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Perfect First Date, Outfit, Good Places & Bad Ideas for Your First Date

Do you want a perfect first date, good outfit, places or bad ideas you should avoid? When going out with a person for the first time, we are interested in knowing them more. This event therefore is important as it determines what route the two of you take after you are done. Below we discuss the various components involved in a first date. These will help you make the first date yield positive results.

Perfect First Date

If you are wondering how to make your first date memorable (or the so-called perfect first date), there are things you ought to put in mind. Consider the following to make it perfect.

Keep the phone away:  The phone happens to be one of the most intrusive devices. Keeping it away ensures the distractions that come with its ringing are kept at bay. Keeping your phone off keeps distractions away. This will give you a chance to direct all your attention to your date.

Being yourself: This is important for a perfect first date. It is very easy to tell someone who is faking a personality. Even if it doesn’t happen on the same day, your date will notice some discrepancy with time. This will not be good as they may feel cheated by falling for your pretense. It is also more tasking to maintain a fake you than be you. To perfect the date, rest easy and be yourself.

Personal grooming: Ensure that you look your best on the first date. Make sure that you smell nice but not overly done. Your clothes should be clean and well pressed. They should suit the occasion too. Wear something you are comfortable in and which is not likely to be a bother to your date.

Complement each other: To make it a perfect first date, be positive about each other’s looks and achievements. The ladies mostly take hours trying to look nice for this event. Telling them how beautiful they look will help in making them feeling appreciated. Drop the compliments as the date progresses. Ensure they are based on character as opposed to looks. Instead of telling them how sexy they look, tell them how beautiful they are.

Practicing Chivalry: Let the woman feel well taken care of through your gestures. Open the doors for her and yield the seat for her. Pay the bill without splitting it. The woman will be pleased that you took charge of caring for her.

Make the confirmation call in good time: During the day that you will be meeting, call after noon but before 4.00pm to confirm a dinner date. If you are having your date elsewhere, make the confirmatory call a few hours before time. This will help clear the uncertainty that comes with not calling. If you call her too late, she could have changed her plans thinking the date was not going to happen. This would not be the best way to start a date.

Keep Time: Being punctual is quite essential on a first date. The man has to get to the meeting venue earlier than the woman. Some few minutes before the set time would be okay. The lady too has to be time conscious. Arrive at the venue on time. Getting there before time may be interpreted as being too eager. It would also not be good to get there before the man. If any of you has to be late for whatever reason, call in advance and let the other party know. Keeping time will help in spending the moments you have together well without rushing a thing.

Find out about them: Before the first date comes to an end, make sure you have a rough idea of what the other person is like. Know what they like, what they fear and their passion in life. This will help discover your compatibility levels. It will also help you know if you would want to see them again. It is only by getting to know them that the first date will have served its purpose. What other level of perfection would one want?

Perfect First Date Outfit

Both men and women are always confused about what outfit is best for the first date. Generally, the following should come into play while choosing an a perfect first date outfit:

Suitable for the occasion: Any perfect first date outfit should be relevant and in line with what the two are doing for the date. Different activities are done in different locations.  What you wear to a dinner date is not what you wear to a walk in the park. Make it perfect by considering the location.

Comfort: Let not what you wear interfere with how you carry yourself around. Ensure it is comfortable enough for you. Avoid too tight clothes or too baggy ones. Do not show a lot of skin either. Wear heels that are of moderate length so you may not hurt your feet if you have to walk. Makeup should not be exaggerated.

First impression: Choose clothing that is likely to leave your date dazzled. Remember it should not show skin. Show off your assets discreetly. This is the only chance you have to create a powerful first impression. Be sure to make your outfit impressive enough for that lasting first impression.

Colors: Don’t go for a color because you like it. Wear it because it complements your skin color. Choose colors that are suitable for your skin.

Good Places for a Perfect First Date:

Great places for a first date should be public. Since the two of you do not know each other so well yet, avoid private and secluded areas until you have gained each other’s trust. Good places for a first date should also give room for you to talk and find out staff about each other.

The traditional options for a first date have always been a dinner and a movie. With time other good places have come up. These include:

  • Art galleries: The various pieces on display are likely to be great conversation starters.
  • Hot air balloon rides:  This will definitely impress your date.
  • Walk a dog together: If you have a dog and they love dogs, how about taking it for a walk together? This will provide a chance for both of you to get involved in something you like.
  • Sunrise picnics: Gather a mat, a hot coffee flask and some snacks.  Get to a point where you can watch the sun rising.
  •  Amusement park: this is likely to bring out the child in each one of you.
  • Taking a walk: This could be in the zoo, the streets or in the gardens.

Bad First Dates – What to Avoid for Perfect First Date

At times, despite all the efforts made, there is a possibility that a first date will turn bad. Below are the signs and reasons that could lead to this.

Extreme lateness: This is when either of the two gets to the agreed venue long past the agreed time without having made calls to explain their lateness. The other party will obviously have gotten bored. They will also not take you seriously. When the start of a first date is wrong, nothing works right.

Too many silent moments: If you can’t sustain a conversation long enough, there is a possibility that the two of you have nothing in common and are incompatible.

Unmatched expectations: The lady may have expected to be taken out for a sumptuous diner date only to be taken for a coffee date. The lady may expect the man to pay the bill since he invited her out. On the other hand, the man may expect them to split the bill. When expectations are not met, the two get disappointed and may not want to see each other again.

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