Open Rhinoplasty & Closed Rhinoplasty Costs, Recovery, Before & After Pictures & Cheap Rhinoplasty
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Open Rhinoplasty & Closed Rhinoplasty Costs, Recovery, Before & After Pictures & Cheap Rhinoplasty

What is the difference between open and closed rhinoplasty? Learn what open rhinoplasty is and how it is different from closed one. Additionally, find out how much each of these procedures cost, the recovery time for rhinoplasty and what happens before and after open and closed rhinoplasty.  

Closed nose job technique

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The nose is a very unique organ in the body, it helps you not only breath, but also add to the aesthetic value of your face. If you have a cute nose, everyone around you will love to stare at it.

However, if you have a nose that appears bigger than your face, you will never be confident carrying it around because the first thing that people see when they look at your face is the big nose. The same case when you have a smaller nose for face you are bound to feel less attractive.

In order to have a nose that blends with the rest of your face, you may have no choice but to have surgery done to correct it. If you do not want to face the knife, you can always go for non surgical rhinoplasty. However, this procedure is ideal for only minor imperfections. Major imperfections will have to be corrected by open and closed rhinoplasty.  This article will discuss in detail about closed and open rhinoplasty and where you to get it for cheap.

Closed Rhinoplasty or Internal Nose Surgery

When you find yourself a surgeon, he or she may tell that you will need closed rhinoplasty.  This is just another term for internal or endonasal nose surgery. The surgeon makes incisions inside the nose. Therefore, the incisions are made to remove cartilage or bones that would give you a smaller nose. Furthermore, the surgeon may also make stitches to the remaining skin tissue so that it can heal properly.

Closed Rhinoplasty Cost

The closed nose job or rhinoplasty cost depends on various factors, these include:

  • Whether the closed nose job is primary or a revision to correct rhinoplasty gone wrong
  • The cost will also depend on the number of surgeries you will need before you can get your ideal nose.
  • The functionality of you nose will also play a major role in determining the price. If the surgeon has to remove some polyps or sinus problems when performing surgery, he or she will let you know about this and how much it will cost you.
  • Depending on whether you want to sleep or just be numbed on the nose, your anesthesia choice is going to factor in the cost, whether local or general.
  • The experience and qualifications of your surgeon will also determine the cost of your closed nose surgery.
  • The region of your nose job is also equally important. It would cost less if you are getting an Asian rhinoplasty in Korea or India than it would in USA or the UK.
  • Similarly, if there are grafts needed for the nose job from your body or synthetic, they will factor into the overall cost.

You can expect to pay anything between $2,900$5,800 for primary closed rhinoplasty a revision may cost more.

Closed Rhinoplasty Before and After

If you decide to have internal nose surgery it is important to bear some tips in mind which will help you in your recovery. Closed rhinoplasty before and after care should involve the following:

  • Avoiding taking any blood thinning medication a month before the close rhinoplasty, examples of these medications included aspirin, ibuprofen, anti- inflammatories, lorenox, Plarix and heparin among others.  Talk to your surgeon about the medication you have been taking so that he or she can tell you if you will have bleeding problems.
  • Discuss with your surgeon if you have bleeding disorders
  • Avoid taking multivitamins, herbal remedies and teas or anything that gives you lots of Vitamin E, which thins blood before and after.
  • You are not required to smoke a month prior to the surgery and a month after.

Here is closed rhinoplasty before and after pictures to give you an impression of what to expect.

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Closed Rhinoplasty Recovery

The recovery for closed nose surgery is one of the easiest and bearable. This is because closed rhinoplasty recovery is fast as the swelling eases in 1-6 weeks. You can resume work after 10 days and light exercises such as walking or jogging.

Any cast, splint or tape is removed in 5-10 days. The stitches do not require removal as they dissolve into the skin. Furthermore, they do not leave any visible scars because recovery takes place internally.

External Nose Surgery or Open Rhinoplasty

Open nose job

Open rhinoplasty is also known as external rhinoplasty. It is done mostly to correct the tip, however, a surgeon who is experienced in this will advice you to have it because he or she knows to work his hands around this procedure. Both closed and open rhinoplasties achieve the same goals though differently. With this procedure, the surgeon can see all the bones and cartilage in the nose clearly. Try this if you want a tip rhinoplasty from a Nubian or bulbous nose to a more defined tip because it will give the perfect tip.

Primary Open Rhinoplasty

A primary open rhinoplasty costs more than a primary closed rhinoplasty. However, if the surgeon suggests it is the best for you do not object. You can expect to pay between $3,200 and $6,500. Then this again is dependent on the experience of the surgeon, the region where you chose to have it done, and the anesthetic you choose among others.

Open Rhinoplasty Recovery

Most surgeons will tell you that open rhinoplasty recovery time is longer than closed nose surgery. It takes about 1-6 months for the swelling to ease and you may feel you have your normal nose back after a year or longer. However, this all depends on the after care you give to your nose tip. You should sleep with your head elevated, that is, the head should be above the heart for several days. Patients of open surgery have reported to sleep while seated with several pillows as cushioning and they have recovered without complications.

Open Rhinoplasty Scar

Open nose job procedure

With open rhinoplasty, scarring is an avoidable. This is because the stitches are removed at 4-7 days. Therefore, an open rhinoplasty scar may be left depending on whether there was bruising during removal of the sutures. The fact that this procedure swells for a long time, makes it possible to scar your nose especially the tip.

Open Rhinoplasty Incision and Procedure

A small incision is made on the underside of the nose tip. It goes through the section between the two nostrils also known as columella. This open rhinoplasty incision and procedure may cause numbness of nose tip for several weeks. Furthermore, there will be considerable swelling on the nose with this procedure.

Where to Get Cheap Rhinoplasty

You should never compromise on the expertise and experience of your chosen surgeon for a cheap rhinoplasty. According the American Society of Plastic surgeon’s report of 2006, the average cost was $ 3,841. If you are looking for something cheaper than this in the US you may be forced to engage an inexperienced surgeon and the effects of that will show on the aesthetic outcome of your nose job.

Instead, of looking for cheap rhinoplasty in the US you can opt to go abroad to India or Korea. There you will find USA and UK trained surgeons practicing in 5 star facilities and you will pay less. For an cheaper Asian rhinoplasty, going to the Asians themselves would enable you to save a great deal on your nose job.

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