Small Nose Meaning, Personality, How to Make a Nose Smaller, Small Upturned & Bump on the Nose
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Small Nose Meaning, Personality, How to Make a Nose Smaller, Small Upturned & Bump on the Nose

What is a small nose or is there a way to make nose smaller easily in case you have a big one. Learn more about small nose including small upturned nose, and small bumps on nose and much more.

Isn’t her nose much smaller?

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People dislike their body parts all the time. If it is not the forehead, it is the ears, the lips or the cheeks simply because they value their outward appearance. The nose is one of the most prominent facial features that have many seeking solutions to make it either bigger or smaller to complement the other components on the face.

A small nose is seemingly attractive. People with big noses opt for surgery to make them small. For those who cannot afford surgery or fear to face the knife look for other solutions to make the nose smaller. Why is a small nose preferred? Read on to find out.

Small Nose Meaning and Personality

The small nose is small in both width and length, and the tip is neither sharp nor round. Some women find this kind of nose striking. Most women who have this view predominantly have big noses because they were born that way. However, it is important to know that this view is not necessarily misguided because it is what women think is beauty. Like all other types of nose, people with small noses have certain characteristics and personalities.

People with small noses, particularly women are believed to have creative personalities. They make up the vast majority of artists and musicians where their creative brilliance is best put to use. Perhaps this is the main reason for its popularity. This quality presumably ensures success and fame thus this type is highly visible amongst popular musicians and actors. This could explain why many women would want to have noses that are small.

Furthermore, these people work better when in a team. When combined with their knack for talent, this quality further ensures success in the creative field be it in a rock band or an all girl music group. Moreover, they can be impulsive and quite fun to be around.

On the down side, they are quite impatient and tend to have emotional flare-ups making them drama queens. Nevertheless, they have big hearts and are friendly. They are also fun loving and outgoing. They always make themselves available in times of need though they are unlikely to come up with concrete solutions outside the sphere of their creativity and spontaneity.

Small-nosed people can be quite restless but they think of others and are always willing to help for the greater good, usually making the task fun. They love what they do in order to work hard and do not have problems dealing with repetitive and systematic work.

How to Make Nose Smaller or Get a Small Nose

How to Make Nose Smaller – Hairstyle to Make Nose Smaller

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The small nose is a fashion statement in modern times. You can make your nose smaller without necessarily having to go through the costly plastic surgery and it is quite easy. To do this, you will need to know that to get the desired result you have to lie. A big nose is just that, but you need to create a perception that your nose is not as big as it is. In short, it has to come into sight as a small nose and I will tell you how to do just that.


If you have an undesirable big nose and wish to make it small, as you would wish, it to be the impulse would be to hide your face under your hair. Now this is a crazy idea if you ever thought about it. Hiding your face actually casts a shadow on your nose and makes it seem even bigger. It also gives your face less area and the smaller your face appears the bigger your nose appears to be. Pull your hair back and away from your face or simply we big hairdos, which makes your nose seem smaller in comparison. Having a full fringe is a good way drawing attention from your face.

Skin Shine

If you have shiny skin, then your nose looks even larger than it is. No matter the lighting, shiny skin will draw attention to your nose making it even more visible to people. Use skin care products that get rid of shine. If your skin is oily, always have some wet wipes in your bag for removing the oiliness on your t-zone, the forehead and nose.

Makeup Use

How to Make Nose Smaller Using Makeup

Most women have the misguided belief that applying more make up will draw attention away from their noses. Nothing could be more wrong. A lot of makeup will most certainly provide that dramatic distraction most women seek, but it will not work out the way they think.

More facial makeup will draw attention to your whole face, including the nose you want no one to notice. With all the lipstick and mascara, you might just end up looking like a clown ready. Add a big nose and, voila, the picture is complete.

This is how to get a small nose with makeup, use as little as possible. Try to make your face as natural and feminine as you can with light makeup. Avoid heavy mascara, as you do not want to appear like a scarecrow with a big nose.

As seen above, you do not have to start saving up to get that perfect nose you have always desired. A little wisdom -and a little cheating- will work out just fine. Invest in the right makeup. Do you hair right and keep the shine away from your T area. No one will ever notice your nose. It is just that simple to make nose smaller.

Small Upturned Nose

One kind of variety of a nose that is small is the small upturned nose. The nose has all the features of the small nose but the tip is tilting upwards. People with the small upturned nose are said to be often very optimistic, kind and have a character that is full. These people are loving, supportive and have nurturing personalities.

These people are loyal and concerned, but short on drive and ambition. They have the no emotional stamina in competitive conditions and are often wary and overwhelmed by those who have strong egos and drive. They are child like sweet, emotional, kind, high sensitive but not easy to get to know well.

Small Bumps on Nose

Sometimes small bumps on nose appear to signify acne or a skin allergy. If you get small bumps on your nose see a doctor to check them out and prescribe creams containing benzoyl peroxide. It is important to see a doctor because in severe cases the bumps could be rhinophyma, a condition that cause the oil glands to disfigure your nose. This is because they cause the nose tissues to increase over a long period. The treatment of rhinophyma is only possible through surgery.

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