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Red Bumps under Armpit Causes, After Shaving & Treatment


Red bumps under armpit can leave one self-conscious. The situation gets worse when they are red itchy bumps under armpit. The urge to scratch may strike when least expected. It gets from worse to worst when one suffers painful red bumps under armpits. What causes these little red bumps?

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What Causes Little Red Bumps under Armpits?

Red little bumps under the armpit are caused by a number of things. The most common one is as a result of shaving. Hormonal imbalances in women could also cause these bumps. In other cases, the cause is friction and clogging of underarm pores due to clothes that are too tight. In people with sensitive skin, the bumps could be an allergic reaction with chemicals that the skin gets into contact with.

Red Itchy Bumps under Armpit

The method of under arm grooming that one adopts influences what type of reaction the skin gives. One of these could be red itchy bumps under armpit. The urgency in treating them depends on their severity. There aren’t any negative implications for having red bumps under armpits. Mostly, treatment is on cosmetic grounds especially for people who tend to be self conscious.

When the bumps form, swelling and inflammation could be experienced. There also could be skin sensitivity. In severe cases, the itch and discomfort caused by these bumps could be so much that it becomes difficult to function normally. With this being the case, what are some of the things that could lead to this anguish?

Another reason why one could get bumps under the armpits is as a result of armpit acne. This may be accelerated by hormonal changes or the blocking of pores in case of oil build up. Wearing clothes that are too tight could cause this as well.

Since the armpit is always moist and dark, it provides a perfect breeding ground for microbes.  These when mixed with other products could react to cause bumps in the underarm. It is possible to develop razor bumps soon after shaving the armpit hair. These bumps could be folliculitis which develops in hair follicles.

Another way through which the bumps could occur is through a reaction to cleansing products we use as well as perfumes. Soaps, laundry detergents, perfumes and deodorants may contain ingredients and fragrances that may react with the skin in the underarms.

Treatment given to the bumps should be determined by their cause. In cases of ingrown hairs after shaving, the agitated hair follicle can be gotten rid of. Folliculutis and dermatitis can be treated using over the counter topical applications. To relieve the itch, one can use calamine lotion. With proper hygiene, it is possible to get rid of bumps resulting from armpit acne.

Painful Red Bumps under Armpit

Most of the times, the bumps that form in the armpit are bearable and come with little discomfort. However, in some individuals, it is possible to experience painful red bumps under armpit. These form when the skin is overly aggravated or has suffered excessive trauma.

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Heat rash may occur where the armpit sweat ducts get blocked and perspiration builds up beneath the skin. This leads to formation of inflamed bumps that are painful. The amount of pain felt is dependent on the extent of inflammation. This could be worsened by the presence of bacteria and wearing tight clothes.

Under arm friction could also lead to skin irritation and thus cause bumps. When skin is continually rubbing against some other skin or fabric, it is likely to irritate the skin. This friction, when combined with moisture and heat, break down the skin’s epidermal layer. This makes the skin to be inflamed. When this happens, there is pain any time skin rubs against something. It gets worse when fungus and bacteria colonize the area. It could get exceedingly painful if left unattended.

In some cases, the cause of painful underarm bumps could be contact dermatitis. This occurs when the skin gets into contact with something that irritates it. Some of the products that could contain chemicals leading to such reactions include antiperspirants, deodorants and laundry soaps used. In cases where there is an allergic reaction, blistering of the bumps may happen.

In case the pain being felt is bearable, topical treatments could help. Where the reaction is allergic, antihistamines will help take care of the situation. Wearing loose clothes and keeping underarms dry could also go a long way in soothing irritation.

Not all cases of red bumps under armpit which are painful can be treated at home. In some situations, it may be hard to identify what is causing the painful bumps. In such situations it is best to visit a dermatologist. If left untreated, it is possible for the bumps to develop difficult problems and grave consequences.  Consulting a doctor will help get an appropriate diagnosis.

Red Pimple like Bumps under Armpit after Shaving

For most people, spending time inspecting the underarm is rare. It may therefore come as a shock when one discovers underarm bumps. It is possible to experience red pimple like bumps under armpit after shaving. These are normally benign and easy to treat.

There are two causes for these. After one has shaven, there is a possibility for ingrown hairs to develop. These are hairs that develop with their sharp point digging back into the skin. This problem may be caused by how one shaves. As a result, some irritated red pimple like bumps will develop. Another cause of bumps after shaving could be sebaceous cysts.

People of Hispanic and African American origins are more likely to suffer this kind of bumps as well as those who have naturally curly hair. The reason for this is that their curved hair follicles are likely to cause the hair to twist and penetrate back into the skin as opposed to growing out.

To prevent getting ingrown hairs which later cause bumps, one could stop shaving the under arms. Where this is not a viable option, ensure you use a sharp razor and a moisturizing shaving cream. Avoid being too vigorous and only press gently on the skin.  Ensure you also exfoliate the underarms regularly.

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