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Celebrities with Big Nose, People, Models, Actresses, Girls, Women, Stars & Female

Which famous people have big noses or do Italians have such noses? Learn more on people, models, celebrities, women, girls, actresses, stars and men with noses that are big. In case you have a big one, you can be sure you are not alone.

Man with nose that is bigger than usual

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The big nose is a nose, which has long bridge. The tips are wider and the nostrils bigger than those of the average nose. Many people with such noses find it unattractive. Yet, there are many celebrities with such noses. These celebrities flaunt them in front of cameras for the world to see. Some of them actually look gorgeous with their noses that are big.

While the media and cosmetic surgeons are busy, commercializing a small nose because they want to set the trends. Big types of noses are a unique trend in themselves. I need not say more. Read on about the celebrities with big noses.

People with Big Noses

People with big noses have certain characteristics, which set them apart from others with small noses. They are domineering and egotistical. In fact, the bigger your nose is the bigger ego you have. Whether this is true or not, this perception persists with good reason. They people are very ambitious and more likely to attain success in life due to their drive.

They also crave for power and do not duck from seeking, displaying or exercising it. This could be because they possess great leadership qualities. Nonetheless, on their down side, they are unlikely to let go of their firm grip. They care for independence and respond to adversity heartlessly.

Clearly, a person with a bigger nose is not one you would expect to turn the other cheek when insulted or confronted. Their ego and need for recognition make them more prone to quick temper. They hate receiving orders and can easily result to violent means to assert their independence. Regardless of this, they tend to make greater contributions to society due to their grand respect for hard work and considerable leadership qualities.

Unsurprisingly, people with noses that are big range from major gangsters like Al Capone to great politicians like Winston Churchill. In fact, almost all wartime leaders had them, from Joseph Stalin to Woodrow Wilson. This remarkable fact speaks volumes of the attitude big nosed people have towards life and their distinct personalities.

These qualities are also evident in women with noses that are big. However, the fact that they do not gain as much unsavory reputation in comparison to their male counterparts has more to do with chauvinism and nothing more.


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Models with Big Noses

Despite the assumption that models should have cute small little noses, there are those who have bigger noses and it does not seem to make them any less beautiful or moneymaking in their careers.

Gisele Bundchen is arguably one of the most successful models in the world today. Her big nose does not seem to affect her reputation as one of the most sought after models. She does not hide the fact that she has it- she even makes jokes about it. How cool is that?

Erin O’Connor, the US based model has one of the biggest noses in the modeling business. All the same, she has been a cover girl on numerous magazines like the Vogue and it does not make her any less desirable as a woman or model.

Emina Cunmulaj definitely fits into this group of big nosed models. But it has not stopped her from working for the biggest modeling agencies in the world today including Elite Milan, Marilyn Paris, Model Management Hamburg, Munich Models, Elite London, and Muse New York among others.

These are some of the many models you should know. There are probably more models than one would expect. This proves that having a big looking nose does not affect your prospects of getting into the modeling business if the rest of the package is right.

Girls with Big Noses or Pretty Girls

For many girls, having a bigger than normal nose is a total nightmare that is a fact. Every trick in the book is used to ‘rectify’ the ‘defect’. This is mostly due to the double standards people have towards such noses.  They are found to be more attractive in men than in women.  Most girls recognize this double standard and get nose jobs or use makeup tricks to cover up their noses.

Claire Danes

This perception however is reasonably inaccurate as it involves a person’s personal idea of beauty. However, many famous and not so famous women have huge noses and it does not seem to affect their self-esteem. Some have achieved stardom because of, yes you got it!

Women with Big Noses

Women with big noses tend to be self-conscious about it and do anything to hide or destroy it. Many women might blanch at the idea of getting plastic surgery to get the nose corrected but there are other ways of hiding them using makeup and hairstyle tricks.

You might try to avoid wearing too much makeup or hiding your face under your hair as it only seems to emphasize the large size of your nose. On the other hand, you can simply accept the fact that you and your bigger nose are beautiful and save yourself the trouble of worrying about it.

Actresses with Big Noses

Like models, many renowned actresses have big or enormous noses. The most interesting thing about this is that these actresses are some of the most beautiful Hollywood stars in market today. Here are a few:

  • One of the best-known female stars with big noses is Jennifer Aniston. Her Greek nose is quite prominent and does have a wide bridge. Though Jennifer Aniston has reportedly undergone a nose job, she has smartly opted to not take things too far, and I think she can still be considered one of the sexiest and most successful female actresses.
  • Another is Blake Lively of the Gossip Girl fame. Her bigger nose does not seem to affect the fact that she is the most desirable actresses today. Blake’s uniquely shaped nose with a wide bridge may really stand out from her face, but it has not stopped her from strutting on the red carpet. Since she is still a youth, she is a role model for young girls fretting over the size of their noses to appreciate themselves a little bit more. Jay Z

There are far more famous actresses with the bigger nose than we could care to count. This shows that despite its reputation, the such a nose has a way of making people stand out from the rest and it does not have to be in a negative way.

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Celebs with Big Noses

There are countless celebrities with large noses. They range from talk show hosts to popular rappers. Oprah Winfrey is one of the richest women in the world with a big African American nose. Her success is largely as the result of the resounding endorsement her talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show garnered before its finale.

Other celebrities include billionaires Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic and Donald Trump.  There are probably more billionaires with huge noses than models or actors. This could be attributed to the ambition and big egos needed to get there. They can smell, lets sing together…. “Money, money, moooneeey, moooneeey,” easily!

Stars with Big Noses

Lady Gaga

Want to see some of your stars with big noses? Lady Gaga has a bigger one but it is not very big. We have already mentioned some stars, actresses and people who have a big type of a nose.

Man with Big Nose

Here is another man with a big nose.  The haircut distracts your eyes from the nose. If you have a nose like this man, you can actually draw attention away from it by ensuring you have a good hairstyle.

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