Wide Nose Meaning, Wide Nose Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Job Celebrities, After and Before Pictures
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Wide Nose Meaning, Wide Nose Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Job Celebrities, After and Before Pictures

I have a wide nostril or nose; will wide nose rhinoplasty be of help?  This article has insightful information on wide nose including surgery, job, bridge and meaning.

What Is a Wide Nose?

Wider nose contrasted with a narrow nose

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Although nose shapes vary by ethnicity, your nose can be said to be too wide if it is disproportionate to other features of your face. In other words a wide nose is one that appears overbearing and asymmetrical to your face. When too wide the nose can detract from other features such as the eyes and cheeks. It often can take too much space to make other facial featured appear less defined.

Looking at the nose from beneath, its tip should have a relatively triangular shape as opposed to an oval shape. If it appears exaggeratedly oval, then you could be classified as having a nose that is wide. But like we have said, discretion is needed on your part to determine whether the nose is attracting attention and taking focus away from other features especially the eyes.

Wide Nose Bridge

A wide nose bridge can also detract other features and make them less defined. For example, it can make the nostrils appear small and asymmetrical. This can shift the focus from other facial features and even lead to perceived low esteem.

While not much could have been done about a disproportionately wide nose bridge some time ago, these days rhinoplasty can be used to reduce the size of the nose bridge and make it proportionate to other features of the face such cheeks and eyes.

Wide Nose Rhinoplasty or Surgery

Also referred to as a “Nose job”, rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure used to reshape the nose. More than 250,000 rhinoplasty procedures are performed in the US every year. Nose job is either done to enhance a person’s aesthetic appeal (by correcting nasal flaws) or to correct a primary rhinoplasty that didn’t achieve the desired outcomes.

Rhinoplasty before and after pictures

Despite the popular perception that rhinoplasty is mainly undertaken by teenagers, more than 50 percent of all nasal surgeries are performed on people aged over 35 years according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic surgery, ASAPs.

A wide nose rhinoplasty procedure or surgery can be used to make the nose narrower and smaller and thus it can result in dramatic changes in your overall look.

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While the basis principles of rhinoplasty surgery underlie every procedure, no nose job is exactly the same as the other since the structure of the nose is quite complex According to Dr. Granzow. Also, people’s noses differ significantly in such things as structure, strength and shape. Every nose job is therefore unique and customized to match the goals of the patient and the structure of their nose.

A rhinoplasty can be carried out by a maxillofacial surgeon, an otolaryngologist or by a plastic surgeon. The specialist typically modifies the bone, cartilage or both to achieve the desired results. In wide nose rhinoplasty, the outcome is definitely a narrower nose.

There are two types of rhinoplasty surgeries, namely closed and open, depending on the structural changes that are needed. In closed rhinoplasty all incisions are carefully hidden inside the nostrils while in open rhinoplasty, an extra incision is done on the narrow strip of the nose that separ

ates the two nostrils. The incision however typically heals rather quickly.

As with any surgical procedure, wide nose rhinoplasty is also associated with some risks. For example, it can be followed by an infection resulting in an abscess necessitating surgical drainage of the pus.

Contouring a nose that is wide

This is however uncommon. Some people have also reported having distorted faces and breathing difficulties after rhinoplasty nose jobs. This often necessitates a second rhinoplasty surgery.

Nose Job for Wide Nose and How to Contour a Wide Nose

If too wide, the nose can attract attention and take the focus away from the eyes and other facial areas. This can make you feel uncomfortable. A nose job can be done to correct this kind of a scenario and make you more confident about your looks.  This not only makes your nose proportionate to your face but also makes other features of the face to pop out more.

A nose job for a wide nose involves the removal of the surrounding tissues through small incisions below and inside the nose. The surgeon can also cut, contour, and rearrange the craniofacial bones to attain the desired aesthetic goals. This ensures that there are no obvious scars are left.

Wide Nose Celebrities and Models

As we have already mentioned, rhinoplasty is now a common surgical practice in the United States, where more than quarter of a million procedures are performed annually, and in other parts of the world. Although most of them don’t admit it publicly, numerous Hollywood celebrities and models have had a rhinoplasty (or other plastic surgeries) done to improve their appearances.

For example it is widely claimed that Tyra Banks had a rhinoplasty done to reduce the size of her nose bridge. She previously had a relatively wide nose bridge, but the look from her recent photos suggests an improvement. Just take a keen look at the photos below:

Tyra Banks Wide Nose – Before and After Rhinoplasty

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The first photo of Tyra Banks shows her with a wider nose bridge and bulbous tip. The newer photo on the right shows her with a relatively smaller nose bridge and a less bulbous tip.

While a nose job seems very apparent for Tyra Banks, there is no way to prove that because she doesn’t seem to admit it. In fact, she claimed that she is anti-plastic surgery on an interview with the People Magazine. While Tyra Banks claims that her nose and breast are absolutely natural, a careful look at her previous and recent photos doesn’t seem so convincing.

It could no doubt be the result of clever makeup but who knows what for sure has been cooking in Tyra Bank’s kitchen?

Other certain celebrities and models who have had a nose job done include Clay Aiken, Ryan Gosling, Lil Kim, Chelsea Clinton among others. Some such as Ryan Gosling openly admits it, but for others, their surprisingly new looks leaves us with the entire story to tell.

A rhinoplasty or “nose job” if you like can help you get a well-balanced face and a more symmetrical look which can boost your self-confidence tenfold. A good rhinoplasty procedure should address the appearance of the nose as well as its function. 

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