Upturned Nose or Concave Nose Meaning, Rhinoplasty, Before & After Pictures
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Upturned Nose or Concave Nose Meaning, Rhinoplasty, Before & After Pictures

What is an upturned nose and can it be corrected by rhinoplasty? This article will explain what an upturned nose is as well as give pictures of different concave or upturned types of noses.

Upturned Nose

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Noses like faces come in different shapes and sizes. If you do not know what kind of nose you have, or a loved one has, stick around to find out.  While there are aquiline noses, Greek noses and pug noses, there are also upturned type of noses. A joke is told about this kind of people that they like to be nosy by those who always want to be in other people’s business. Do you have an upturned nose? Do you find yourself being nosy? Then I guess it is true.

Upturned Nose Meaning and Details

An upturned nose is also known as a tilted nose. It means that the point of the nose is sloping upwards such that the edge of the nostril comes out slightly. You can see a bit of a person’s nostrils, which is often straight if one has such a nose. The human nose looks shorter with a higher tip.

Bill Courtney – Small Upturned Nose

An upturned nose makes people look undeveloped in their appearances. It is also largely related and dominant of many people of European descent. The debate about the attractiveness of an upturned types of a nose is a fierce one with most people being of the opinion that it needs a corrective procedure. Most occurrences of this nose are natural but still are alterable through cosmetic surgery known as rhinoplasty.

Every face has its specific dimensions, which relates well to the nose size. However not everyone with a natural upturned/concave nose is happy about it. These people therefore treat it as a “deformity” hence, they seek a rhinoplasty, which results in a nose that fits better and looks prettier. A professional rhinoplasty specialist for an concave nose should be proportional to your face and match well with your skin such that no one can tell you underwent a surgical procedure.

Small Upturned Nostril

More than 80% of corrections on noses that are upturned cases often involve women who always have a feeling that their nose is not “feminine” enough. However, many men only opt for realignment of the nose or reshaping. Even though people consider undergoing rhinoplasty, an upturned types of a nose is usually inherited and therefore it is a genetic feature in some people.

In other cases, an upturned nose may result from rhinoplasty, when correcting a bent nose or deformities on the nose. In such cases, it is manmade. Therefore, not all people out there with upturned looking noses were born that way. Some have acquired them through surgery.

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Before undergoing a rhinoplasty to correct an upturned types of a nose, it is important to note a few possibilities:

  • Any surgical process can be very painful and uncomfortable too. Though the process is not fatal, a rhinoplasty patient is likely to have stuffiness in the nose.
  • Some instances lead to immense swellings from inside the nose and this is often annoying to many people. Due to nasal bruises, breathing process is likely to be a strain.

Upturned nose rhinoplasty techniques have evolved over the years and any procedure is however, expected to go smoothly. Surgical processes are also artistic, sophisticated and include many maneuvers as well. Therefore, a good surgeon can conduct rhinoplasty perfectly without any complications. The patient is put under general or sometimes local anesthesia and therefore, the process hurts less.

Cute Uptruned Nose Photo

Apart from correcting such a nose, rhinoplasty also reshapes the nose depending on one’s own preferences. It can reduce the nose tip, straighten it, change the size, remove bumps, change nasal angles and reduce nostril flare. After undergoing rhinoplasty most people consider them beautiful and have nice appearances with perfect facial proportions.

It can be argued that as much as many people dislike a nose that is upturned, it is purely a psychological process. The mindset to correct a concave nose depends on one’s own environment. Most celebrities are in the forefront of rhinoplasty creating an impression that such a nose is actually bad. With that in mind, many people emulate these celebrities making them have a negative attitude towards upturned types of noses.

Psychologists and other experts have argued that an upturned nose is not really a deformity but a natural body shape and that is why they shun any corrections. Many patients end up having life-long cosmetic surgeries whereas others fail to get the perfect surgical procedure. When rhinoplasty is not done well a patient will always encounter surgical corrections repeatedly and lose a lot of money at it. A surgical procedure can cost more than $10,000.

Concave Nose

Concave Nose

There are some instances when people need a concave nose. Even though these instances are rare, some people are characterized with a shot nasal bottom. This make rhinoplasty a two way type of surgery in that it correct or creates one. However, most of these situations when a patient needs a concave nose are usually out of adventure.

Upturned Nose Rhinoplasty

Many incisions are done in the nose to help give the doctor good access to cartilage and bones that support the nose. Almost all nasal corrections for structural abnormalities, including upturned nose rhinoplasty, involve adjustments of bones and cartilage of the nose and not the skin.

The process might see the removal or addition of some cartilage depending on the nasal defect and the desired outcome. A well and corrected nose that was upturned is delicate and can take up to three months to recover fully. It is therefore not advisable to put it under great strain, like squeezing the nose, before full recovery.

Upturned Nose after Rhinoplasty Picture

[ess_grid alias=”UpturnedNoseRhinoplasty”]The pictures besides are of upturned nose after rhinoplasty. They seem almost natural the surgeon must have done an excellent job.

Cute Upturned Nose Picture

A nose that is upturned is not so unattractive after all.  See how cute it. This therefore means if you are blessed with such a nose type, you need not to go for surgical operation to correct it. With proper nose jobs and makeup use, you can still look amazing!

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