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Ovulation Test Kits – How Do Ovulation Kits Work, Do They Work

Are you one of the girls who show no physical symptoms while ovulating? Have you been trying to conceive with no avail? It is also possible that you are tired of taking and recording your temperatures every day. You need to try ovulation test kits especially if you think observing cervical mucus is gross. There is an easy, time saving, and accurate way to predict your ovulation and fertile window without so much hard work.

Ovulation test kits are apparatus designed to help predict when ovulation is likely to occur. They apply different techniques and have different ways through which samples are collected.

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How Do Ovulation Kits Work

Ovulation Prediction Kits (OPKs) are available at drugstores. No prescription is needed to get one.

In the initial phase of the menstrual cycle, the body produces follicle-stimulating hormone. This facilitates formation of follicles in the ovaries. Only one of these matures to become dominant. When this happens, a surge in luteinizing hormone (LH) occurs. This stimulates the ovary to burst and release the egg. The process through which the egg is released into the fallopian tube is known as ovulation.

Ovulation predictor kits are based on detection of the surge in luteinizing hormone. Throughout a woman’s cycle, only a small amount of luteinizing hormone is produced. When the quantity is elevated, OPKs detect the surge. This is done through antibodies that are found on the testing membrane.

The LH surge is usually very brief. The timing for the test has to be right so that it is not missed. One has to work out the most probable days for testing and do it at the right time of the day. Testing should be done between 10.00am and 8pm. During the night, urine becomes concentrated and may give a false LH surge signal due to the normal LH that is usually present in the body.  Since LH is produced early in the morning, testing early afternoon would ensure that it has spread throughout the body and it can be detected by the ovulation test kit. Since testing is not done on a single day, be sure to test at the same time of the day each day.

OPKs can predict ovulation as early as 36 hours before it happens. The results should be ready within five minutes. Be sure to read them fast enough at the latest after 10 minutes. To calculate when your fertile window is likely to start, subtract 17 from your cycle length. If your normal cycle takes 28days, this means one should start testing on cycle day 11 and use it for up to six days.

One can decide to start testing on day 11 irrespective of their cycle length. The only down side to this is that people with long cycles may have to use more than one kit because a normal kit only provides for five to nine days’ testing. This could be quite expensive. Using the cycle duration minus 17 days may be the better option.

OPKs are not fool proof. While they show either a positive or a negative result, they do not indicate if you are ovulating. There is also a possibility for false surges before the actual one happens.

Most kits come with instructions, which should be followed to the letter. Since each company knows how customized their kits are, it is important to do this to get accurate results.

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A saliva ferning ovulation predictor kit is easier to use than the urine based one. One is only required to place saliva by either licking or use of a finger on the slide. This should be done first thing in the morning before eating or drinking since these could alter the saliva structure. The saliva should not be too much or have air bubbles.

Give the saliva time to dry and then use a microscope to observe if it forms any patterns. The microscope comes with instructions on how to interpret the findings.

This microscope works on the basis of saliva crystallization which is caused by an increased salt content in the body. This is attributed to the rise in estrogen levels just before a surge in LH.

If the saliva dries out with fern-like crystallization, this means there are around three days to ovulation. It therefore gives a wider fertility window.

Ovulation Tests and Best Ovulation Kits

The two main modes of ovulation testing are saliva based ovulation tests and urine based ovulation test kits. While the former only requires purchasing a slide and a hand held microscope, the later has too many brands. Some of these could be faulty and it is important to go for the best ovulation kits.

The best ovulation test kits in the market include:

Clear Blue Ovulation Test Kits

This OPK is an accurate way to evaluate ovulation. It tests both LH and estrogen surge. It has replaceable test strips. Since it monitors two hormones, it is more accurate than other kits.

The kit can be used with ease and the results can be easily interpreted. This has been rated the best predictor ovulation kit in some sites.

Clear Blue Easy Digital Ovulation Test Kits

This ovulation test kit comes with testing strips and digital reading sticks. It also monitors both estrogen and LH as they surge.

The digital display makes the reading easy and no interpretations are required. It is either a smiley face for positive results or a blank circle for negative ones. Its instruction booklet helps its users have an easy time with it.

Clear Blue Digital Ovulation Test Kits

The clear blue digital ovulation test has an accuracy of 99%. It takes three minutes to give the results and shows the best two days to conceive within a given cycle. It also requires no interpretation and is thus obvious; a smiley face is a positive result for luteinizing hormone. A blank circle shows a negative result.

The clear blue digital ovulation test kit has a symbol of a flashing stick which indicates that the kit is in good working condition.

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All the above are used once in a day at the same time every day and during the days one expects to ovulate.

Do Ovulation Tests Work?

OPKs are said to have an accuracy of 99%. They are also better than basal body temperature and cervical mucus monitoring.

There are a lot of online testimonies on how effective OPKs are. A lot of women have discovered that the reason they could not conceive was because they were trying at the wrong time. This they discovered courtesy of the OPKs

Ovulation Test Results – Ovulation Tests Kits Results

A surge in LH should yield a positive result. This is indicated by the test band showing an equal or deeper color intensity than the control band. When it is not there or is faint, that means the LH surge is yet to occur.

In easy clear blue kits the results are easy to read and no interpretation is required. A smiley face means positive and a blank circle shows a negative.

How Accurate are Ovulation Tests?

Urine based ovulation test kits are said to be 99% accurate. They happen to be the best home ovulation tests as compared to temperature charting and cervical mucus monitoring.

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