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Ovulation Test – Positive, How to Use Test, When to Take

For people trying to conceive, there are so many offers online. Ovulation tests are one of the things that are likely to be suggested in most forums. Just what are they? Ovulation tests are carried out using specially designed kits at around mid-cycle. Find out more below.

How to Use Ovulation Tests

Generally, the instructions for use vary with the manufacturer. There is, however, some common ground on how to use the ovulation tests. These are as discussed below.

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  • One should collect urine between 10.00am and 8.00pm. The best time to take the test should be after noon since LH is released in the morning. By this time, the hormone will have been absorbed into the body.
  • Reduce the intake of fluids before taking the test as this may dilute the urine and thus affect the results. While using a saliva based kit, taking anything before getting a saliva sample may distort the structure. Avoid consuming anything before then.
  • The results should be read within 10minutes. While it is impossible to change a positive result to indicate something else, a negative result could get altered with time. Negative color bands may change to display faint positive color bands with time. To avoid this, throw away the kit after reading the results.
  • When using a saliva ferning kit, take the sample before consuming anything for the best results. Wait for it to dry on the slide and use a microscope to analyze it.

To work out the most probable ovulation window, subtract 17 from the length of your cycle. A person with a cycle of 30 days should start using the test kit at cycle day 13.  This should be done for the next six days.

It is important not to use these tests for contraception purposes. A sperm can linger in the reproductive system of a woman for hours. It is therefore possible to conceive from intercourse that takes place before the fertile phase.

When to Take Ovulation Test

Most of the women spend their life trying to avoid getting pregnant. When they get off the contraceptives and are actively trying to conceive, it may take eternity.

A number of couples may not know that their estimated ovulation time may be wrong. As such, they could be trying too hard yet doing it either too early or too late.

During ovulation, only one egg is released. In some rare cases two may be released. After this, the egg is only viable for fertilization for 24 hours. This is why it is important to take an ovulation test so as to determine when it is to be released.

To save on time and resources spent on the purchase of kits, it is important to time the optimum duration in which to use the kit. The days should start from the length of your cycle length less 17. This means that for a person with a 28 day cycle, the testing should start on cycle day 11, for one with a 30 days cycle it should start at cycle day 13 and so on.

Once you have the right days, the tests should be taken for the next at least six days. Most kits come with five to nine testing sticks. Use them until you get the LH surge.

With this on mind, what time of the day should one take the test? The best results are gotten if the test is conducted between 10.00am and 8.00pm. The Luteinizing hormone is usually produced in the morning. Conducting the test past noon would give the best results.

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During the days that you do the test, it ought to be done at the same time every day.

Before taking the test avoid taking too many fluids. One should also not take the results in the morning as it may give false positives due to the concentration that happens overnight.

Positive Ovulation Test – Now What?

When the ovulation test gives positive results, that means there has been a surge in the luteinizing hormone. Ovulation is therefore likely to take place within 24-36hours.

With this information, it would be important to actively try to conceive. Have sex on the same day and space it within 24 hours for the best results. The sperms can last up to five days if it is in the right environment. Since around the time that there is an LH surge the egg white mucus is likely to be available, the sperms can last up to when ovulation will be taking place.

This is probably the time you have been waiting for and getting things right may help you yield positive results.

Saliva Ovulation Test

Saliva based ovulation tests allow predict ovulation in a less messy manner. Before ovulation takes place, there is a surge in estrogen which later facilitates production of LH. This affects the saliva structure which can be seen in how it crystalizes.  As a result, this test gives more days prior to ovulation than urine based tests.

Saliva ovulation test kits come in a simple casing that looks like lipstick cases. This makes it discreet and possible to use anytime and anywhere. It works in simple ways.

One is only required to pull out the lens and place some saliva on the slide. After this, allow it to dry for around five minutes. Ensure no air bubbles are in the sample.

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