Home Remedies for Acne Scars, Overnight, Fast, Best Remedies & Home Remedies for Acne Scars on Face
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Home Remedies for Acne Scars, Overnight, Fast, Best Remedies & Home Remedies for Acne Scars on Face

This post is a compilation of home remedies for acne scars suitable for different situations. Get to know various overnight home remedies people with scars resulting from acne can use, the best home remedy for acne scars and at home remedies for scars caused by acne. 

Home Remedies for Acne Scars Overnight – Home Remedies for Acne Scar Fast

Remedies you can try at home for scars caused by acne

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While acne alone is a skin affliction that is likely to leave one self conscious, acne scarring leaves behind a permanent reminder of the condition if they are not treated. Treatment interventions aid in speeding up the fading process of the scars as well as get rid of hyper-pigmentation. Although it is not possible for scars caused by acne to disappear overnight, there are home remedies for acne scars overnight that will help you wake up to a better looking skin. These include:

Lemon juice : This contains bleaching elements that help in lightening acne scars . People with resistant skin can use it plain but for those with sensitive skin mixing it with equal amounts of water will help prevent irritation. Apply this on the scarred area without touching the normal skin and leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing it off. For fast results, cut a piece of fresh lemon and secure it using a band aid on the scar. Leave it on overnight.

Honey: The best honey to use for home remedies for acne scars overnig ht is raw honey. This is bound to be most effective in getting rid of pigmentation on scars. It also soothes the area and reduces inflammation. Use a q-tip to dab the remedy directly on the scar. Unlike other treatments, honey helps in moisturizing the skin. It is also non-irritant which makes it suitable for sensitive skin.

Baking soda: This has exfoliating properties. It sloughs off the skin’s top layer helping to diminish the appearance of scars. Make a paste out of it by adding one part of water to two parts of baking soda or as may be efficient to make a smooth paste. Use circular motions to massage this on your scars and leave it to dry. Rinse it off once it has dried.

Olive Oil : This is a natural skin moisturizer which also helps in protecting the skin from free radicals. It helps to reduce swelling on scars as well as lighten them. Apply it as a night cream to get rid of these scars.

Aloe vera: The natural juice of this plant moisturizes and rejuvenates scarred areas. This makes it rank among the home remedies for acne scars fast results products. Break an aloe leaf and expel the sap from it. Apply this on the scars and leave it on overnight. This could be mixed up with tea tree oil for better results.


Best Home Remedy for Acne Scars– Remedies

Scars caused by acne are things one will keep wishing to get rid of. These are best tackled using the best home remedy for acne scars. These tend to save money, are non-invasive and easy to use at home. They also have fewer side effects compared to medical procedures for treating acne caused scars .

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Oil based remedies : Castor oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil can all be used to diminish acne caused scars. They work best in their purest forms. Massage the oil onto the scar and leave it on. This will soothe and relax the scarred skin. Their moisturizing effect also plays a role in reducing scars.

Ice : This is the best home remedy for acne scars in terms of immediate results. Scars that have swollen can be taken care of using ice. Wrap some cubes in a clean piece of clothe and squeeze it on the swollen scar. Though the results are fast, they may not be long lasting.

Rose water : Rose water is antiseptic in nature. This makes it effective in reducing scars, including those caused by acne. Use it as a facial cleanser to help get rid of acne scars . This remedy can also be used as the liquid of choice to replace water in diluting or making pastes.

Apple cider vinegar : This is an antibacterial agent and also helps to exfoliate the top layers of acne scars. It also helps to get rid of redness as well as control the pH of the skin thus reducing the scar’s appearance. Use a cotton ball to apply this directly on the scarred skin.

Sandalwood paste: This is well known for its healing properties. Make a sandalwood paste by adding either milk or rose water to sandalwood paste. Mix until a consistent paste forms. Apply this and leave it on for half an hour before washing it off.  

Home Remedies for Acne Scars on Face

One can get rid of facial scars caused by acne at home. There are many kitchen ingredients that can suffice as home remedies for acne scars on face . These include:

Yoghurt : Enzymes found in yoghurt help in lightening the scars.  Spread a generous amount on the area of treatment. This helps to even out the skin tone.

Cucumber: These have a high water content which enables them to keep the scars well moisturized. They also help in getting rid of inflammation. Slice some cucumbers and rub the pieces on the scars. Leave the juice to dry on before rinsing it off.

Tomato pulp: Their water content is high as well. They also contain vitamin A which is good for skin rejuvenation. This enables the growth of unscarred skin to replace the previously damaged one. Crush some tomatoes in a bowl to form a thick pulp. Apply this on the face while giving more attention to the scars. Let it rest for an hour before rinsing it off with warm water.


Home Remedies for Acne Scars on Face Fast- on Face Overnight

Some face fast home remedies for scars caused by acne results can be obtained from using lemon juice. This will help to lighten the scars by working on the damaged scar tissue as the body is at rest. Honey is another one of the great home remedies for acne scarring on face overnight treatments. Apply these on the area with scars and leave them on until morning for great results. Wash off using plain water.

Home Remedies to Clear Acne Scars

There are many home remedies that one can use to clear up acne scars. These take a while before results can be seen. It is therefore important for one to be consistent in their usage in the remedies are to yield desired results. If after a reasonable duration of time no results are seen, try another remedy to see if it will work.

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