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Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline, Tips, Photos, Revision, Rhinoplasty Recovery Stories

What is the rhinoplasty recovery timeline? Discover how long your rhinoplasty recovery will take whether you had a primary or revision rhinoplasty. Additionally, see photos of patients going through rhinoplasty healing in the first 8 days and get tips on how to heal safely and patiently.

Day 6 recovery

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Thanks to online resources, you can settle on best primary or revision rhinoplasty surgeons near you or abroad. By the time you find the ideal surgeon, you should have quit smoking for about a month prior to consulting with the surgeon and desisted from taking any medications, which thin blood such as aspirins , ibuprofen and various herbal remedies two weeks before. This will enable you not to bleed heavily during rhinoplasty or nose job recovery .

On the day of the surgery, do pack clothing that you can button instead of pulling over your head. These will help you not to disturb the nose after surgery. The surgeon will have analyzed your nose and shown you computer or tracing paper graphics of the expected outcome on your nose.Therefore, you will be ready to face the knife and get your ideal new nose already.

After the surgery, you will begin an important phase towards achieving your new nose and that recovery. Your surgeon should give you instructions on what to do and not do to ease the healing process. Follow your surgeon’s instructions to the letter and the tips provided in this article to make your rhinoplasty recovery timeline short and bearable.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline and Milestones in Rhinoplasty Recovery

How fast you recover from rhinoplasty depends on how thick or thin your skin tissues are. Furthermore, you healing capability also play a great role in giving your quick results. The other most important thing in the recovery process is the rhinoplasty aftercare .

Your surgeon will give you clear instructions written on a piece of paper on how to take care of your nose after surgery and rhinoplasty recovery timeline and what should cause alarm and create a need for you to call or visit the surgeon once more. Do not leave the surgeons office without clear instructions.

The first few 3-5 days you may have to wear packing to contain the bleeding and fluids coming from your nostrils. If your surgeon does not provide one, find out the reason why. You may remove this packing on the 3 or 5 day to be on the safe side.

During this rhinoplasty recovery timeline, you will also notice that you have bruising and swelling. If you have one and not the other, it is okay still. The swelling may be on your cheeks, upper lip and eyes. The bruising also occurs around the eyes and sometimes on the cheeks.

On the first 7 days, you will also have to wear a splint to support your bones and cartilage. The surgeon will ask you to go back to the office to have it removed. Do not attempt to remove it yourself as you could interfere with the healing process. On this same day if you had open rhinoplasty, the surgeon will remove any stitches as well. However, if you had internal stitches they may be left to dissolve on their own.

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Swelling and bruising will also seem to subside on the 7th day. After another three days or so, you may go to work if you had primary rhinoplasty. This is because the swelling will hardly be visible to those around you. Only you can point out the swelling in the mirror. However, if you had a revision you may have to wait for another week or until the third week to go back to work.

On the 2nd -3rd week, the swelling and the bruising should have resolved notably. At the 3rd -4th month, you should start seeing a defined nose and most of the swelling gone. If you find any irregularities then you can stop by your surgeon’s office for analysis. Otherwise, by 6 months all the swelling will have cleared and your will have a clearly defined nosed.

The recovery rhinoplasty timeline for the nose tip may be the last to stop swelling, but this should clear in 12 months for a primary rhino. However, a revision can take 18-24 months to heal completely.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Period or How Long Is Rhinoplasty Recovery?

It takes approximately 1-1 ½ years for the full recovery of a primary rhinoplasty. How long is rhinoplasty recovery for a revision ? Depending on your healing capacity and thickness of your skin you may heal after 1 ½ -2 years . Therefore, avoid being impatient or depressed by the slow progress.

Why Revision Rhinoplasty Recovery Takes Longer

The recovery of revision rhinoplasty may be marked by skin discoloration and unceasing swelling. The long healing time is due to the following:

  • Your blood supply will have been impaired in a revision rhinoplasty
  • The lymphatic drainage may also be damaged by a second surgery
  • Your skin will also have suffered trauma from the incisions
  • A revision rhinoplasty means that sometimes your skin has to deal with added fibrous tissue
  • You may also have acquired scarring in your primary rhino

All these factors lead to a lengthy revision rhinoplasty or  nose surgery recovery.

Day1 to 8 Rhinoplasty Recovery Photos

Looking at yourself in the mirror during nose surgery recovery, you can hardly believe that you are doing fine with all the swelling and bruising. However, the rhinoplasty recovery photos below should encourage you to stay calm because soon or later the bruising and swelling will go away. Recovery is all a matter of time. You have to be patient and most of all heed the surgeon’s instructions. Furthermore, you have to believe that your surgeon is telling you the truth about the healing process.

Here are rhinoplasty recovery photos of different women on different days of the first week. This is the same process when you have had open or closed rhinoplasty . You can only escape this ordeal if you settle for non surgical procedure.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 recovery Day 7 Day 8

However, dermal fillers may not correct your functional nasal problems. It is best for minor defects only on nose bridge and tip. Do you identify with the swellings and bruising in these pictures? If you do then you are perfectly fine, do relax and take good care not to disturb your nose at all costs. If you have not gone through surgery, yet you could be salvaged by non surgical rhinoplasty ask your surgeon about it.

Easing Rhinoplasty Recovery Swelling

All the swelling fortunately can be eased if your surgeon sees the need to do that with

  • Kenalog
  •  Cortisteroids shots

However, these can be administered three times at most in three months. You can also ask your surgeon if it is okay to take natural supplements to help you heal faster.  The best natural supplements are:

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  • Arnica Montana
  • Pineapple stem extracts known as bromelain to ease after rhinoplasty swelling .
  • You can also try adding lots of vitamin C in your diet especially in form of natural juices to give you a quick rhinoplasty recovery that is free from excessive swelling.

Helpful Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips

The following tips will help you get through surgery effortlessly. Follow the following rhinoplasty recovery tips and you will not be disappointed:

  • Avoid the sun for at most three months sunburn is not good on your nose during recovery
  • Never blow your nose just wipe until after 2-3 weeks
  • Do not go swimming the water can disturb the skin tissues in your nose which are not healed completely
  • Avoid wearing clothes that you have to put over your head. Instead, wear clothes that you have to button up or zip up.
  • Do not sleep without taping. More so, wear taping every morning and evening to give your bones and cartilage support
  • If you must wear, glasses when going outdoors wear a hard splint on your nose and let the glasses rest on it. otherwise, wear contacts instead.
  • Do not open your mouth to wide while smiling, laughing or brushing your teeth. Similarly, make the brushing of teeth gentle.
  • Do not chew on hard food items let your diet consist of soft foods until you heal completely.
  • Consult your surgeon if you notice anything unusual and do not medicate yourself
  • Avoid foods with too much salt

Raw Rhinoplasty Recovery Stories and Surviving Rhinoplasty Patients

These are real rhinoplasty recover stories from people who have survived the surgery successfully.

Update day 6 after rhinoplasty  (realself.com)

“Head aches non-stop regardless on any pain meds I took, and my throat is a little sore.

  • I also am finding it a little painful to eat even soft foods now.
  • Nose still drips here and there, but I clean routinely throughout day with q-tips to help that.”
  • I also am finding it a little painful to eat even soft foods now.
  • Nose still drips here and there, but I clean routinely throughout day with q-tips to help that.
  • Still swelling in face (cheeks), but around the eyes has pretty much subsided.
  • My right eye bruise has turned mainly yellow now, except for on my eye lid.
  • I get nauseated late at night sometimes, but rarely. Sometimes it’s just easily prevented by eating before taking meds. and drinking enough fluids.
  • I found out the less I move and talk, the less pain I am in and the faster the swelling goes down. If your like me, I get stir-crazy and feel like I have to do something, but trust me, the more you rest the faster you will heal.

The tip of my nose is mainly numb, but I started to feel a little when I touch it now.”

Update 1 month and 2 days after rhinoplasty (ashleyreyona5.wordpress.com)

“The swelling is slowly going down. I know it’s going down because if I wake up with puffy eyes/face, my nose size reminds me of what it looked like 2 weeks ago. I think it also swells up if I drink alcohol. LOL. It drips sometimes. The last of the stitches I have messed around with, and I think they’re out now. It’s still sensitive on the bridge and the tip is still stiff and sometimes sensitive. “

Bottom Line: Achieve Rhinoplasty Recovery Day By Day

You are not going to achieve healing on your nose overnight. It will take quite sometime. However, you can be encouraged by the fact that rhinoplasty recovery day by day shows lots of improvement. Celebrate any little improvement and stay positive to avoid falling into depression especially if you are recovering from revision rhinoplasty. Complete healing is achieved one day at a time.

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