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Rhinoplasty Recovery Time, Nose Job Recovery Time, Open Rhinoplasty, Asian, Revision & Tips

How much rhinoplasty recovery time do I need? Discover how much time you require to recover fully from your nose job. The nose job recovery time for tip from an open, Asian and revision rhinoplasty procedure is outlined in this article. Know the best way to achieve fast rhinoplasty recovery duration.

A few days after rhinoplasty

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If you have heard the horror stories of rhinoplasty recovery there is nothing you cannot handle with these rhinoplasty recovery tips. It is important as well that you follow your surgeon’s instructions to the letter. These instructions are usually provided to you in writing as talking to you after the surgery with all the grogginess you cannot remember a thing.

If your surgeon does not give you the instructions, remember to ask for them. In fact, even before you go into the theatre room, remind your surgeon about the rhinoplasty aftercare instructions.

Rhinoplasty recovery duration is not definite because people have different kinds of skin, and hence, different healing capabilities. For those with thicker skin, it takes them a long time to heal, while those with thin skin can start to show results as early as the second week after rhinoplasty.

Another thing that contributes to the timeline is how well you take care of the bruising and the swellings. Let us now focus on the  recovery time. The steps to take for a smooth nose job recovery.

Primary Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

When having a virgin rhinoplasty, the first thing that goes through your mind is how difficult it is going to be. However, the truth of the matter is that a primary rhinoplasty is much easier to handle than a revision. This is why you should select the best surgeon near you carefully. Nose surgery is quite sensitive and you therefore, need a surgeon who has not only ample training, but also years of experience. Furthermore, you should get to see plenty of his before and after rhinoplasty photos before selecting him or her.

This way, your  time of recovery  will not delay because too much cartilage or bones were removed from your nose or bones were broken during the surgery.  Whether you had an Asian rhinoplasty to correct the tip or bridge or any other kind of primary rhinoplasty, the recovery duration should not be so much apart.

The first week on nose job recovery  is usually the toughest. This is because you may become sick from ingesting blood and fluids from your nose. Therefore, if you find yourself vomiting, it is normal. Furthermore, you will begin to see swelling around your nose and on cheeks in the first three days. Bruising is also a common occurrence in some people, while others are just lucky not to experience it.  When you have bruising from rhinoplasty, you look like someone with a bad case of black eye.

The truth about recovery after a rhinoplasty

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The bruising and swelling may get heighted on the 3rd day after surgery. Luckily, you will still be required to wear the cast from the surgeon’s office, which should contain the swelling after some time. This splint goes off on the 7th day at the surgeon’s office.

In week two after your nose job, you swelling and bruising will have dropped considerably and even though not quite clearly, you will be able to make out the final expected nose. Any remaining swelling will only be evident to you and not to those around you.

Therefore, if you do jobs that require sitting at a desk all day, you can report to work. However, if your job entails bending and picking heavy stuff, you could ask to be off for three weeks or instead switch your place with a person who does lighter work to enable you to heal properly.

The third and fourth week most of the swelling will be gone and the bruising completely gone.  The remaining part to heal could be the tip is especially if had to undergo open rhinoplasty.  Furthermore, you will see your brand new nose defined clearly.

The next significant changes in the primary rhinoplasty recovery time will be evident at

  • 3 months
  • 9 months
  • 12 months complete healing

After the 12th month, if you are not happy with your primary rhinoplasty results you can book a qualified surgeon to carry out the revision.

Easy Open Rhinoplasty Recovery Time Tips

Care tips for quick recovery

Of course there is no shortcut to healing your nose from surgery, it has to take about 6 -12 months depending on the skin’s healing capabilities. Furthermore, since the incision during open rhinoplasty is made under the tip, the stitches there may need removal or they may fall on themselves. Normally when you are having the cast removed, your surgeon will remove the stitches as well.

The easy open rhinoplasty recovery time tips require that you sleep with your head elevated for about four or more weeks to ease the swelling, which goes on for 1-6 months.

Furthermore, you can use blenderm tape every morning as you go out on your nose and every evening when you are going to bed. This will contain the swelling considerably. You should also quit eating foods with too much salt. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol should also be avoided if you want to recover fast from the open rhinoplasty.

Asian Rhinoplasty Recovery Time Depends on Procedure

As long as you are having a primary Asian rhinoplasty, your recovery duration will be as indicated above especially if you undergo open rhinoplasty to correct any tip projection. However, if your doctor chooses to use closed rhinoplasty, Asian nose job recovery time may be shorter.

Revision Rhinoplasty Recovery Time and When to Have Revision Rhinoplasty

If you are not happy with the results of your primary surgery, it is best to wait until one year ends for you to book another rhinoplasty. However, if you are impatient you can always ask your surgeon to examine your nose. This way, he or she can give an opinion on whether to go ahead with the surgery or wait further until the primary rhinoplasty has healed completely. Being hasty on another surgery can lead to very slow revision rhinoplasty or nose job recovery lengths.

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Tip Rhinoplasty Recovery Time, the Hard Truth

The tip rhinoplasty recovery time is the longest. It will feel hard and all swollen when every other part has healed. This is normal and you should not be alarmed when it takes too long to heal. You can continue taking your adding lots of vitamin C into your diet and everything should turn up just fine.

Revision Nose Job Recovery Time and What to do for Nose Job Recovery

Revision Nose Job Recovery Time

When you do decide to have a revision nose job, your surgeon will have to impair your blood supply once more. Furthermore, your lymphatic drainage will also be damaged by the revision rhinoplasty. As if the first dissection trauma was not enough, there will be a second one and lots of scarring too. All these will contribute to a very slow revision nose job recovery time.

While patience is important, because the swelling may resolve after 12 -24 months, you can avoid the sun for three months. Furthermore, you should not go back to drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes after revision rhinoplasty for at least one month.

You should also make a habit of staying in rooms with air con as dry air can irritate your nose and lead to even slower nose job recovery time.  Try also using Hirudoid cream for any bruising and saline sprays and cotton buds to clean your nose; do not put the cotton buds inside the nostrils, but at the surface. Alternatively, you can dab your nostrils with a cotton cloth instead of blowing your nose.

If the swelling does not seem to go away, consult with your surgeon he or she could give you kenalog or cortisteroids shots. However, if the surgeon sees it unnecessary, do not get furious because the surgeon is looking out for your best interests. These shots can only be given three times during your revision nose job recovery time and when necessary. You can also consult on what natural supplements to take to aid in your quick nose job recovery time.

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