Ugly Nose Meaning, Pictures, Shapes, Celebrities & Big Ugly Noses
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Ugly Nose Meaning, Pictures, Shapes, Celebrities & Big Ugly Noses

Do I have an ugly nose or is this just an illusion? Is it is too wide, sharp, long, or what exactly are ugly looking noses and can I see pictures of ugly noses to prove if mine is an ugly one or not.  Discover the pictures, shapes and celebrities with big or generally ugly looking noses.

Ugly Nose Pictures

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Oh, gosh is my nose ugly?  You probably have looked at yourself in the mirror of your dresser or bathroom and asked yourself this question several times.  You are not alone as many women do the same all the time. However, I do not have a straight answer to that question. All I can tell you is that if you think your nose is ugly, you could be right, or wrong.

No amount of persuasion could possibly alleviate your fears as they come from within you. You therefore have three choices, to change your attitude, get a nose job or continue whining about your ugly nose. The choice is yours to make and no one else’s.

I believe every woman has some features she would change if she had a choice. If that aspect is an ugly nose, then you are in trouble. It is not as easy to hide the way you can hide squinted eyes or uneven eyebrows. The nose is at the center of your face and across many cultures, it determines how beautiful or ugly you are. Here is the truth about ugly looking noses.

What Are Ugly Noses or Meaning

Is my nose ugly

An ugly nose is the type that makes you grimace at its sight. Did you just do that coz of the above one? Yep, it was a failed nose job. It is too short, wrinkled, upturned and disfigured, that is what at least I see. In fact, it can be anything you want. It all depends on the person who sees it. However, it does not mean that  they do not exist. It only means that an ugly type of a nose to one person might look beautiful to another. It is a matter of how you perceive yourself.

Putting tastes and perception aside, there exists a type of nose that even a magnanimous person qualifies ugly. The fact remains that other people will continue to judge your features whether you like it or not. If you are not, comfortable with whom you are or how you look, you just might end up with a broken heart.

 Ugly Nose Shapes

Like all things ugly,it  comes in all shapes and sizes and in some cases no shape at all. It can be long, bumpy, and wide , too narrow , wrinkly , big , small , or a combination of two or more attributes. Therefore, the most common ugly types of a nose is of the big variety. It can be big and wide, big and bumpy, big and narrow; it can virtually be any combination of big or small. However, it is important to note that not all big noses are ugly.

A nose can also be ugly because of a deformity

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Note that the fact that a person has a big nose, does not mean it is ugly it can still be beautiful. An ugly looking nose has a marring effect on your overall facial features. No matter how beautiful the other features of your face are, people just cannot stop staring at your nose. It seems unfair, but it is an unpleasant fact.

Ugly Nose Pictures

Here are some of the most common ugly nose shapes . Look at pictures below. “Is that your nose Palin?” the perching bird seems to ask.

Eeeewww Does that hurt

Big Ugly Nose


The big ugly nose is the mother of all ugly looking noses. The fact that it is so big makes it more noticeable than other noses that might be ugly. It can be a nightmare especially for women. However, you can deal with it easily without rhinoplastic surgery. Alternatively, hiding it without surgery is possible with :

  1. Makeup You like my nose or… teeth
  2. Hairstyle and haircut
  3. Preventing shine on the big ugly looking nose

Celebrities with Ugly Noses

Celebrities with ugly noses are hard to come by. Not that there are not any but they do not tend to stay that way for a long time. Kim Kardashian is one and Barbara Streisand. Celebrities with ugly looking noses get rid of them because they have all the money for nose jobs.

Before Lady Gaga went gaga, she had a somewhat ugly cleft nose. Now it is nowhere to be seen.  Barbara Streisand is the only celebrity walking tall with her ugly looking nose. I guess it is her trademark.

Barbara Streisand – Is here nose really ugly

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