Breast Implant Scars – Tissue, Photos, Healing, Celebrities, without Scars, Before and After
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Breast Implant Scars – Tissue, Photos, Healing, Celebrities, without Scars, Before and After

Whether done for cosmetic reasons or as a reconstructive surgery, breast implant surgery involves placing of saline or silicone sacs through incisions. This inevitably leads to formation of scars as the skin heals itself. This article will give a rundown of everything you need to know about breast implant scars including the treatment options available.

Breast Implant Scars – Breast Implant Scarring

Breast Implant Scars Breast Implant Scars

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Breast implant procedures are done to increase the size of female breasts. This involves inserting of saline or silicone breast implants surgically. While some women undergo the procedure to enhance their breast size and improve their self image, some require it for reconstructive surgery following accidents or mastectomy.

The implant is inserted through incisions which then mean that it is realistic to expect a scar to form as the skin attempts to heal itself. If anything, scars are part of the natural healing process and are the body’s “glue” as Barry H. Dolich, a plastic surgeon based in Bronx describes them.

The degree of scarring however varies from patient to patient depending on numerous factors such as the technique used, patient’s genetic makeup, and how strict the patient observes the post-surgery procedures given by their surgeon.

How visible the scar is also depends on the location of the incision. Incisions are commonly made in the fold below the breast (inframammary procedure), the armpit (transaxillary procedure), the dark skinned area of skin near the nipple referred to as the areola (periareolar procedure), and the areola alongside the nipple (transareolar procedure).

When the incision is made in the armpits (transaxillary procedure), the scar it leaves behind is usually not very visible and the lack of tension during the healing process makes the scar heal relatively well. But on the downside, the armpits are areas of abundant bacterial activity which means higher risk of infection

The periareolar procedure that involves making an incision in the dark skinned circle surrounding the nipple is also very popular because the scars tend to be less visible as it blends in with the pigmentation in the area.

The suitability of any procedure however varies from one patient to another and what works for one may not work for another regardless of how desirable the degree of scarring involved is.

For example, large breast implant, more so if they are made of silicone, are best placed using the inframammary incision which leaves behind a large, visible scar. Saline sac implants can however be inserted through any type of incision since the implant is inserted while deflated and inflated once inside the breast tissue.

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On a good note however, most breast implant scars will fade away gradually and heal in between 6 and 12 months. Most scars mature in 1 year but there are some exceptions whereby certain scars persist for much longer. This brings us to our next section which is all about the options available to get rid of such scars.

How to Get Rid of Breast Implant Scar Tissue

As we have already mentioned, breast implants will inevitably lead to scarring even thought the extent of the scarring varies. Although scars typically fade away over time, a persistent breast implant scar tissue – more so a visible one that cannot easily be hidden with swimsuit or bra – might leave you wondering what options are available to get rid of it.

Well, here are numerous options that you can talk about with your surgeon or dermatologist:

  • Silicone gel sheets such as Rejuveness and ScarAway
  • Laser resurfacing
  • Surgical scar revision
  • Scar creams such as Kelo-cote, Mederma, and Scarguard
  • Steroid injection
  • Massage

Breast Implant Scars Photos – Breast Implant Scar Pictures

We like to include pictures whenever we can to show the kind of results you can expect and the direction the healing process typically takes. On that note, we think that it would do this article a great favor to have some breast implant scar photos for the sake of inspiration. So, without further ado, here we go:

Breast Implant Scars Healing time

Scars resulting from breast implants heal gradually over time – usually 6 to 12 months – and most will have matured in 12 months as to leave behind a grey line that blends in with the surrounding skin.

This is especially true of scars resulting from periareolar incisions (on the areola; the dark skinned circle that circle the nipple) as the darker color of the areola make them fade away faster.

Celebrity Breast Implant Scars

They are known for their supple, nicely-shaped breasts and faces that never seem to give in to the effects of gravity and breastfeeding. I am talking about artistes and Hollywood celebrities. Plastic surgery procedures such as nose jobs, breast implants and breast lifts are their best kept secret.

We spent some time trying to get shots featuring celebrity with scars sustained from a breast implant procedure but our research yielded no results. Of course there are pictures of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Nicole Richie all around that seem to suggest a breast modification procedure, but none shows scars per se.

Maybe Rihanna will give us one some day, thanks to her daring moves that seem to spur controversy every now and then. Maybe you could share one with us one if you come across them.

Breast Implants without Scars

The search for scarless approaches to breast implants has been going on for a long time and while there is not yet a surgical intervention that results in no scar at all, surgeons and scientists have come up with ingenious ways to hide scars and make them as invisible as possible.

One such option is the No scar on the Breast ® technique which was developed by William Burden, MD, a plastic surgeon based in Florida. This technique relies on the transaxillary approach to make incisions that are cleverly hidden in the crease of the armpit.

Breast Implants Scars before and after surgery tips

Your surgeon will give you instructions on what to eat and what to avoid before the breast implant surgery and follow it up with post surgery guidelines to help you reduce the chances and the degree of scarring.

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Here are some common tips that you might want to consider in addition (but not contrary) to what your surgeon advises you:

  • Avoid tanning the scar tissue as excessive sunlight is known to worsen scars
  • Wear a good supportive breast a few days after the surgery
  • Walk around every now and then during the first few days to encourage circulation and avoid clots.

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