.  Some patients will show poor scarring and others will experience excellent scarring and yet others will show an in-between scarring. Some scars might necessitate revision to enhance their appearance.

Although no scar heals completely, most will become less visible with time.

It is advisable to ask your surgeon for pictures showing good scars and bad scars to help you decide if you are willing to take the risk. This patient reported having acceptable breast lift scars 1 year later:

1 year after

Scarless Breast Lift or Breast Lift without Scars or No Scar Breast Lift

If you are concerned about scarring, you might be left wondering if it is possible at all to have a scarless breast lift. If you do, then you will delight to know that you can have a no scar breast lift thanks to a technique developed.

According to Dr. Gary M. Horndeski, a Texas plastic surgeon, the technique eliminates the need for the vertical scar that is the concern of most women regardless of the degree of breast sagginess (ptosis).

Referred to as the UBL ™, this technique also works like a push up bra, giving the breasts a “Barbie” like fullness that is attained through “coning” of your own breast tissues. It is akin to having both a breast lift and a breast implant without leaving behind a scar. Talk of killing two birds with one stone.

You might then wonder how comes the scars are not visible yet it involves making incision to the breasts. Well, the technique hides incisions neatly at the junction of the nipple and the skin and near the breast-chest junction.

Breast Lift Scars Pictures – Breast Lift Scars Photos

And here comes our favorite part. If you have been reading around our website for some time, you might have notices our obsession with pictures and there is a good reason for that; what a better way to express our thousand words than with some good breast lift scars pictures? So here we go:

Where to get Breast Lift Scar Treatment Breast Lift Scar Removal

The other day someone sent us an email asking us to recommend a good clinic where s/he could get a breast lift scar treatment. If you are nodding your head as well reading that last sentence, you will delight to know that the number of plastic surgeons offering breast lift surgery procedures is ever increasing.

But how can you unearth them? Well, the Real Self website is a good resource for those in the United States. You can narrow down to the breast lift segment of the website and read through the reviews to identify surgeons from your specific state, but if that doesn’t work for you, you can go back to the old trusted friend that is Google.

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All you need to do is to search on Google (or any other search engine for that matter) using the phrase, “Breast lift in [your city] e.g. breast lift in Australia and you are bound to get something.

Breast Lift Scars Before And After

If you are considering a breast lift, I am sure it would delight you to see some images showing typical results. Recognizing that, we have as well listed some “before and after” pictures showing some real patients who have undergone this kind of procedures and how it was able to make their breasts firmer.

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