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What Is Rhinoplasty, Rhinoplasty Procedure, Risks, Rhinoplasty Gone Wrong & Pictures

What is rhinoplasty? Get what is rhinoplasty, the systematic cosmetic and corrective procedure of rhinoplasty, the risks involved, before and after pictures of rhinoplasty. Do you know of rhinoplasty gone wrong? Find out the meaning of this as well in this article.

Procedure for rhinoplasty

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Thank you to the media we now know what it means to have perfect pair of cheek dimples as found on celebrities, gorgeous eyes, luscious lips and now the perfect nose. If you do not know your type of nose then you had better find out because it turns out that the nose can say a lot about your character.

If you have a cute nose like Kate Middleton, then you are considered to be among the most gorgeous people to walk on the earth’s surface. Woe unto you if you have a big nose because being cute would be an understatement in spite of your other beautiful facial features.

However, not all is lost because cosmetic surgeons can correct just about any imperfections on your body and that includes those on the nose. You may have to work hard to achieve your ideal nose because the cost of a nose job is definitely not cheap and it does not change your character as well. It is also very risky.

You have to think about it carefully and choose your ideal surgeon wisely if you want the perfect outcome on your face. What is rhinoplasty? I will give you a systematic rhinoplasty procedure and what it means by rhinoplasty gone wrong. Rhinoplasty risks also manifest after this procedure. Find out what these risks are shortly.

What Is Rhinoplasty  or What is the Meaning of Rhinoplasty?

So, what is rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty is the cosmetic procedure performed on patients who want to change the shape, size, angle, tips and remove any bumps on the nose.  This is a term invented by surgeons for nose surgery. Greek surgeons invented it as the Greek people had the tendency to change the size and shape of their noses. Do you know about the Greek nose? Also known as, the aquiline nose is not a type of nose that most are proud to have.

Closed nose job

You probably know it is a nose job just as people have lip jobs and boob jobs among other surgeries to alter their body. It is a cosmetic surgery done on the nose. However, it can also be functional since it can also be performed when one has problems breathing or with the nasal structure, that affects his or her airways.

Rhinoplasty is also a procedure done on adults who are above 19 years of age. This is because girls’ noses develop fully between the ages of 15 and 16. Boys on the other hand, their noses develop between the age of 17 and 18. Any rhinoplasty performed below these ages would change at some point as the nose reaches full development.  Therefore, the patient would require a repeat surgery.

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It is however unlikely for surgeons to perform surgery on nose for people who are below these ages. They can only do it when patients under the age of 19 have trouble sleeping because of breathing problems and heavy snoring among others. It has to be an emergency to be done below these ages or as the surgeon will advise.

Rhinoplasty or nose job is a cosmetic procedure to change the way the nose looks to you or other people from the side or front view. While some people are proud of their cute little noses, others are uncomfortable with the bulbous and wide noses.  This procedure can be performed on all people who want to change their look regardless of their race or ethnic background.

Step-by-Step Rhinoplasty Procedure

In order to have smooth rhinoplasty, you should select an ideal surgeon carefully. This is the first step towards getting the nose job. Ask your friends who have had nose jobs and research online as much as possible until you land on the ideal surgeon because your nose facing the knife is a big deal.

Crooked nose before and after rhinoplasty

The right surgeon should have years of experience and he or she should have conducted hundreds and probably thousands of nose jobs. It helps to find out if the surgeon you wish to engage with the rhinoplasty procedure is board certified as a plastic surgeon or in otolaryngology, which is throat, nose and ear specialty, or both of these specialties.  The surgeon’s office should also be accredited and the anesthesiologist board certified as well. If you care about your dear life, you have to find out about these details before signing the consent form for your nose job.

Even before you get to sign the consent form, you should be able to see computer images of what to expect from the rhinoplasty procedure. Some offices may not be hi-tech depending on preference, therefore, if you find a surgeon with years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers still using hand graphics, do not hesitate to have him or her perform the procedure, because it means he or she can still do a marvelous job.

You may have the rhinoplasty procedure done on the same day you consult with the surgeon or on an appointed date depending on how busy the surgeon’s office is.

Rhinoplasty gone wrong – Ensure you always go to a specialist

Whatever the case, ensure that the surgeon takes you through what to expect from the actual procedure to the after care. He or she should also inform you of the possible rhinoplasty risks and whether you should pay him or her for revision rhinoplasty incase the procedure goes wrong.

When it comes to the actual rhinoplasty procedure, the surgeon accesses the bones and cartilage supporting your nose by incision. Some bones or cartilage may be removed or tissue may be added from a part of your body such as the ear. This way, your body cannot reject this tissue. Similarly, synthetic filler may be used instead of finding tissue on a different part of your body.

Negligent Rhinoplasty Gone Wrong

Do you remember the late Michael Jackson’s upturned nose from numerous nose jobs gone wrong and had to use a veil? Like any other cosmetic surgical procedure, rhinoplasty may go wrong. Fortunately, if the surgeon was negligent you can sue him or her.

Rhinoplasty gone wrong occurs when there is a clinical error or when the surgery fails due to negligence. Furthermore, there should be substantial medical opinion supporting a failed procedure. If the surgeon cannot provide any opinion as to why the procedure failed that would be a negligent case.

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Rhinoplasty gone wrong may also occur when you the patient do not agree on the same rhinoplasty procedure objectives with the surgeon. This can happen when he or she does not listen to your needs and you to his or her opinion about the outcome.

Unsatisfactory outcomes of the procedure on the other hand do not mean that the surgeon was negligent. This is because you encounter some risks because of your nasal structure and healing capacity. If both your structure and healing capability are poor, then you will develop risks that you may want to blame on the surgeon for rhinoplasty gone wrong.

Before and After Rhinoplasty Pictures

It is important that you look at several before and after rhinoplasty pictures offered by the surgeon you wish to engage in the procedure. A surgeon who has dozens of photos is better placed than that one who has just two or one. Furthermore, the after images should show a nose that blends with the rest of the facial features in the patient. It should not be just a nose, but a better and attractive nose than the original one in the before picture.  You can also find out the outcome of the revision done on any of the patients on the pictures.

Rare Rhinoplasty Risks

Any surgery has risks and so does rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty risks are mainly about patient dissatisfaction. The percentage of dissatisfied patients ranges from 5%-20% depending on the expertise of the surgeon. You can find out the percentage of your chosen surgeon and if it he or she has a zero, move on to the next surgeon’s office, because it is not possible to have none dissatisfied patients when it comes to rhinoplasty.

Other rare rhinoplasty risks apart for dissatisfaction of the aesthetic outcome include:

  • Infection if you do not use the antibiotics religiously. Infection is also common if implants or synthetic fillers are used
  • Deformity in the nasal cavity, which is often avoided with expert surgical technique and post rhinoplasty care
  • Difficulties in breathing
  • Scarring
  • Swelling
  • Severe bleeding
  • Losing sense of smell
  • Disfigurement
  • Unevenness nose
  • Haemotoma, which is formation of blood clots
  • Injury on septum, the tissue that divides the nostrils
  • Contractual aspirations ignored by the surgeon
  • Revision of surgery

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