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Roman Nose Pictures, What Is a Roman Nose, Is it Attractive, Men, Women & People

What defines a Roman nose? Get the full meaning of this type of a nose and see pictures of Roman noses and judge for yourself if it is attractive.

Roman type of nose

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Has someone ever told you that he or she can read your personality from your nose? Well, it is true. Nose types are more than 14 in number and each type is exceptional and so is the person with the nose.

While the shapes may vary depending on cultural background and genetics among other things, each nose type carries the same character traits across cultures. So what is a Roman nose and is it attractive or or not?

What Is a Roman Nose?

A high, arched bridge characterizes the Roman nose. Its name is derived from Roman art, which depicted figures with long, high-bridged noses. They therefore were symbols of people with authority, both moral and institutional. They also have an aura of nobility and courage. In women, the overall effect it has on their faces is very popular and eye-catching to men.

Acutal shape of a roman type of a nose

The above picture depicts a this type of a nose. Aquiline nose is the other name for this type of nose owing to its resemblance to the curved beak of an eagle. It appears curved because of a bulge in the bridge.

Is Roman Nose Attractive?

Celine Dion attractive nose that is roman

The nose appears as a hook due to this predominant bridge and paradoxically many find it attractive in both women and men. It is straight and ends with a soft curvy tip. The nose is one of the most looked at features on your face and if you have a Roman nose know that you rank with the most attractive people on earth today.

Many would think that it is a fad but there is evidence, dating back to ancient times that prove otherwise. Others might think that I confuse attractiveness with beauty but that is not the case. Tom Cruise has a Roman type of nose and so does Celine Dion.

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These two are attractive in not only the way they look, but also, in how they talk, think and walk. Their charisma is in how they carry themselves and the passion and determination in their endeavors. Although people with Roman types of noses are all over the globe, majority are Europeans and Native Americans.

It is an assumption carried by many that Roman noses are more attractive in men than in women. How that true it is, I may not be the best judge. They say beauty is eyes of the beholder so you would have to be the judge. The nose has an aura of strength, which is an attractive quality in a woman. This double standard, though unfair is very real and women should prepare themselves for it.

Roman Nose Pictures

Abraham Lincoln

They may appear selfish due to their drive and ambition and demonstrate great leadership. To get along with such a person make sure you respect them and make them feel important. People who have hawk type of a nose shape always follow their own path and they are not influenced by masses. Remember the path Abraham Lincoln had to follow does it ring a bell?

They hate half measures like temperance, sweetness, slowness and objectivity. They are people known for their firmness and decisiveness in dealing with issues. They have belief and devote their energy in the things that matter to them. This passion gives them a special allure and infectious zeal.

People with this type of nose shape are often great leaders just like Abraham Lincoln there I said it. The nose types signify people who do not do things impulsively and they have a very strong personality. Though they are good at influencing other people, they do not rush to making decisions. They easily rally people to take action and efficiently organize things.

Margaret Thatcher Roman Nose

The personality of women with Roman noses can therefore be intimidating. The aquiline nose is more attractive in men than in women because of that same reason. These women do not seek approval, are often rebellious and are most happy when pursuing their own goals. This is one of the unique things about personalities with these types of nose. Such women gain infamy for their no-nonsense attitude and are often admired and despised in equal measure.

Their independence and absolute willpower awe and outrage equally. A prime example is Princess Diana. The scandal and rumors that emerged after her tragic death did not taint her memory. Such people appear heroic but often end in tragedy but their courage lasts for generations.

Another woman said to have had a Roman nose was Cleopatra. Her beauty is legendary, and her wit and courage is world renown. So beautiful was she that the infamous Caesar found her irresistible. Her intelligence however was the real reason she seduced Caesar.

Women with Roman types of noses are ambitious and have a business mind set. This makes them more successful in their endeavors. They cower or become subservient to those who have not earned their respect.

Angela Markel

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A good example is Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany. She was recently re-elected with her party taking majority seats in the German Legislature. She is decisive with calculated endurance and restraint.

They can be conceited and seem to be above petty issues. Men tend to find these women scary not due to their particular looks but their demeanor makes them somewhat uncomfortable.

If you have a Roman nose, it often means just that. No one ever feels at complete comfort with the way she looks.  The lips could seem slightly bigger or your nose. In truth, not all women with Roman noses are attractive.  Again, not all are unattractive.

You should also realize that if you do not like the shape or size of your nose and are in no position to change it, it does not help whining about it. Self-acceptance is a step towards liberating yourself from other people’s ideas of beauty. You should know that as long as you consider yourself beautiful nothing else should matter. However, it is easier said than done.

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