Best Product for Acne Scars – Treatment, Good, to Fade, Lighten, Drugstore Acne Scars Products
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Best Product for Acne Scars – Treatment, Good, to Fade, Lighten, Drugstore Acne Scars Products

This post explores acne scar treatment products. Find out what is the best product for acne scars, how they work and tips on helping you make a choice. Also, read on acne scar lightening and fading products .

Acne Scar Treatment Products

There are different acne scar treatment products available in the market. These are aimed at diminishing visibility of acne scars when used. What one settles for should be appropriate for the kind of scars they have.

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Topical application products

These involve gels, creams, lotions and serums. These slough away scars which make them achieve a skin to the normal skin. Cortisone, a main ingredient in these products helps to reduce inflammation. Other ingredients such as kojic acid, ascorbic acid and arbutin help in lightening the skin. These products are not suitable for indented acne scars as they do not contain any ingredients that could fill them up.

Silicone products

Silicone can be used as a means of treatment or preventive measure for scars caused by acne. These are great products for raised as well as indented acne scars . They help in realigning collagen in a way that is close to that of normal skin tissue thus help in reducing the scar. For this method to work, the silicone has to be in contact with the scar for the longest time possible.

Silicone is available in two forms. One can use silicone strips also referred to as silicone sheets or silicone gel. The strips are sticky and are also self adhesive. One only needs to place them on top of the scar. These can be worn all round the clock for scar flattening which makes more effective than gels. They also are more expensive.

Silicone gel on the other hand is most appropriate for places that could be hard to use the stripes. They are the cheaper silicone products. One can use the gel for face acne scars and the strips for any scar on your back caused by acne.

Chemical peel products

In normal circumstances, the body sheds off the skin. This process is a slow one and is barely visible to the human eye. This regenerative process may be the reason why some scars fade over time.

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To speed up and aid in this process, acne scar treatment products such as chemical peels could be used. When applied on an area, it causes the skin to peel away and give room for formation of new skin cells. As the peeling occurs, it takes away blemishes including those that are found on people who have had acne. Fresh skin grows in its place. There are different chemical peels, which apply different scar removal techniques depending on severity.

Best Product for Acne Scars – Good or What Is the Best Product Brand

Pointing out at a single product as being the best for removal of scars caused by acne is hard. There are various categories of acne scar removal products and different brands within a certain line of products. In the same way, there are different types of scars that result from one having acne, which are experienced by people with different skin types. Therefore, no single product would be suitable for all scars.

While this is the case, it doesn’t stop people from wondering what is the best product for acne scars. The best product for scars caused by acne will have surpassed the test in a certain field. The reason it could be branded as good could be because it:

  • Offers a solution tailored for a given type of acne scars and skin type.
  • Offers variety for different skin types whether oily or dry, sensitive or resistant.
  • Does not hold back on ingredients that make up the product and how they work. It should also tell which type of scars resulting from acne it is not likely to treat.
  • Offers clear instructions on usage, after how long one should expect to see results and when usage should be discontinued.

Among some of the best products to go for it you have scars after having acne, as rated by users include:

Glycolic 30

This is an acne scars removal kit that comes with a number of items. It contains a prepping solution, acid peel made from glycolic acid, a peel neutralizer, rejuvenation cream and balancing cream for use at night. It is available in different concentrations suitable for different levels of acne scarring. Since this is an acid peel, it may not be suitable for use by people with sensitive skin.

Scar Zone A

This is a multi purpose cream. It is a best product for acne scars that can be used for removal of redness on breakouts as well as in diminishing the visibility of acne scar. The cream contains antioxidants. As one uses it on existing scars, it helps to also prevent future breakouts.

Derma-E Scar gel

This cream works to reduce these scars by softening them up. It is made up using botanical ingredients and is therefore appropriate for people with sensitive skin. It works for both new and old scars.


This is a medical grade silicone product. It leads to no known side effects and is safe for use on all types of skin. It is an economical means on how to get rid of acne scars .

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Best Product to Fade Acne Scars – Acne Scar Fading Products

The best product to fade acne scars is one that will do so without irritating the skin. Since most fading products are acidic, they should be mild enough to get rid of the hyper-pigmentation without causing further harm to the skin.

Best Product to Lighten Acne Scars

Acne lightening creams help to yield a uniform color tone for the skin. The best of these will help make the scar less visible by getting it to look like the rest of the skin. This is also achievable using products from home such as lemon juice.

Drugstore Acne Scar Products

Drugstore products are cheap and help to yield results that would otherwise be too costly. These products are regulated and therefore made up of ingredients that are safe for use at home. One should follow the instructions to attain desired results.

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