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Asian Rhinoplasty Cost, Before and After, Male, Specialist, Asian Rhinoplasty LA, San Francisco

What is Asian rhinoplasty? Discover how Asian rhinoplasty is different from Caucasian rhinoplasty, its cost, what this cosmetic procedure looks like in before and after pictures and specialists you can trust with oriental rhinoplasty.

Asian nose with defined tip – before and after

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When you decide to get a nose job, it is important to find out as much as possible about ethnic rhinoplasty. Without our noses, we would never be able to breathe in and out.  However, their structures are different across cultures. The African Americans have a bulbous nose known as the Nubian nose.

On the other hand, Romans have a Greek nose, when it comes to Asians; they too have their kind of nose as seen in plastic surgery since they cannot get the same surgical treatment as Caucasians.

Asian nose job or rhinoplasty is the surgery meant for Asian people and anyone who has an Asian nose type. If you are an Asian it is impossible to get a Caucasian nose, the same case applies when you want a Caucasian and want an Asian nose.

What makes Asian nose surgery different from other types? Find out the answer to this question and how much Asian rhinoplasty costs shortly. Additionally, look at the possible outcome of the surgery in the before and after pictures of Asian nose job.

Asian Rhinoplasty and How is Oriental Rhinoplasty Different?

Before you can understand how Asian nose job or rhinoplasty is different, it is important to know its significance. The other name for this procedure is oriental rhinoplasty. For starters, it has to be secluded just for the Asian community because they do not have the same type of nose that African Americans or Caucasians have. This is because the nasal bridge is quite shallow.

The faces of Asians are also naturally wide. When the nasal bridge is low, the face tends to appear even wider. In order to create an impression of a decreased width on face, surgeons perform Asian nose surgery on people from Eastern Asia and Korea.

In this case, Asian rhinoplasty is the second most common type of surgery next to double lid surgery. The Asian surgeons have perfected their skills in correcting the Asian nose in both male and female. Although, not all surgeons who conduct this surgery are Asian, the majority are. Therefore, if you need this procedure you will be comfortable to choose a person who understands your nose type completely.

What makes Asian nose special? The nasal bridge is very straight and the tip tilted. The tip tilts at 95-110 degrees.  Furthermore, the nostrils appear flared up and therefore, not blending with other facial features.

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Oriental rhinoplasty seeks to address these imperfections by augment the nose rather than decrease it. With a raised tip, the nostrils do appear smaller. An augmented nose bridge on the other hand makes the face appear longer and thinner instead of wider.

It is there different from ordinary rhinoplasty, which seeks to remove bones and cartilage to make the nose appear smaller. Asian rhinoplasty adds the bones and cartilage using those derived from behind the ear or ribs cartilage. It can also be augmented with implants, which are synthetic such as silicone, GoRE-Tex and Medpore. Non surgical rhinoplasty is also possible on some types of Asian nose.

Make sure the surgeon explains the risk of each technique of augmenting an Asian nose. Infection for example is common with implants and they have a tendency to extrude when used on the nose tips. If you find a surgeon suggesting the use of implants on your nose tip for Oriental rhinoplasty, run to the next surgeon in your town.

Asian Rhinoplasty Cost or How Much to Pay for Asian Nose Surgery

By now you must be wondering how much to pay for Asian nose job. Well, the costs vary from one town to the other in one country to the next. While it might be cheaper to get surgery on your nose in Korea or Eastern Asian, it might be quite expensive to have it done in the US.

The price ranges in the US are between $3000 and $13000. These prices are determined by the expertise of the surgeons and their location. In California, for example you can expect to pay for Asian rhinoplasty with implants only the minimum price of $3000, while you can pay for the same service at $13000 or more.  For revision oriental surgery in New York, you can expect to pay about $ 5,500.

Asian Male Rhinoplasty or Masculine Asian Nose Surgery

For Asian men the noses tend to be sharper and straighter. Furthermore, the tips tilt at 95-105 degrees. This is lower than the women do. Therefore, any surgery is supposed to keep these elements in mind to ensure that the Asian male rhinoplasty remains relevant. An Asian men going for rhinoplasty should get a nose that still identifies him as Asian and not Roman, here is what a Roman nose looks like.

Finding Surgeons in Asian Rhinoplasty Los Angeles

While asking from relatives the surgeons they have used for their nose jobs is important, it can limit you. Therefore, it is wise to venture online and read reviews widely. If you find one doctor who has positive reviews, make sure that you can also get at least one negative comment about him because it could come in handy when you are asking questions about your procedure.

A good surgeon is one who listens and makes up for his mistakes. He or she should also inform you before hand of the possible risks you could encounter during and after your surgery. Pay attention to these before having the rhino done. While doing your research you may want to find out more about the following Asian rhinoplasty Los Angeles surgeons:

  • Dr. Stewart Wang
  • Dr. Jen Chow

Asian Rhinoplasty San Francisco Specialists

The greatest hurdle lays in finding the right specialist in Asian nose job or rhinoplasty in your area. It does not make sense going to a different city when you can find specialists in your own town. Asian nose job in San Fransisco is a common phenomenon with several specialized surgeons that you would be spoilt for choice. However, do read their reviews online and ask around from relatives about the specialists you want to engage in your oriental rhinoplasty just to get an idea of what to expect from their services.

Here is a list of some of the best-rated Asian Rhinoplasty surgeons in San Francisco:

  • Dr. Albert W. Chow
  • Dr. Charles K. Lee
  • Dr. Ronald Gruber
  • Dr. David W. Kim

Asian Rhinoplasty Specialist-How to Find a Suitable Specialist

It is important to find a surgeon who has specialty in Asian rhinoplasty. This is the only you can be guaranteed to get the aesthetic outcome you are looking for on your nose.  You can always tell if a surgeon is qualified to handle your Asian nose by looking at the many pictures he or she has in the office of operation of patients who have had surgery there.

You will also be better placed in settling for an Asian descent who has studied your nose structure in full. However, let not the ethnic background of the surgeon fool you as he must have years of experience and a long list of satisfied patients.

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Asian Rhinoplasty Before and After Pictures –  Images

Korean Rhinoplasty

Looking at Asian rhinoplasty before after pictures, should be easy if you want to find an honest surgeon. The pictures should depict Asian males or females with noses that appear broader at the base in the before picture. Furthermore, the nostrils could be flared. Another, thing to consider is where the nasal bridge starts.

The correct point is at the same level with eyebrows or just below them. If you are given Asian rhinoplasty before and after pictures with the person in the picture nose bridge beginning above the eyebrows, run because you could be dealing with a dishonest surgeon.

Furthermore, most Eastern Asians and Koreans should have double lids if they have not done surgery yet. Another thing to note is that Asians from South East have lower nose bridges and wider flared nostrils for example, Filipinos, Malaysian, Cambodian and Laotian.

On the other hand, those from Eastern Asia may have narrow nostrils for example, Koreans, Japanese and Chinese. Make sure that you can identify the Asians in the Asian rhinoplasty before and after pictures.

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