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Red Bumps on Scalp Treatment & Get Rid of Small, Itchy Red Bumps

Red bumps on the scalp can be stressful. They could manifest themselves in the form of red itchy bumps on scalp, small red bumps on scalp or hard raised red bumps on scalp. Knowing how to get rid of red bumps on the skin will go a long way in helping to get rid of them.

Red Itchy Bumps on Scalp

When one has red itchy bumps on scalp, it is not only annoying but uncomfortable as well. These could turn into painful flaky sores as well. When one has these itchy bumps, it is likely that they are suffering from either Sebhoric dermatitis or scalp psoriasis. These are normally hard to differentiate since the two disorders share the same symptoms.

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The two conditions can be bothersome and could get dangerous if not treated. They may also be hard to hide making it necessary for one to know what causes them and what remedies are available for their treatment. In cases of sebhoric dermatitis, they could lead to hair loss. The bumps could also spread to other areas such as on the nose, ears and eyelids. These could be accompanied by scaling.

These illnesses are caused by a type of yeast known as malassezia which tends to be stimulated to overgrow by the presence of excessive oil on the scalp. This could be triggered by infrequent or inappropriate bathing, stress, alcohol containing scalp products as well as obesity. They could also be caused by an infection on the hair follicles by a virus, fungus or bacteria.

Folliculitis is another condition that could lead to bumps on scalp. They could lead to formation of boils beneath the surface of the skin. This will result in extreme scarring as well as pain. In extreme cases, hair loss could occur where hair follicles have been destroyed.

If left untreated, these skin conditions could be dangerous. Apart from the embarrassment they cause, serious bacterial and fungal infection could occur. These could spread to the blood stream as well as the lymph nodes.

Little or Small Red Bumps on Scalp

When one has small red bumps on scalp, it may be hard to diagnose what they are unless one visits a dermatologist. They could be as a result of keloidalis nuchae. This occurs when there are hairs on the back of the head and around the neck which grow in to the skin. This leads to their becoming inflamed and results in formation of scar tissue. They mostly form when one has had a short hair cut.

To treat these, it is required that a suppression of the inflammation is done. This is possible with the use of antibiotics, steroid injections as well as steroid gels. Where these do not work, oral antibiotics and steroids will be needed. These can be prescribed by a dermatologist. Larger bumps or those that have been present for a while and are not responding to treatments may need surgical removal.

Red Bumps on Scalp Not Itchy

It is not always that red bumps on scalp will be itchy. They at times are not itchy. Where this is the case, they may go unnoticed as the itch is what makes one realize they have bumps. At times, what started off as not itchy may end up becoming itchy where treatment is not done. It is therefore important to find out what it is that is behind their formation. This will also go a long way in helping to seek treatment for them.

Sore, Painful Red Bumps on Scalp

Where one experiences sore and painful red bumps on the scalp, they could be as a result of a number of infections including Scalp Psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, sebaceous cyst or folliculitis. Only a diagnosis by the dermatologist can tell for sure what it is. To prevent the condition from deteriorating, it is important to seek medical attention as early as possible.

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Hard, Raised Red Bump on Scalp and Hair Loss

Localized swellings on the head are mostly described as raised red bump on scalp. These could either be hard or soft. They occur when one has a skin condition that gives rise to a skin rash. There also are solitary conditions that result in raised red bumps on the scalp. The cause for these could be the body’s response to trauma, tumors or infections. Other than being located on the scalp’s surface, they could also be located underneath the scalp.

The size for these bumps may vary and is determined by the cause. Other than being red in color the skin, may be ulcerated. They may be accompanied with a loss of hair and pain depending on cause as well. When one experiences hard bumps that are accompanied by hair loss, medical attention should be sought.

How to Get Rid of Red Bumps on Scalp – Treatment

Any skin condition needs not be left unattended to avoid it from turning into a serious problem. It is always important to seek treatment so as to get rid of the red bumps. Depending on what the cause is, there will be varied ways on how to get rid of red bumps on scalp. Treatment should be based on cause for it to be effective.

Seborrheic dermatitis treatment could involve the use of over the counter medicated shampoo. This could contain medication such as resorcin, coal, salicylic acid, zinc and tar. Where the condition is severe, a doctor can recommend ketoconazale or corticosteroid shampoos.

Where the cause of the bumps is folliculitis, treatment could be done using oral or topical antibiotics. These help in treating infection as well as in reducing inflammation and itching. For bumps that are chronic and have developed to become boil-like, surgical drainage will be necessary if recovery is to be hastened and pain relieved.

Any patient should consult a dermatologist in case the bumps fail to respond to any home treatment. The same should also happen in case they are persistent. When dealing with the bumps, one ought to be gentle enough. The area should be kept clean and washed at least twice a day using antibacterial soap.

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