African American Rhinoplasty, Black Rhinoplasty – Best Surgeons, Costs, Before and After Pictures
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African American Rhinoplasty, Black Rhinoplasty – Best Surgeons, Costs, Before and After Pictures

Who are the best African American rhinoplasty surgeons? Discover the finest ethnic rhinoplasty surgeons near you. Additionally, find out how much it will cost for an Afro-American rhinoplasty. Furthermore, judge the finesse of Black Americans rhinoplasties from the before and after pictures provided here.

Tyra Banks Nose Job Before and After Photo

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In your search for best rhinoplasty surgeons, you probably have come across ethnic rhinoplasty surgeons. This broad term classifies African American rhinoplasty, Hispanic, Asian and Indian rhinoplasty. People from these ethnic groups have a nose that is unique in itself. It is unlike the Caucasian nose, which tends to be narrower and smaller

Black Americans  on the other hand, have Nubian noses, they are not exclusive to them as Hispanics, Asians, and Indians have them as well.

You will be surprised that the Australian Aborigines too have the bulbous nose type that the black Americans wish to narrow with rhinoplasty. When you see the term African American rhinoplasty surgeons it does not suggest that the surgery experts are Afro-Americans or black Americans, it is just that they specialize in refining the bulbous black Americans nose tip.

They know how to make all the facial features of Black Americans  blend in beautiful harmony with a refined nose. Find out more about Afro-American rhinoplasty, best surgeons, and the cost and how before and after pictures of the same look like.

Characteristics of African American Nose

The African American nose is not specific to black  Americans whose origin was in Africa, it can be found across cultures, in different continents and countries. Even some Caucasians do have this type of nose. The major characteristics of this kind of nose are:

  • Flared up nostrils
  • Lower nasal bridge
  • Wide tip

Best African American Rhinoplasty Surgeons and Finding Specialist

It is always challenging to find the best African American or Afro-American rhinoplasty specialist. However, by doing your homework and research, you can find the perfect surgeon to give you a nose makeover. First, begin by asking friends and relatives about the right surgeon in town.

Kelly also had rhinoplasty. She her before and after looks

Secondly, research online and see what various patients have to say about the best black Americans  rhinoplasty surgeons you have been referred to. It helps to work with about five so that you can later narrow down to three. You have your nose at stake and therefore, you have to take all the time in the world to find the right surgeon.  It does not matter whether you are getting a primary or revision African American rhinoplasty, as you want the very best results.

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The other important thing that you must do is seek a surgeon who gives you a before and after picture portfolio of Afro-Americans, Hispanics, or Asians. Do not hesitate to ask if you can speak to some of the satisfied patients, as it is the only way to verify how good your chosen best Afro-American rhinoplasty surgeons are.

You may also want to compare the prices of different best surgeons and settle on the most qualified and experienced charging pocket friendly prices.

African American Rhinoplasty NYC

If you are looking for rhinoplasty NYC surgeon to do your nose job, the following surgeons should give you best results on your nose job:

  • Dr. Sam Rizk
  • Dr. Andrew Jacono
  • Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj
  • Dr. Ramtin Kassir

Best African American Rhinoplasty Atlanta

In Georgia Atlanta, the best surgeons include:

  • Dr. Lefkoff
  • Dr. Louis DeJoseph
  • Dr. Jason Hamilton
  • Dr. Chen

African or BLack American Rhinoplasty Los Angeles

Some of the reputed experts in Los Angeles for this kind of nose job include:

  • Dr. Monte Harris
  • Dr. Ashkan Gharami
  • Dr. Jason S. Hamilton
  • Dr. Rady Rahban
  • Dr. Jason Daimond, specializes not only this type of rhinoplasty, but also Asian rhinoplasty

African American Rhinoplasty Cost – Price Range

When you finally settle on the right surgeon, you should be prepared to foot the bill from your own pockets. This is because insurance companies do not cater for African American rhinoplasty cost. They consider it to be a cosmetic luxury unless the only time you are getting a rhino is when you have difficulties breathing due to deviated septum or anything else corrected.

Across the above cities, you should expect to pay a minimum of $3700 and a maximum of $8, 500 depending on the complexity of your surgery. However, here is the cost of tip rhinoplasty.  You can still also choose to have the procedure done abroad in countries such as China, India, South Korea as long as you get quality surgery for less.

African American Rhinoplasty Before and After, Pictures and Photos

The pictures below depict African American nose job or rhinoplasty on different faces. They have bee performed by specialists in black rhinoplasty across cities. You can see how the alterations are subtle, flawless and natural looking.

You should be able to get the same results for your nose that blends with the rest of your facial features without your friends noticing what you have done on your nose.

Curing Black Rhinoplasty Naturally

Do not be fooled that any medication other than that prescribed by your African American surgeon will help you cure faster. Therefore, desist from self-medicating. Do not try any medicine for the swelling or bruising without consulting your surgeon first.

However, you can cure black rhinoplasty by drinking natural fruit juices with vitamin C. You can also ask your surgeon which natural supplements will aid in curing your nose.  Some of the supplements your surgeon my recommend include Arnica and Berocca. Ask your surgeon about how safe they are before you leave his or her office.

Black Rhinoplasty Before and After Recovery

If you want to recover quickly and easily from your African American rhinoplasty, you must be willing to quit smoking for at least one month before surgery and another month after surgery. You must also avoid alcohol for your black rhinoplasty before and after recovery to be quick.

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Black rhinoplasty mostly is done on thick epidermal and dermal layers, lower lateral cartilage and more sebaceous skin on nose. Therefore, it requires all the time to heal well, alcohol, and cigarettes can interfere with this healing process by prolonging it.

Polite Note: This is an informational article which is not meant to spur any racial discrimination but covers some of the basic facts about some features which are common to some communities. Not every member of the community has those features. We are all proud of our heritage and nothing should make us feel any less.

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